Angelina’s Mom Wanted Her to Marry Brad

February 1st, 2007 // 6 Comments


Star is reporting that Angelina’s mom Marcheline Bertrand’s last request was for Angie to marry Brad. And to keep that chick with the nose job away from the wedding because you know she’ll show up.

“She spent the most time with Angelina — she told Angelina that her dying wish was for her to marry Brad,” says the source. “Even during her darkest days over the past months, Marcheline [had urged] Angelina to marry him. Marcheline adored Brad and believed he was an angel sent into their lives to take care of Angie.” So now, adds the source, despite Angelina publicly vowing in the past that she and Brad would not marry, “there is no way Angelina’s going to let her mom down.”

Ugh, thanks Ma. This would be like if my Dad on his deathbed had asked me to stop kissing boys. I probably wouldn’t have honored the request, but I would have had a life-long guilt thing going on. Parents – when you make a deathbed request, make it fairly simple! Like “please be sure and keep watching 24 for me, I really liked that show” or “dear, scatter my ashes into the Pacific where I spent so many happy days in my life”. Angie doesn’t want to marry Brad! He’s dumb as a stump! She can’t be tamed! Fer chrissakes, didn’t she sign her marriage license in blood when she married Jonny Lee Miller aeons ago? This is not a traditional person. Marriage ain’t for her!

More photos of Brad Pitt leaving his office in Hollywood after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. moniczka

    Sorry don’t believe this “source”. Angie’s mom was the closest person in her life, why would she ask her daughter to do one thing Angie wants least in her life, another marriage, she knew her daughter better than anyone else. GO BEARS!!

  2. pffft

    cery curious as to why you think Brad is dumb as a stump? You do know that he runs a production company producing such movies as the departed and charlie and the chocolate factory among others.. The global green project he heads to help rebuild New Orleans.. Among other charities he oversees and runs. Yea he’s so dumb but I forgot you think Nick Lachay is the shit so I see where your point of reference is coming from.. Wow you’re so smart, you write a fucking gossip blog.. Brainiac for sure.!

  3. pffft


  4. rob

    Brad’s dumber than a box of rocks.

  5. wa wa

    What is with the conniption fit? It’s a story from Star, for chrissakes! And anyway, can you picture Brad Pitt edging toward Angelina like Nosferatu, repeating ‘Your mom says to marry me… you’ve got to marry me, Angelina.’? No!

    And as for Brad being dumb, yes he was, for staying with Aniston for as long as he did. But he was trying to be a good guy and a supportive, modern husband to a wishy-washy, two-bit/two-faced fake who didn’t have the guts to put all of her cards on the table, including her doubts about having children.

    We saw that wishy-washy behavior again when she proclaimed that she would be on the way to having children in ’06, meanwhile, she was ‘not dating’ Vince Vaughn, the posterboy for bachelorhood/ambiguous sexuality. Granted, it is her life, but would it kill her to say ‘I don’t know’ or ‘It’s nobody’s business but my own’ and say it without then going on Oprah for her quarterly status reports, which, so far, have been fraudulent?

  6. Francis Bean

    “that chick with the nose job”

    Translation: You mean every woman in LA (including Angie)

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