Angelina’s Liver In Grave Danger

August 23rd, 2007 // 33 Comments


I know she’s thin and pale and inscrutable but people keep claiming The Most Beautiful Woman In The World has some kind of big problem – whether it be the ‘rexia, or borderline personality disorder, or now – liver disease? What if she’s just wonderful and complicated? HUH? HUH? Sources say that Angie’s having fainting spells or something and Brad’s telling people that she has liver disease.

A friend of Brad’s said that he “convinced Angelina to go see a doctor because he was afraid something was very wrong with her. She doesn’t have much of an appetite and is eating very little. Tests were run and Brad’s family were led to believe that her illness might be something like hepatitis, but since then he’s clammed up, I think he knows what’s wrong, but he’s keeping it from people.”

The report goes on to say that she’s taking meds for this problem and it’s made her into a moody bitch. She’s allegedly yelled at his ass that she’s only with him because he’s a “mother to the children”. Who is there for this exchange? Maddox? Shiloh? Is Shiloh calling the rags with this info? What does she get out of it? Delicious graham crackers? This one sounds suspect. Maybe she’s just a moody bitch and doesn’t like food. I wish I had that problem. I got the moody bitch part down.

By J. Harvey

  1. sandy

    LOL! OMG! You can make any story funny!
    I think you should have your own tv show.
    You would be a hoot and have insanely high ratings.

  2. woohoo

    oh .. you are so funny!!

    i hope it’s true !! i know before you all freak out on me, that i am scum, i am trash, you want me to get hit by a car when i walk out the door.. Angie is king of the world .. Blah blah blah ..

    But I still hope it’s true !! Bring it on Angie freaks .. lol

  3. green cardigan

    I reckon it’s the clap.

  4. priscilla

    ok if it is something like a liver disease I should be slapped for saying this but she looks like a bobble head lol!!!! Her head is huge and her body a stick and all that sticks out is her forehead and lips.

  5. lookalike

    All the nannies and staff are there to hear the bitching and moodiness. I feel sorry for those kids! You know they will all be split up eventually and end up in the news in about 10-15 years. News flash…Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has her first lipo…Details at 10.

  6. Zekers

    Oh man! When you consider that the camera ADDS 10lbs. and then look how thin she is in these pictures…
    Maybe if she’d eat something she wouldn’t pass out.
    I don’t get where she thinks it’s okay to adopt all of those children and then not take care of herself…or is that what Brad was supposed to be for? I hope Brad is role modeling appropriate eating habits for the children since clearly she hasn’t touched any food in months.

  7. nastybugger

    good lord, THOSE HANDS FREAK ME OUT!

    perhaps she has been hitting the horse, as some have speculated, and wasn’t careful about clean needles…

  8. T-Bone

    That’s Brad’s job Zekers!

    She does travel quite a bit to third world countries, so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had hepatitis. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, since it can be serious.

    Let’s hope it’s not the needle…

    Hey Zekers — have you noticed that whenever looky look gets banned, 90% of the hate mail goes away as well? That girl must have had 20 different usernames.

  9. “he was afraid something was very wrong with her.”

    Something very wrong? Besides the heroine addiction, her bed hopping proprensity and her god complex? That Pitt, dumb as a rock.

    Pitt-Stain better be careful, his looks are the only thing he has going for him. Being with a succubus though has sucked the “hot” right out of him!

  10. Zekers

    Yeah T, I did notice that. She must get some kind of major kick out of doing that and I find myself feeling kind of sorry for her…
    I wish you guys would turn that rain off and quit sending it East…enough already!!!
    One more aside, did you get the address for R.L. White-NAACP president? I emailed him this morning about Mr. Vick.

  11. green cardigan

    If she has hepatitis, (if its liver, it’s Hep B i think) that will put that will put a brake on the ‘sexy’ between the Most Fabulous Couple in the world ;

    Nothing like an old STD to kill the mood.

  12. Zekers

    I think B and C both attack the liver, green.
    I don’t imagine there’s a whole lotta ‘sexy’ going on now anyway…she looks very frail, one wrong move on Brad’s part and sssnapp!

  13. Monica

    I’m betting it’s a virulent strain of syphilis.

    Why does everyone keep referring to her as the most beautiful woman in the world? Even in her hot days, that was a stretch.

  14. She looks SOOOO nasty!

    Green Cardigan,
    can you fathom seein that nekkid?!?!?!? *blurp* I just threw up a little.

    Stupidity is not soley for the NFL…Knicks guard Marbury is now defending Michael Vick and dog-fighting!

    “I think it’s tough,” Marbury said, according to Albany TV station Capital News 9. “I think, you know, we don’t say anything about people who shoot deer or shoot other animals. You know, dogfighting is a sport. It’s just behind closed doors.”

  15. green cardigan

    Zekers -well she talks enough about the sexy between herself and Brad. I reckon she could swing from the rafters in a garter belt and Brad would just be lying there thinking ‘Jaysus, Hepatitis how are you’.

  16. Zekers

    add Marbury to the pile of poop…what an ass. So as long as it’s behind closed doors, it’s not wrong, oh, I see…

  17. T-Bone

    Brilliant Marbury! While I’m not a HUGE fan of deer hunting, do they:
    train the deer from birth to fight each other until death?
    lock them up in cages where they can’t move until they’re ready to fight?
    Soak them in water and electrocute them
    or pick them up and slam their heads into the ground if they don’t perform?

    Last time I checked, deer hunters weren’t making money off of two deers fighting to the bloody death. And most hunters either use the meat or work to control the deer populations so the deer don’t starve to death (which is far more painful than a bullet to the head).

    So F OFF Marbury and the rest of you fools supporting Michael Vick. You all just sound stupid.

  18. T-Bone

    Oh, and Zekers — I saw that guy on the Today Show, I believe, and he pretty much got run over by the PETA president. Matt Lauer basically asked him why he’s defending Michael Vick and if he’d defend a white quarterback who was accused of the same crimes. ANd he completely stumbled over his words and had nothing to say, really. Case closed.

    And I’m sorry about the rain. For once my grass looks good, but go south a ways and people are literally using kayaks for transportation. Crazy.

  19. Kait

    If Angie dies, I wonder if Brad’s still going to be thrilled about being the daddy to the It’s a Small World family.

  20. someone

    I don’t wish death or some serious illness on her, I just wish she would go away!

  21. Dick Richmilk

    Ummm she has NO CALVES!!! Nada. Zip. Zilch. It looks wrong. Like a foot attached to a bone… sick.

  22. patty

    hahaha…funny! Look, she’s not as skinny as she appears, it’s just that huge bobblehead and Dick Tracey jaw that make her appear that way. Bradley on the other hand, is just an old geezer who thought he was going for the brass ring, and somehow ended up with the brass monkey….Horse will do that to anyone, right Angie?

  23. ginger


  24. iren33

    Can you imagine what does she look like nakid?EWWWW….

  25. iren33

    Can you imagine what does she look like nakid?EWWWW….

  26. Ugh

    I still say it’s all the drugs she does. She’s such a freak. And then again she could be starving herself for attention since she thrives on it. Either way she’ll always be trash.

  27. SoftDreamer

    what is wrong with her? she is starving herself like all the other Hollywood trash to “look good” and make average sized people feel they are obese

    maybe she needs to find a new 3rd world country baby to adopt, it would make her look more heroic

  28. sasha

    where did the people get the camera adds ten pounds it makes your nose look different in dif angles but thats all i experienced maybe thats a thing fat people make up im a size2-3 it depends leave me alone im a freshman in college

    liver disease my ass nnnice complexion

    i dont believe in all that other shit its depression her mother died you dont just get over that people can change your telling me your still the same im not the same as i was at 15 im 17 know

  29. where did the people get the camera adds ten pounds it makes your nose look different in dif angles but thats all i experienced maybe thats a thing fat people make up im a size2-3 it depends leave me alone im a freshman in college

    liver disease my ass nnnice complexion

    i dont believe in all that other shit its depression her mother died you dont just get over that people can change your telling me your still the same im not the same as i was at 15 im 17 know

  30. wakeup123

    Heroin will do that to you, so will hep. C shared dirty needles, umm, is she got it he’s got it.

  31. blady02

    Can’t wait for the day he takes a bath in the common sense fountain, but I do hope he takes the store bought kids with him, it’s not their fault they were purchased by a ex-heroin, hepatitis, skinny-ass, no morals, want-to-be some kind of remotely talented actress who is destined for the Karma she created…… Who who! can’t wait for those headlines so we can all get back to our normal life without having to see her fish puff lip, bugged eyed face every time we turn around!!!! She deserves to look sick on the outside she has been sick on the inside for years…. Maybe hating her father has caused her world to crumble too!!!! Stupid Bitch!!!

  32. lina

    I think Angelina does have a beautiful face. She’s interesting enough to capture audiences attention, and photographers’. It’s ashame she is in an underweight condition, but I’m sure the prenatal vitamins are keeping her healthy and strong enough to care for her 4 kids. Her biggest problem is she’s wildly jealous and insecure (jennifer anniston) and surely doesn’t need to be. Pitt’s x-wife has nothing on her lookswise. If she doesn’t learn to manage her jealousy, and insecurity, and spite, Angelina is going to havea big problems

  33. yvonne

    Angelina has the most prominent jawline the best models have, and a nice chin that’s not so long like anniston’s long jay leno chin. That girl’s a real mug!!! Angelina? She can’t save the whole world!!!! She needs to just keep the kids she’s got and stop adopting all those rugrats that are wearing her down!!! Those beautirful eyes!!! Those full lips and gorgeous hair. YOu can’t beat her looks, sorry pals!

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