Angelina Puts Borders on Reporters

Angelina Jolie’s attempts to control all press interviews of her at the “Mighty Heart” premiere, caused a number of major print news outlets to pull out of trying to interview the actress altogether. Angelina’s lawyer, Robert Offer, drew up a contract that was given to reporters to sign before she would agree to an interview and the terms of the interview included a moratorium on all questions pertaining to her personal life.

Reporters were asked to agree to “not ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships. In the event Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave.”

Additionally, by signing the agreement, reporters agreed to stick to questions about the promotion of the film during the interview, which would “not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning, or derogatory to Ms. Jolie.” After hearing that the Associated Press and USA Today balked at signing the document, Angelina decided to nix all print interviews. Ironically, the film supports the organization called “Reporters without Borders,” whose goal it is to ensure freedom of the press around the world. I’d make some kind of snide remark, but then it would make it look like I was in agreement with FOX News, and I so I can’t quite bring myself to do it.


More photos (Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Piven, Fran Drescher, Naomi Campbell) from the “A Mighty Heart” after party after the jump.