Angelina Jolie’s One Busy Momma

March 21st, 2007 // 19 Comments

Toting around a passel of young ‘uns has done little to put a cramp in Angelina’s style. She’s got a full plate these days, committed to work on two films in the near future. Most recently, she’s signed on to star in “Wanted,” an action film based on a graphic novel, quick on the heels of the success of similar adaptations like “Sin City” and “300.” “Wanted” will have Jolie starring with James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, with shooting to commence in May in Eastern Europe. Variety reports:

McAvoy will play a young man who discovers his father is an assassin, only to learn shortly thereafter that his dad has been murdered. The youth is drafted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jolie will play an assassin who teaches the ropes to the wannabe killer.

Additionally, Jolie will star in the Clint Eastwood drama, “The Changeling,” slated to start filming in the fall. I like to imagine that all of this is made possible by Brad Pitt’s willingness to play Mr. Mom. It’s a personal fantasy of mine to come home my husband, making grilled cheese sandwiches on the ironing board, whilst our children await my arrival, bathed and glowing. And since seeing “300,” I’ve decided that a leather banana hammock will also be figured into the equation.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Oh, no. Lisa, surely you are mistaken. Ms. Jolie has sworn to give up the hectic life of a movie star…”Now, I will stop making movies and will stay home to help Pax to get used to his new life,” the 31-year-old said.”

    She is givin up the life o’glamour and non stop attention to live quiet life with her adopted chillens!

    SURELY she wasn’t lying??????? Gasp!

  2. jannre

    Jess..whorelina only meant that she would stay home until Pax got used to the nannies, you know, a couple weeks…you didn’t really think she was gonna stay home forever did you? She doesn’t take care of the other kids, why should Pax be any different…shes a liar, and shes proven it, time and time again…

  3. jasper

    could we dispense with the term ‘mr. mom’. It is based on stereotypes about the roles of men and women in the home.

    How about Brad Pitt acting as a father — (assuming the foursome aren’t being raised by a gaggle of nannies)?

    Surely a father should be involved in the day-to-day lives of his children.

  4. lookwhaticando

    You go Angie, Your personnal life and career are on fire, The two (2) movies look like winners. Unlike some sitcom hacks, you have talent and class.

  5. jannre

    lookwhaticando: Leave it to a Brangeloonatic to drag Jen into the mix….this isn’t about her dipshit…do you really think Vagalina has class? maybe if you have no class yourself you might think she does…but being a drug addict, wearing someones elses blood, slobbering all over your brother, and collecting children to fill some void in your life ( like a father) who you won’t even try to call that class? She has a serious mental problem, but you are so delusional you can’t see it.

  6. margaretta

    This skank needs to be committed to a mental institution where she will star very soon
    I can only think of the harm she has already done these poor children who would be better off as orphans as that is how they will be raised.
    Shades of Joan Crawford and you know where to stick that iron hanger
    As for Brad he looks like he is going down the same path, saving New Orleans now but skipping the life he needs to be a father, not just a photo op daddy.

  7. Maddie

    I think jannre has mental problems. Stop being so offended by Angelina’s very existence and get a life.

  8. Tianni

    She’s such a media whore! Did you see the way she’s already done a photo shoot with the poor kid for HELLO magazine? What’s up with that?! It’s been less than a week, sure doesn’t waste any time! Taking time off for the kids my foot! She just loves the attention at these children’s expense! If she was so family oriented she’d work things out with her father. But obviously that relationship means nothing to her (and let’s not question how she feels about the sanctity of marriage!)

  9. lookwhaticando


    Get a life. You know nothing about Angelina Jolie except that she is with Brad Pitt, and that burns you up because he dumped that No Talent Chinny to be with her. She is not collecting kids, she is building a family, like most couples do. She loves children and cares about the world around her.

    Maybe if Chinny got off the Coke, Pot, Booze and smokes she could have the wherewithal to have children. But no she is to lazy and selfish to raise a family, her,,hmmmm, career came first, and she lost out. Not Angie’s problem, Chin wrecked her marriage, and Angie fixed it.

    I dont know what delusional world you live in where people fall out of love and get divorced.

  10. T-Bone

    Hey lookwhaticando,

    why don’t you run along and caption Janice Dickinson or something. You’re delusional.

  11. dq365247

    Jannre: You left out man-stealing skank. This is the 2nd time (I’m aware of) that her high morals led her to go after a man already in another relationship.

    Wow, her pledge to care for her children lasted about as long as some of her relationships.

  12. MJK

    The word “Momma” is out of place in the headline. “Whore”, yah, “Scum”, yah, “Walking Dead”, yah…not “Mom”.

    “Now, I will stop making movies and will stay home to help Pax to get used to his new life”

    Beautiful! And complete BullShit!

    Hopefully these countries will stop selling babies to this whore before she does any more damage.

    **also. Note the “Bang Tin” sign…that’s what it sounds like when Brad plows into that bony anorexic piece of shit.

  13. Welcome To “Complete Delusion 101″.

    Taught again this year by LookWhatICanDo.

    Based on the teachings of Whorelina Jolie.

    Please, take a seat, snort a line, adopt 10 kids and ignore them.

  14. lookwhaticando

    T-Bone said:

    Hey lookwhaticando,

    why don’t you run along and caption Janice Dickinson or something. You’re delusional.


    You go first. And take your angry mob with you. lol

  15. lookwhaticando

    WOW, MJK You got a whole lot of anger built up. Are you taking anything for that. You just sound so bitter. Sad

  16. lookwhaticando

    MORD said


    How ya doing T-bone

  17. MizLiz

    I’m curious as to just how many kids she’s going to buy/adopt/shop for. Good thing she’s not into cats, the neighbors would be calling the Humane Society soon.

    The more she gets, the less attention any of them will have….and Shiloh will get the least attention of all of them.

  18. T-Bone

    I hate to break the news, lookwhaticantdo, but MORD isn’t me and I’m not MORD, I’m not MJK, I’m not dq, not Jannre, not Jasper, not Jess or any of the hundreds of other people who just happen to agree with what I’m saying. YOU, my friend, are the delusional one. The rest of us are simply living in the real word. Run along now and go clean up your trailer.

  19. Maritza

    What? she is not going to stay home and take care of her kids as she promised? Wow have I been deceived!

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