Angelina Jolie’s One Busy Momma

Toting around a passel of young ‘uns has done little to put a cramp in Angelina’s style. She’s got a full plate these days, committed to work on two films in the near future. Most recently, she’s signed on to star in “Wanted,” an action film based on a graphic novel, quick on the heels of the success of similar adaptations like “Sin City” and “300.” “Wanted” will have Jolie starring with James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman, with shooting to commence in May in Eastern Europe. Variety reports:

McAvoy will play a young man who discovers his father is an assassin, only to learn shortly thereafter that his dad has been murdered. The youth is drafted to follow in his father’s footsteps. Jolie will play an assassin who teaches the ropes to the wannabe killer.

Additionally, Jolie will star in the Clint Eastwood drama, “The Changeling,” slated to start filming in the fall. I like to imagine that all of this is made possible by Brad Pitt’s willingness to play Mr. Mom. It’s a personal fantasy of mine to come home my husband, making grilled cheese sandwiches on the ironing board, whilst our children await my arrival, bathed and glowing. And since seeing “300,” I’ve decided that a leather banana hammock will also be figured into the equation.

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