Angelina Jolie’s Nanny Tells All

We all have been wondering all these years how in the world Angelina Jolie has time to take care of her wolf pack of kids while also toting them around the world with her. Pre-school in Budapest? Private tutors? Nannies galore?

Well one such nanny has spilled to InTouch Weekly that Angelina is not the golden example of a mother that she makes herself out to be.

“She’s a disciplinarian on certain things, but she is extremely liberal in other ways,” a source said. “Angelina doesn’t make anything taboo.” Maddox is allowed to drink wine, the kids watch R rated movies and swear and they eat whatever they want. Doesn’t sound too hands on to me. 
“No matter what, the kids get their way,” says the source.

Pictured today on the set of her directorial debut about lovers during the Bosnian War, Jolie is facing serious problems with filming. The Bosnia-Herzegovina government will not let her film there because of the content of the movie.

Yikes! It looks like Angelina will be dealing with this new personal scandal as well as her current professional one.