Angelina Jolie’s Fashionable Kids Take On Japan!

July 26th, 2010 // 14 Comments

Like something out of a United Colors of Benetton ad, Angelina Jolie and a handful of her kids arrived in Japan looking stylish and uber-cool.

Jolie walked through the airport with eight-year-old Maddox, six-year-old Pax, Shiloh, four, and Zahara, five, and looked utterly cool, calm & collected. Until she had to whip out some mother scorn.

While they were walking, Maddox hit his little brother in the face and Jolie was having none of that and didn’t care who captured her giving him the what-for.

However, three members of the family were missing: Brad Pitt and the two-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Check out the gallery of the family below! Whose style do you think each kid emulates?

By Justin Thompson

  1. gail

    So sad that they are raising beautiful Shiloh like a boy…The typical movie star, oh I want my kids to be whatever they choose to be…First of all Angie is the parent and Angie needs to act like it, not give this free spirit bull shit…….Shiloh is a little girl, dress her like one, teach her with good morals..Let her grow up to be proud to be a girl, eventually a woman, she(Angie) almost acts like its discusting to be a female…She is too young to choose right now…This movie star bogus free spirited stuff is for the birds…That is why everyone is divorced , sleeping with god knows “what” and missing up their lives..

    • Justin Thompson

      I agree that the point of children is that you raise them because they don’t know what is right or wrong or proper or improper. It’s also in an effort to protect them from being taken advantage of. Then at 18 people get to choose how they want to live their lives.

      This hippie shit is ridiculous to me as well. Thank you!

  2. observer

    Brad Pitt should have the b@lls to stand up and stop the skank jolie from doing this to the poor child shiloh. Obvoiusly he doesn’t. Poor child.

  3. Stormyboo

    OMG that is Shiloh?

  4. amy

    excuse me….? What exactly is dressing “like a girl”?

    It’s statements like these that throw us back to dressing to white or too black or any other stupid stereotypical, pigeon-holed, non womens rights we so wonderfully enjoyed prior to the 20th century.

    That’s like telling a girl she can’t play football or baseball because she is a girl. Your the one that’s closed minded as a parental figure and unwilling to let children explore all of the world. Some of the biggest ‘tomboys’ grew up to the most feminine, graceful, WOMEN in the world… Angelina Jolie herself…

    Go wear a burka and cloister yourself if you have a problem with a girl wearing khakis and a shortened haircut!

  5. wolf


  6. modelburnbook

    mind yo bid’ness!

    Gail, don’t get ur knickers in a knot. you sound too old to be reading gossip websites, i hear Anne Of Green Gables is out on VHS now…go warm yourself a cup of tea and don’t overexert yourself.

  7. NY

    Just once I would love to see Shiloh in a pretty dress with her hair done up in ribbons & bows. Just once. Since she is born she has been dressed like a boy haircut & all. I find this very odd almost like they are going out of their way to make her look awful. I wonder how they dress the twins???? They always look like ragamuffins. I think they are a strange bunch. God help these kids.

  8. Nina

    The thing that bothers me too is that Shiloh is the only child without a smile on her face in all of the photos. Also why does her mother have the hand of 3 of her kids on one side of her and Shiloh walks alone.

  9. Nina

    The thing that bothers me too is that Shiloh is the only child without a smile on her face in all of the photos. Also why does her mother have the hand of 3 of her kids on one side of her and Shiloh walks alone.

  10. daws

    Wow what’s with all the Shiloh negativity? It looks to me like all of the kids have their own identity and the parents are encouraging that. Maybe stop scrutinizing every little thing and trying to look for negativity where non exists.

  11. Paula

    Shiloh has the face of an angel. She is absolutely beautiful! I thought her little outfit was cute too.

    Angelina was having fun with the two oldest boys, and Shiloh was looking at something else that fascinated her.

    I am wondering though, why we don’t see pictures of Angelina and Shiloh together (like Katie and Surie).

    As a mother of more than one child, I too have many pictures with all of my clan, but I do have some very special ones with my one daughter, and with each of my two sons. Would love to see Angelina and Shiloh together like that.

  12. Dayne

    Shiloh has not been dressed as a boy since she was born. This is a phase she is going through trying mimic Brad Pitt’s style. She is very obviously a Daddy’s girl that favors being more laid back like him that being a sextart like her Mommy. I do like Angelina but sometimes she comes off as being very stuck up. Shiloh is still a cutey & she’ll find her own unique style as she grows up.

    Search aol images & you can see many pics of her dressed in girl with side swept blonde bangs and her longer locks flowing. There have also been pics of her in magazines dressed in cute linen dresses & looking ever much the beautiful little girl.

  13. KW

    What ever happened to ‘mind your own business’ and why should Angelina listen to you Gail or for that matter anyone else, about how and what she should do with anyone of her kids. Grow up, and live your own lives, stop trying to tell others what to do. Be judegemental of yourself and NOT others. Perhaps Shiloh is dressing as she wants. GET A LIFE people!

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