Angelina Jolie’s Brother (Yes, The One She Made Out With At The Oscars That Time) Speaks

March 26th, 2007 // 43 Comments

Remember James Haven? It was a pretty scandalous time. She won the Oscar for “Girl, Interrupted” and proceeded to smooch her bro. But it was the kind of smooch that made people go “hmm, so that’s how it is in their family…”. Seriously, they looked like an incestuous brother/sister serial killer team. It also helped that she was dressed like the Queen of the Damned and he had porcelain gay face. Anyway, James has opened up about their upbringing, speculating on the hardship that might have led to Angelina being so philanthropic .

“I have no memory at all of my mother shouting at me or at my sister,” James explains. “But I do have horrible memories of my father and the way he behaved. He was so tough on our mother.

“He lived in the same town. We saw him around Christmas time or at school recitals. He was always around but he never did his job as a father. I think one of the reasons Angelina and I care so much for other people is his treatment of our mother. Angelina and I were very protective of her for that reason.”

Keep reading for info on how The Most Beautiful Woman In The World has stopped eating and for what growing up with Jon Voight as a daddy was like.

It was their mother, Marcheline Bertrand, who provided the emotional underpinning to their lives, he says – the one point of stability amid the chaos. Her loss to cancer, aged just 56, has been devastating.

“Angie has become very thin because she’s grieving,” he admits. “It’s even difficult for her to eat. I keep saying to her, ‘Don’t forget to eat’.

Money was one of many battlegrounds, although there should hardly have been a shortage of cash. By 1975, he was a household name, handsome, blue-eyed and in demand.

Yet according to James, it was a constant battle – to the point that Angelina and her older brother were reduced to pleading with him to pay the child support he owed.

“I tried hard when I was alone with him,” recalls James. “The alimony was always an issue. He would claim he was taking good care of her.

James, who has the same striking looks as his sister, travels with Brad and Angelina on many of their foreign expeditions, and spends hours in the company of her growing brood. Growing up, they never went hungry, but there were hardships. No one in Hollywood walks – Los Angeles is not built for the convenience of pedestrians – yet neither Angelina nor James could afford a car.

He explains: “One of the saddest things in my life happened when I was 16, which is when you can get your permit to drive in LA. I did not have a car in High School and neither did Angelina.

“Try to imagine. You go to Beverly Hills High, one of the wealthiest High Schools in the nation. Even the cheapest car that anyone has is brand new. All my friends are well off. I have a movie-star father and no car.

“It was debilitating. I did not to go to the prom [the social highlight of an American high school career] because I felt uncomfortable that Dad would have to drive me. It’s an embarrassing thing.

Ok, I was almost with ya. Mom died of cancer, Dad was an ass. But you didn’t have a car in high school? Bitch, get a job and buy one like everyone else did! Go work at the Peach Pit or the Beverly Hills Beach Club as a cabana boy! Cry me a goddamn river. “Debilitating”? Lou Gehrig’s disease is debilitating! Ass.

By J. Harvey

  1. Carly

    “It also helped that she was dressed like the Queen of the Damned and he had porcelain gay face.”
    I’m laughing at work at 7:30 AM. You are a prince, J. Harvey!

  2. jannre

    Well, her grieving didn’t stop her from going out and aquiring another child. Maybe she should have concentrated her efforts on getting over the death of her mom and getting healthy. And taking care of the kids she already has,

  3. margaretta

    Well, at least the drugs and self mutilation were a big help and oh, incest, that too.

  4. MJK

    “travels with Brad and Angelina on many of their foreign expeditions”…

    I bet he “travels” with them. He probably shares Angies bed while Brad sleeps on the couch.

    What a creepy ass couple Angie and James are.

  5. Michelle

    So after traveling to 3rd world countries with Brangelina and witnessing real poverty first hand, he still has the nerve to whine about his lack of wheels in high school? What a prick.

  6. Michelle,
    In his defense, Angie probably never allowed him to dress and leave the hotel room….

  7. -A

    Do I smell Shilo’s Paternety test story? Who really IS the babby dady.

  8. Margaret

    Jon Voight has too much class to respond to this. When he voiced his concern about Angelina, she had just checked herself out of a psycho ward in an LA hospital. I don’t believe a word of what James says. Can you say DAMAGE CONTROL? And incidentally, what mother involves her children, as young as 11, in supposed financial battles with her ex. I’m a divorcee with kids. That’s a real no no. And bad mouthing their father is also one. I loved the part about not having a car, and the part about Angie’s live in boyfriend at age 14. James has the same affliction, whatever that is, as his sis.

    • Dwight

      You realize Voight is a republican… so, he has no class at all. None. He is living exrement.

    • truthman

      Dwight, and your Mother is a fishy smelling whore. Much like the content of your ignorant comment, this fact has nothing to do with the subject being discussed.

  9. This scum bag will say whatever sis tells him to say. You don’t think he supports himself do you? Puleeze.

    But what would you hope to gain by having the brother that you’re farking speak up for you? You know they all shared a bed growing up there…kept in the family right! Ewww is right.

  10. ...

    As Joe Piscopo’s Sinatra would say, “Yap, yap, yap — you had me then you lost me.” If you go to Beverly Hills H.S. you have enough money to live in Beverly Hills, so life could not have been that “debilitating.”

    These two remind me of Brenda and Billy on “Six Feet Under.” I bet they both have each other’s names tatooed somewhere on their body…

  11. Angelina has…”The lower case letter “h” (for her brother James Haven) on the inside of her left wrist”

    She has tattoos to remember all of her lovers.

  12. P

    Woah what’s with all the Angelina haters? Jon Voight = shit. The spotlight loving douche was giving shout outs to his new grand-daughter ‘Shakira’. Dumb ass. Sending thousands of dollars in toys to a family that already has more money than necessary as proof of his love = dumb. Then whining about it to the media and telling the press about his few (and only) dates with Diana Ross to get more ink/sound bites??? He should have donated some money to children charities and sent a note to Angelina saying that he’s sorry for being a La La land media whore. It’s called opening yourself emotionally, but that’s more than he can handle. Too bad he didn’t seriously get raped in Deliverance.

  13. kitcab

    You haters are perverts. I shudder when you all think of nasty hings between these two. Geez… get a grip!

  14. kitcab

    You haters are perverts. I shudder when you all think of nasty hings between these two. Geez… get a grip!

  15. kitcab is so delusional, she had to say it twice.

  16. MJK

    So John Voight wasn’t Dad of the year. BFD.
    He is looking to be a much better parent than Angelina. When was the last time Shiloh or Zee saw their “mommy”?? How long will she stay in the same house with them when she finally returns? Two days? If that.

    Aside from the fact that none of this changes the fact that James and his Sissy have been/still are lovers. LOOK AT THEM!

  17. Mr. T

    I don’t feel sorry for Voight’s kids. There are two sides to each story. All we hear is how bad a father Jon was. You never hear about his side of the story. Voight is an honorable man. He didn’t spoil his Hollywood brats rotten. Good for him. Kids had no car in High School? Too bad. Who knows what poison the mother spread to her kids. Not the first time the father is made out to be the villian by his kids. If the kids are creepy, perhaps it may be the mother and not the father.

  18. canuckistani

    No car in high school? Awww, my heart pumps piss for ya, Jimmy!

    Yes, some things went wrong in the family and they had to tough things out. They’re adults now, time to get over it and be mature by at least having a civil relationship with their father. For Angelina to deny her kids their only maternal grandparent is a poor example to them.

  19. moby

    The problem I see is that Angelina Jolie’s mother did not shield her children from the problems between her and Voight. Angelina always talked about her mother like she was a weak woman and like it was her job to protect her mom. Who was the momma? Rest in peace Marcheline, but if you were a victim, you allowed yourself to become a victim. She should not have begged Voight for anything. She should have worked hard and been a strong, successful woman who didn’t need his pity or his money. That would have been so much better on her children.

    I’m sure Voight was not a good father. Look at his track record with women. He is single today because he probably realizes that being married with a family is not for him.

    I would never beg a man to return to me. If he turns away from me and his kids, it is his loss. I would do everything possible to get on my feet and provide a happier life for my children.

    Marcheline was sad and weak. I’m not hating on her. I just think it is unfortunate. She had two beautiful children. They should not have been so scarred.

  20. moby

    …also, notice that James Haven didn’t really blast Jon Voight that badly for being a terrible father. He talks about how badly Voight treated his mother.

    I picture Voight leaving and Marcheline having a nervous breakdown.

    If a man needs to pay, don’t beg. Go to court. I think Marcheline was so in love with Voight and could barely exist without him. It is likely that Voight got increasingly disgusted the more helpless she acted. Once the children knew how he treated her, it drove a bigger wedge between them and their father.

    Marcheline should have taken her children away from Hollywood to somewhere unknown and raised them around “normal” folks. James wouldn’t have been embarrassed about not having a car. Marcheline must have wanted to continue dreaming that she was still married to Jon Voight, Hollywood star. By the way, didn’t she live in a luxurious hotel in Beverly Hills for most of her life? What’s that about?

    I don’t blame Angelina and James. I blame the parents.

  21. E-STELLA

    J. Harvey and canuckistani. You two are FUNNY, in caps and everything.

  22. mmyers

    It’s obvious that this family had some issues, but the mom could have taken him to court, why didn’t she? The fact that they had no cars in HS is all the mother’s fault because as a successful actor, she could have sued for the means to support the children and the court would have agreed. I think the kiss was just a publicity stunt and that the two of them are not lovers. Period, end of story.

  23. SmartyPants

    Oh boo-hoo! It was DEBILITATING to not have a car?!? Sheesh! He needs to look at some of the people in the world who really ARE debilitated by their circumstances (real circumstances like poverty, war, starvation, murder) and get a little bit of compassion! I think I am now seeing that some of these people posting are right—Angelina adopts these kids for the attention.

  24. “Bitch, get a job and buy one like everyone else did! Go work at the Peach Pit or the Beverly Hills Beach Club as a cabana boy! Cry me a goddamn river. “Debilitating”? Lou Gehrig’s disease is debilitating! Ass. ”


  25. moby

    The “kiss” was just another example of Angelina Jolie “acting out.” That woman has a big heart, but she also craves attention. It’s obvious to me. Joy Behar said on “The View” that she worked with Jolie many years ago and that Jolie at around 20 years old had a strong desire to become a big star. Having an absentee father, it’s the most usual thing for a girl to seek attention, especially from the opposite sex. And though I don’t hate Jolie, I do not for a minute believe that her relationship with Brad Pitt just happened slowly, etc. There was obvious flirtation and seduction going on between those two. Jolie has always been a big tease when it comes to men she is attracted to. She cannot help herself.

  26. LJMS

    I could not believe it whenever I read it.. He is complaining about not having a car?? Did he also not have a mom that could drive him to school? If the mom wanted to work things out, she could have MOVED out of Beverly Hills… I can not believe how badly spoiled these two are… to think that all of those kids they have purchased in the last couple of years are going to end up being the same…
    P.S. I think all of those kids are actually going to one day form Angelina’s army and they are going to conquer the world!! So all of us sh*t talkers beware…

  27. LJMS!! I think almost the same thing!

    She is buying all these babies to make her own cult. She will be the “Father” and they will do her bidding!!!

    Crazy needy bitch.

  28. LJMS

    The first victim will probably be between John Voight or Jennifer Aniston…

  29. AnotherOneBitesTheDust

    Is it even legal to post here if you DON’T hate Angelina Jolie? Its futile to even post an opposing op right? A Socialite’s has become not unlike Dlisted and Perez Hilton in that “being nasty, negative and just as debased in ones opinion” is the rule and not the exception.

    Don’t answer that, it’s not important.

    Carry on, I’m out.

  30. Glowie

    Im sorry, but not having a car in BH High when your dad is a movie star is petty. Okay, so Voight wasnt father of year,but there are children in the U.S. with bigger, badder issues like moms in jail and living IN CARS. Lets not loose sight of what is real. They had food, shelter, clothing and a roof over their heads. Per the stats, thats more than a percentage of what most american kids have in lower income homes. SUCK IT UP AND GROW UP.

  31. AB

    The funny thing is, I went to high school and junior high with Angie. We were in the same class. Her mom did her homework for her and Angie was proud of that. I figure, if she was too lazy to do homework in JUNIOR HIGH, not much has changed. She wanted things the very easy way then, as now. Also, my mom would see Jon all the time at PTA meetings (I kid you not), Open House, parent/ teacher meetings. Never once did she see their mother.
    Oh, and whining about not having a car? One word -PERSPECTIVE. By the by, Angie and her mom and brother lived 1 street over from me (for those who are curious, their condo is on Roxbury Dr. in BH, just south of Olympic, the building with the cool, multi-colored architecture at the top), and we both lived about 2 minutes from school. How’s that for whining.

  32. Giovanna

    man… dont know, Its kinda hard to give my opinion.. since.. Angelina is really beautiful, but um… I dont really see much of a personality, only the gay pic, hot, drugs, skinny stuff I hear of her… But hey! dont hate her. Thats envy and jelousy talking, get a life, stop talking bad about them. I think its normal to kiss you brother in the mouth and it doesnt mean I have comited incest. Society, religion, traditions, homophobics, etc, etc. makes it look wierd. Its a symbol of afection, get it? And she wanted to demonstrate that to the world. Its not her fault that you have pornographic filled minds. So deal with it. Its her life not yours… Dont ya love her! Yes ya do!.. its clear here in the forum.

  33. Giovanna…why not take all the time you waste typing pedantic emails and use it taking Spelling 101. My 2nd grader spells better…


  34. moby

    Giovanna and AnotherOneBitesTheDust,

    I also don’t hate Angelina Jolie, but I’m not a diehard fan of stars, so, just because I don’t hate her, it doesn’t mean I agree with everything she does and says. I think Jolie is a beautiful woman who has had a troubled life. I hope her children turn out well. Most of the hate for Jolie resulted because she is with Brad Pitt, and I am sensitive to how Jennifer Aniston’s fans must feel.

    In the end though, I have a right to my opinion and so do you.

  35. Tianni

    AnotherOneBitesTheDust: don’t get all sulky just because not everyone agrees with you!

    As for James, i agree with majority of the comments. And would like to add that at least his father was even willing to drive him to the prom! He could have just told him to make a plan if he was that bad of a father. And at least he paid for him and his sister to go to an expensive school and get a good education. But he chooses to focus on not having a car. Looks like whatever Voight did or didn’t do, his kids will just hate. James is a media Whore, just like the sister.

  36. bradangelinainluv

    James Haven explained the kiss,Angie explained the kiss(and their was no tongue involved). Coming from a broken family I understand what he’s conveying.The car thing is just a symbol of my ‘dad does’nt feel I’m worthy’.Its just a multitude of things’but I get what he’s speaking about.I’s not the just the car.I kiss my father,mum and brother on the lips when we visit.No incest,nothing sexual.Now I have somewhat of a better understanding and why she has reacted as she has in the past.The SunGod is with his SunGoddess and(ShiMadZPax)and their a family.Praying for you Ang,your mum has only been gone 2 months and a day.I hope you don’t read blogs,esp.comment sections.Some can be brutal.Most are not.God bless fellow bloggers.

  37. Celia 2

    When he voiced his concern about Angelina, she had just checked herself out of a psycho ward in an LA hospital.
    “Psycho ward?” Is that what they call it where you live — real appropriate – not. That’s not true! That happened 2 years earlier and it was voluntary and she was there for less than three days. Voight said those things because Angelina wouldn’t let him control her life and her career when she left Billy Bob Thornton. JV was opposed to her UNHCR work and to her adoption of Maddox and wanted to control her — period! He never defends her. Why didn’t he go to the tabloids to denounce Donald Trump’s disgusting diatribe against Angelina? Angelina was very loving towards her father in print and in interviews before he called her mentally unstable on television. She has always says she loves him but can’t risk having him around her and her children.

    Now Voight trashes her beloved Mother – a woman who can’t defend herself as she is deceased. He sure seems like a complete jerk! He treated Marcheline horribly and I don’t see how the children were shielded from it. If Marcheline was doing such a bad job as a Mother why didn’t Voight go to the court to get custody. He had all the $$ and cache — it would have been a cinch for him — and he controlled the finances for Mom and the kids so ex-wife wouldn’t have even been able to get an attorney probably.

  38. zinni

    This guy and his sister act as though their’s was the only father who ill-treated their mom!

  39. theperfectpineapple

    Is it kind of weird how most Psychopaths evolve by the upbringing of a harsh father figure and one of those timid, loving mother types? (look it up).
    I am so confused, though. It’s also NOT creepy at all how Angey dreamt of being a funeral director when she was older. Or studying mortuary science, and collecting knives, including the tattoo that meant “Death” in Chinese and that bloody shirt incident. She’s amazing, though….doing her own stunts in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and almost burning herself up in the process, and now she smooches her brother..
    It’s so wrong.

  40. realitytest

    Ridiculing him for complaining about not having a car when all his HS peers had NEW cars, is completely lacking in empathy.

    Poverty and social humiliation are all about ones peers and comparison. . How would YOU (ridiculers) have felt in HS if you were dressed in rags and had to cut your own hair? Well, your situation would have been entirely the norm in 3rd world countries and without shame! And certainly such children aren’t in danger of perishing from not having life needs met.

    So what’s the big deal?

    And closer to home, what if you hadn’t been able to attend the prom (happens!) because you couldn’t afford a dress or rental tux?

    Grow up! Everything is relative. His father was still an abusive bastard who shamed his children during their sensitive adolescent years. If social norms aren’t met, it is traumatic.

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