Angelina Jolie Taking a Year Off


It will finally be all play and no work for Angelina Jolie. She’s planning to take a year off starting around the end of this year so she can focus on her family and her charity work.

I’m working this summer. I’m in Prague for a few months, then I take two months off, then I work for two months,” Jolie said Tuesday while promoting A Mighty Heart at the Cannes Film Festival. “And then I take a year off.”

Asked if the time off will be for her family, she replied: “Yes.”

The Pitt-Jolie clan will remain at their villa on the French Riviera for several more days more as Pitt premieres Ocean’s Thirteen.

Jolie also told reporters on Tuesday about her recent pilot-license upgrade and the possibility of flying en famille. “Brad has his pilot’s license and I just got my instrument rating, so we’re moving forward with that but we haven’t had a lot of time because of the kids and with Pax coming home,” she said. “I wouldn’t fly the kids at this moment. I would only fly the kids if I had been actively flying for a few months and when I’m not at all rusty.”

I’m thinking that’s probably a wise move.

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