Angelina Jolie Takes the Kids Shopping

June 17th, 2007 // 55 Comments

You have to give Angelina Jolie some credit. She could have easily gone and had one of her assistants go out and do the shopping for Brad Pitt’s Father’s Day gift from the art store. Obviously she knows how much it means to the kids for them and her to be apart of the process.

The real Father’s Day question is, will Angelina Jolie make amends with her father? The actress hasn’t spoken to her father, Jon Voight, since August of 2004 after he claimed that his daughter had “serious emotional problems.” However, in a recent interview with the Evening Standard Jolie was quoted as saying, “At the end of the day we both wish the best for each other and we’ll try to start communicating in some way.”


I can’t believe how big Shiloh is getting. More of Angelina with Maddox and Shiloh after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. jannre

    Theres a first time for everything..I don’t think it will improve her image much, at least not for me. Should we all believe that shes really healthy because shes holding 2 kids at a time? I hope she gets 10 more in the next couple years, Im curious as to how she will manage all of them.

  2. Cutest kids ever. I’d adopt the shit out of those kids.

  3. PetPeeve

    “Obviously she knows how much it means to the kids for them and her to be apart of the process.”

    “Apart” means “separate from,” “a part” means to be inclusive.

  4. LaTica

    Curious as to how she’ll manage them all? I live in Latin America and there are plenty of women with over 10 children. No exaggeration. Both of my grandfathers (neither of whom are Latin American) grew up in the US and were from families with 10 children. All without being able to afford housekeepers and nannies. My upstairs neighbor is the same age as Angelina Jolie and has the same number of children (none adopted). I don’t get why people think her wanting a big family is so weird.

  5. Frida

    Shiloh looks just like Brad! How cute!

  6. jannre

    The reason I said I wonder how she will manage 10 more kids, is because she said that 4 were kicking her ass, and that she and Brad have no mommy and daddy time won’t get any better with more kids.

  7. Sarah

    I think Shiloh looks just like her Grandfather John Voight.

  8. Sarah

    sorry, I meant JON Voight

  9. NyBr.

    They are adorable! kids and angie are so cute…as always I wish them the BEST!

  10. Kelly Rummelhart

    Okay, how cute is Shiloh?? OMG, I think my 8 month old Sawyer is the cutest baby ever, but Shiloh is in a close 2nd :) he he!

    Those lips are to die for! Take that Suri :)

  11. amle

    I think shiloh looks exactly like Angelinas brother. All way down to the same junky stare and all. Angelina does have the hots for her brother. I feel for Shiloh. She is totally fug. Angelina probably continually tells ZZZZ and shiloh how fat they are. I mean she already called shiloh a blob.

    I cant believe anyone would give her credit JUST because she takes her kids in public so her picture is taken. It is called PR. She has that crap movie coming out soon. You know the one with the unfortunate wig and fake french accent.

  12. Clementines

    Jon Voight has proven himself untrustworthy, cruel and selfish. She is wise not to trust him gaining favor with snooping into her private life and showing the same tactless insenstivity, rejection towards her children.

  13. Angietothemax

    What Jon did to Angie was disgusting. If he had just left her alone and let her simmer about that letter he wrote her she would’ve gotten over it. But know he took his show on the road telling every gossip show that will listen that she was emotionally disturbed and was worried about her being stable. He acted like she was suicidal. He never gave a thought that she had a child and his behavior could’ve possibly had Madd taken away from her. Apparently he has told Angie that she was crazy her whole life. I can see why she doesn’t trust her father at all.

  14. Zekers

    I can’t disagree that Voight didn’t handle the situation very well but, perhaps he was worried enough to go out on that limb. I’m sure he considered the hits he was going to take for speaking out-he knew how popular his daughter was in Hollywood. Maybe this was the only way he felt he could bring attention to a situation that needed addressing…for what good it did.
    There is always two sides to the story folks.

  15. Angietothemax

    What he did was selfish. Now everyone knows why he and Angie are estranged. You don’t make those kind of issues public and not expect a negative response. I can only imagine what Angie felt with that kind of betrayal. Your parents are supposed to love and protect you not sell you out for tv time on Access Hollywood. It was a private matter that he made public and I totally understand why she doesn’t want him in her life influencing her children. Now I do think it’s good that they’re talking to each other again and I don’t doubt they love each other but Angie already knows she has to keep him at arms length.

  16. green cardigan

    What was Jon Voight hoping to achieve by speaking publically about his daughter? If he was worried about her wouldn’t it have been more constructive to talk to a doctor or another professional privately?
    Are these people not able to exist without the media focus on them? It must be a Hollywood syndrome.
    The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  17. JaneSays

    I’m not sure how my single mom raised us nine kids on one income either but we’ve all somehow managed to go to and graduate from college so I don’t think Angie will have issues with the “hows” of raising her kids. As for Jon Voight, it’s nice of her to toss that old dog a bone but after dissing her kids the way he did a few months ago, I’d not give that kind of negative old man energy the time of day. Having kids DOES teach you the power of forgiveness though so good for her that she’s trying. And doesn’t Maddox look like quite the handsome young man? When the hell did he grow up? Baby Girl Brad (err, Shiloh) is growing into quite the little beauty herself! I love seeing their family!!

  18. Zekers

    Could be that, could be he did talk to doctors and family friends and they couldn’t get anywhere with here either. I don’t know anything about their personal life, just speculating as to what would drive a father to speak out to the public about his daughters mental health. Given the history of these two, you are probably right, it was simply a media ploy…it just seems that there is a piece missing here…
    and Angietothemax, I don’t condone what he did, I’m just playing the advocate here in saying that there are always two sides.

  19. T-Bone

    “she was emotionally disturbed and was worried about her being stable. He acted like she was suicidal”.
    Jon Voight was right about his daughter, in my opinion. The only problem was that it was a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  20. Angietothemax

    From what I know of the story shortly after Jon and Angie did Tomb Raider he wrote her a letter telling her he disapproved of her lifestyle with Billy Bob and that she had mental health issues and needed to seek help. Now this was a far cry from what he was saying that he was so proud of her and loved her very much. Angie was understandably angry and wouldn’t talk to him. Then she adopted Madd and he announced it publicly when she didn’t want it to get out that she had adopted. Understandably upset and wouldn’t talk to him. That’s when he started doing E! and Access Hollywood talking about how Angie wouldn’t talk to him and she had mental issues and he was scared she was going to hurt herself. Never took into consideration her son. Just because she wouldn’t talk to him doesn’t mean she didn’t have her mother’s and brother’s support.

  21. Zekers

    He does sound quite opportunistic…sort of detracts from the ‘caring father’ persona…

  22. T-Bone

    Zekers — yeah, I remember watching him and thinking WOW, what an actor ;) While he may have been genuinely concerned at some point, it certainly didn’t come off that way in the beginning. For the most part he looked like an aging actor looking for attention and media coverage. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, now does it?

  23. Ugh

    Her dad is as sick in the head as she is. And the only reason she is holding any of the kids, especially Shiloh, is because she wants to make sure she’s in the picture too. What an attention whorish freak.

  24. Ugh

    Her dad is as sick in the head as she is. And the only reason she is holding any of the kids, especially Shiloh, is because she wants to make sure she’s in the picture too. What an attention whorish freak.

  25. Victoria

    I think this is the first photo I’ve seen of Angie holding Shiloh….she is a cutie.

  26. Ponytil

    The real present for Brad is having Shiloh photographed in her arms for once. Ahh, generous for Father’s Day. For the Best Interests of the Children, buy a farm somewhere in Middle America and keep them there. Don’t jet set them all over the world, following American Film Stars!! They crave and want ALL OF YOU and their OWN BEDROOMS that they sleep in EVERY NIGHT, except that one week during the summer that kids call SUMMER VACATION. I know that sounds provencial. Hear me now, believe me later then.

  27. green cardigan

    Yeah! They could become the next Waltons ! I’m seeing check shirts and straw hats. They already have the jeans right!

  28. Aron

    Angelina and her kids make me jealous of Brad. I used to envy his looks but now i envy his family….
    Gorgeous and intelligent missus and kids.

  29. tabitha

    gee, cynical much some of your?
    what the heck does jon voight have to do with this post?

  30. annie oh

    I agree with you, Tabitha.
    How do we go from a pic of a pretty mama with her beautiful kids (whom she is probably proud of and rightly so!) to some analysis of her relationship with her father which is obviously complex and intricate?

    this is a gossip site not an institute of mental health concerns.

    What do you casual posters know about mental health issues?
    Angie was a bit of a hellion in her day.
    She did wild and crazy things and she did it just for the hell of it–making a statement, showing her independence. Whatever.

    Its all in the past.

    I can relate. Were all of you perfect?

    Geez give me a break!

  31. sammie


  32. Angietothemax

    Annie & Tabitha the post discusses John Voight underneath Angie and the kids’ picture.

  33. T-Bone

    Hello? Read what’s written.

    “The real Father’s Day question is, will Angelina Jolie make amends with her father?”

    And since this is a snarky gossip blog, anyone can say pretty much anything they want (minus threatening, stalker comments). People can have an opinion about her mental health status, since she has CHOSEN the lime-light and CHOSEN to reveal her cutting history, her sex history, her admitted lack of feelings prior to Mad, her heroin use and everything else. In addition, she does crazy sh*t in front of the entire world. So why again can’t we have an opinion about her mental health status?????

  34. callie

    because you have no credibility talking about mental health issues.

    theres one thing to post that you dont like her because of…whatever. My aunt does not like her because she has tatooes (?)

    It just irks me when people try to make these sites into something they are not which is a place of genuine debate with facts and quotes and counterquotes.

    you seem to be basing your opinion on a lot of things that occured years ago.
    that makes your argument weak.

    and then there are the really inane comments about her finally holding shiloh.
    she breastfeed her baby for gosh sakes—if you don’t believe she adores this baby—then it shows that you have the capacity to hate your own child.

    anyone that has a child (me!) knows that the love is beyond comprehension.
    she seems to love beyond her immediate family in that she cares about the things outside her little bubble.

    maybe some of you here are just not capable of understanding that concept.
    you’d rather discuss the soap opera aspect than something with a little more substance. how boring.

  35. T-Bone

    No, what’s boring Callie is you thinking that everyone should share your opinion on these two people. People have SOOO many reasons for not liking these two, and all are valid opinions. Some I agree with, some I don’t, but people can express them all they want.

    And how would you know if I have any credibility, when it comes to mental health issues?

  36. callie

    By your grammar and how you communicate.

    people that work in the industry are extremely compassionate and not cynical about people that may have mental health problems.

    It is a VERY serious problem permeating our society and not a phrase to bandy about so carelessly. You would not do that if you had even a 101 training background.
    (which by your attitude would probably do YOU a world of good.)

  37. karen appleby

    well said as I am one of them and totally agree with your post.

  38. Angietothemax

    T Bone loves Angie, old Angie, the one that would jump in pools after winning awards, make out with Billy Bob, and do all kinds of crazy stuff. T Bone is fine with Angie as long as she acts crazy. Once Angie started acting like a responsible woman and wanted to be a contributing member of society T Bone didn’t like Angie anymore. T Bone feels Angie’s in denial and is going to end up having a breakdown eventually. But that’s JMO.

  39. T-Bone

    Try not to confuse real life with this gossip website, Callie. I’m sure there are a whole lot of extremely successful, passionate people out here posting both negative and positive opinions. Everyone is entitled. If you can’t laugh at it or banter without getting upset, feel free to skip passed the negative comments.

  40. quiet

    Karen and callie: check out a previous post on Angie.

    lol you are dealing with a Jenfan-addict.
    Jenaniston is the good girl who does nothing wrong and ANGIE is the evil dark temptress who broke up the marriage and you all know the Bermudatriange soap opera. B-O-R-I-N-G

    Angie goes out in public with her 2 beautiful kids and she gets slammed as an opportunist.

    Aniston is seen holding up her water bottle product she is shilling (because sadly, there aint much else to keep her newsworthy) and in the most fake, phony posed way—and its go Jenn!
    she’s not opportunistic—oooohhh noooooo!!

    she has yet another guy leaving her pad (remember it was vince sleeping over a few short weeks ago?) and this guy is carrying prominently the aforementioned product in full paparazzi view.
    and that’s fine with the jenfan-addicts. Go Jenn!

    I wont even go into the negative press re: this whole ‘relationship’ that huvane/aniston are trying to manipulate into pressworthy news.
    It is beyond a joke.

    yeah and you guessed it–I am not a jenfan.
    But I do not lurk and linger on any post of hers spewing venom and dissing her. You just p*ssed me off with your tiresome attacks and then the hyprocrisy of not calling aniston on her media antics.
    you are laughable.

  41. T-Bone

    Quiet – so why is your Jennifer Aniston hatred any different than my negative opinion of Angelina Jolie? You sound extremely passionate about your dislike of JA.

    And Callie & Karen, why are you better than anyone else skimming around on a gossip blog? Aren’t you out here reading about people, forming your own opinions and commenting as well??? There is no “holier than thou” on these sites. Oh and newsflash — mental health professionals have opinions too. They’re no different than anyone else.

    Angietothe…. I do believe there was a time when I liked Angelina more than I do now. But that was before Billy Bob Thornton. After that, I couldn’t shake the public, attention-seeking antics.

  42. anouk

    jolie has no style- she dresses like an old auntie.

  43. stingrae

    Shiloh is ugly. Am I the only one in the entire world who thinks this? She’s just so generic. As much as I HATE TomKate I have to say that Suri totally wins.

  44. green cardigan

    You can’t say a baby is ugly. Shiloh is an innocent little girl and a little cutie. Let her be.

    Angie’s clothes look like they smell of mothballs

  45. T-Bone

    I agree, Green. I think Shiloh is darling. But I also admire Angelina’s somewhat quiet style. It’s one of the humble things about her.

    Still think she’s mentally unstable and still think she’s an over-rated actress.

  46. Angietothemax

    Angie has always been that way. When she married Johnny Lee Miller she wore a shirt with his name written in blood all over it. It was “shocking” when she had her relationship with Jenny and said she would marry her if she could. Of course the Oscars were my fave when she said she was so in love with her brother and kissed him on the lips three seconds too long. It was hilarious because she just really messed with everyone’s head. Including mine because I was so embarrassed for her but now you just kind of get it.

  47. T-Bone

    Angietothe…I think what Angelina meant to say is that she would marry Jenny if she could, but then dump her when the novelty and shock value of it all wore off.

    Now THAT’S Angie.

  48. green cardigan

    She looks like she has a wardrobe full of knee length pencil skirts, little waist length jackets and flat shoes. She’s just missing the shoulder pads.

    She always wears nice sunglasses though.

  49. T-Bone

    Angietothemax, here’s where you and I differ. YOU think Angelina does what she does to “mess with people’s heads”.

    I think Angelina does what she does because SHE’S messed up in her own head.

  50. Mer

    That’s Pax…..not Maddox.

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