Angelina Jolie Takes In War Crimes Trial In The Hague

May 19th, 2009 // 14 Comments

On her way to the Cannes Film Festival where she’s eagerly awaited by her man Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie first made her way to The Hague to sit in on a war crimes trial today. The actress attended the trial as a sign of solidarity with the children testifying against Congo militia leader Thomas Lubanga.

48-year-old Lubanga stands accused of abducting children as young as 11-years-old and forcing them to train as soldiers, with the girls in the group subjected to sexual slavery.

The actress, who acts as a goodwill ambassador for the refugee agency
of the United Nations, said in a statement, “I imagined how difficult
it must be for all the brave young children who have come to testify
against him.”

Gallery Info: Angelina Jolie attends war crimes trial in the Hague.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. PR Stunt

    Wow, just in time for Brad’s movie premiere tomorrow. How convenient. And her children are currently being taken care of by…

  2. Marie

    She is so powerful that the Hague had the trial when her partner’s movie is about to premiere at Cannes. Look around at celebs… really look.. do they have to do anything significant to get attention. Angelina could get attention without doing anything. Yet she does something..always

  3. WTF

    This trial has been going on since January. Funny how she picked today of all days to make an appearance. The day before Brad’s movie in Cannes premieres. And funny how Brad let it be known today of all days that he and his brother donated money to some cause in Missouri. And sure, news outlets will pick up these stories, not to write about the people who could use the help, but to write about how Brad and Angie care about helping people. The attention always stays on them.

  4. seriously

    Wow… nothing makes you people happy. I’m sure all of you have contributed no where near as much as they have. Yet, you scoff at what they do. They use their publicity to bring attention to areas that you wouldn’t even consider otherwise. Judge away haters, from you couches and computer chairs.

  5. Just because

    I got to agree with WTF. Nothing is done without press notices! Timing is eveything!!!

  6. Just a thought

    For those who say they use their publicity to help people, could it be that they also use their publicity to help themselves? Ever think of the fact that these photo-ops serve more than one single purpose? Just a thought.

  7. Georg B.

    What’s with these immature comments? Such criticism of someone doing good are petty and quite simply ignorant. It looks like Jolie fits her UN work in when she can and/or when it is needed. No one here has any idea when this UN trip was planned. In a busy life based in the U.S. you combine overseas work as best you can.

    We know nothing about her children. Comments about how she raises them are unseemly at best and just plain nasty at worst.

  8. WTF

    Poor Georg B. Runs the US into the ground and loses two wars and he still thinks he has something to contribute.

    And I take issue with your argument about the children. When people sell their kids to the public and go on incessantly about their children they have made their children and their parenting style fair game. If the kids are off limits Brand-gie should have made them off-limits from the very beginning. Also, the UN is a place that loves celebrities. I used to work there. The UN is a famewhore organization where much of their time is spent kissing up to celebs and having meetings about meetings.

  9. Charity Chic Loser

    I’m curious, why don’t celebs give out an email address that’s easy to remember so we can help them help people? You’d think with all of these op-ed pieces they write and all of the press statements they release that they would ask the public for money or for volunteers. Why is it that they spend so much time telling everyone about how they help people, but the never ask anyone else to help them help people?

  10. Neil

    May 19, 2009 2:30 PM
    seriously says:

    Her fans know her history and we know the truth about her. Statements questioning her integrity come only from the ignorant or the uninformed. Sorry if you are not convinced but I don’t really give a crappp either.

  11. pui

    just pretender…

  12. WTF

    Seriously, are you serious. People who question her integrity do so because of the statements she has made that don’t add up. I would never sleep with a married man. I’m taking a year off after my child is born. These were flat-out lies. Ignorance should be applied to those who don’t notice the lies, you know, the uniformed.

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