Angelina Jolie Speaks On Behalf Of Refugees

Actress, activist and charitable giver Angelina Jolie appeared today alongside UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres to call on the world to recognize millions of victims of conflict around the world not as a burden but as a potential gift.

As an American, she said, “I know the strength that diversity has given my country — a country built by what some would now dismiss as asylum-seekers and economic migrants — and I believe we must persuade the world that refugees must not be simply viewed as a burden. They are the survivors. And they can bring those qualities to the service of their communities and the countries that shelter them.”

“The refugees I have met and spent time with have profoundly changed my life, “Jolie added. “Today, on World Refugee Day, I want to thank them for letting me into their lives.”

Jolie was supposed to meet with Hilary Clinton today, however the Secretary of State fell and fractured her right elbow. She’ll now have more time to take Maddox and Pax sightseeing in Washington D.C.

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