Angelina Jolie Shows Off Zahara at Mardi Gras!


Angelina Jolie stepped out onto the balcony of her French Quarter mansion with Zahara, and took in the sites of Mardi Gras.

As costumed people walked down her street, Jolie pointed out her favorite outfits to kids Zahara and Maddox. When one man walked down the street dressed as an Oscar, Jolie yelled down at him, “That’s adorable!”

Chris Cudddihee, the walking Oscar, yelled back up to her “I’m for you, Angelina!”

Cuddihee, a manager of a clothing store in town, tells, “We happened to be walking down and we saw her open a door. I could tell it was a movie star arm coming out of there and she brought the kids out and she waved to us. I waved and I said, ‘Hey you won me!'”

Cuddihee added, “That is why I wore this outfit and that made my day. We weren’t expecting to see Angelina Jolie today. Or to see Zahara and Maddox wave at us. It was pretty cool.”

I wonder if Zahara recognized the Oscar since Angelina has one of those herself.

More photos of Angelina Jolie and Zahara after the jump.