Angelina Jolie Shows Off Zahara at Mardi Gras!

February 21st, 2007 // 22 Comments


Angelina Jolie stepped out onto the balcony of her French Quarter mansion with Zahara, and took in the sites of Mardi Gras.

As costumed people walked down her street, Jolie pointed out her favorite outfits to kids Zahara and Maddox. When one man walked down the street dressed as an Oscar, Jolie yelled down at him, “That’s adorable!”

Chris Cudddihee, the walking Oscar, yelled back up to her “I’m for you, Angelina!”

Cuddihee, a manager of a clothing store in town, tells, “We happened to be walking down and we saw her open a door. I could tell it was a movie star arm coming out of there and she brought the kids out and she waved to us. I waved and I said, ‘Hey you won me!’”

Cuddihee added, “That is why I wore this outfit and that made my day. We weren’t expecting to see Angelina Jolie today. Or to see Zahara and Maddox wave at us. It was pretty cool.”

I wonder if Zahara recognized the Oscar since Angelina has one of those herself.

More photos of Angelina Jolie and Zahara after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Czarina

    She loves Maddox & Zahara more than Shiloh.

  2. Holy CRAP! Look at the death grip she has on Maddox in that first pic.

    SHe is evil personified…mark my words!

    When she collects the complete set of “Babies from Around The World” she is going to put into motion her plan to take over the world!!

  3. King Smart Ian

    Why does the little girl appear to be black in these photos?

  4. Tonya

    This woman is a b****. She spends all her time with her adopted accessories and hardly any at all with her own flesh and blood. All those children should be treated equally but she obviously favors the ones she didn’t have to give birth to.

  5. SiervaMaria

    Thanks so much. The kids are dolls, and getting SO big! I remember when both were wee ones. It’s great to see Zahara so healthy and growing after knowing she almost died. God bless them all.

  6. Lucy

    Thank you so much. This photo truly made my day. She is smiling now and a real moviestar with an Oscar. I love Brad and Angie and kids. Ignore the negative comments please.

  7. Lucy

    Thank you so much. This photo truly made my day. She is smiling now and a real moviestar with an Oscar. I love Brad and Angie and kids. Ignore the negative comments please.

  8. Lucy,
    “ignore the negative comments”..

    Uh, who you talkin to there? Angie can’t hear ya.

    Brad and Angie…Ah, the homewrecking whore and her moron puppet. Quiet a lovely couple.

    AND why do you never see the other kid…it doesn’t fit into the Babes O’Color set? They forgot what country they left her in? Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. amle

    Damn she looks haggard. Maybe it is because of all those oscars shoved up her crotch. Look at those heroin veins in her arm. Next she will be shooting up in that forehead. The ONLY reason she came out on the balcony was to get her picture in the magazines and maybe check out the tits.

  10. Miguelito

    That kid looks like a voodoo zombie. Look at how its lips are all serrated like a skull’s. Maybe it’s just because they’re in New Orleans, but these pictures are so Interview With a Vampire.

    P.S. If Angelina is ever in prison, she could rip that vein out of her forehead, dangle it out the window, and rappel down the side of the jail to freedom.

  11. SiervaMaria

    Miguelito “Little Michael,” I’m going to give you the attention you must crave badly that you’d use a child to garner it a look your way.

    “I wish you better from people known or unknown to you than what your words reveal about your heart where a child is concerned.”

    God bless anyone who so easily allows such ugliness to be expressed about anyone let alone an innocent who’s done nothing but be born.

  12. NiQ

    I can’t believe how dumb some of the people are in here…

    First off, maybe the little girl looks black because…. *GASP* she is black!!! What a fucking idiot.

    And why are people talking negative about people’s kids, jealous poor assholes.

    Don’t you just love how these dumb bitches talk bad about Angelina and her family, like they have actually sat around and held a conversation with her. AND I highly doubt Angie or Brad gives a rats ass what people have to say about them, they are paid and can do whatever they please!

  13. angie and zahara are very very beatiful and they look happy. i love too much angelina even if all women are jalous her , she very nice , beatiful and waouhhhhhhhhh. fanistons you are pathetic if you believe that brad return with jen because jen is so stupid and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no coment

  14. margaretta

    Oscar the Grouch?
    That’s right the atmosphere at N’Orleans at Mardi Gras is the perfect place to take your children if you are Mother Death

  15. King Smart Ian

    Bela: Those hotel rooms aren’t going to clean themselves! Back to work!!

  16. Lulu

    Angelina does love Maddox and Zahara more than Shiloh. You can see it from her interviews.
    She’s pretty for sure, but she’s weird (if that’s the right word to describe)

  17. RACHEL

    Wow, these pics are too cute of Z. Angie’s a great mom. As for the previous comments, you guys out there are only fooling yourselves. The tanning industry makes millions from you trying to get what did you say? “dark”, oh and the lips? last I saw there was a line for botox numbered in the thousands. These children are adorable, they know that and so does everyone.

  18. isaidit

    I have never seen so many haters…it’s quite funny.

  19. Miapocca

    The kids are growing up fast, meaning Daddy Brad can cut loose soon and they will be able to cope quite welll

    They look adorable….Dont like Jolly, but since I am not part of her life, I have no idea wether or not she loved her adopted children more that Shiloh…

    All I know is she is skank and disprectful of other people’s mariages and lies to cover it up..From Billy Bon to Brad Pitt and unames other..she also has major psy issues…she should be grateful for the chidlren that she has!!

    SHe is not holding on to maddox with death grip..thats waht her arms and fingers look like..maybe from abusing drugs over the years/or fitness regime htey say..,but there are pics of her simply sitting with her viens showing prominently……….

  20. Ziggy

    Does anyone remember ever seeing photos of the two adopted children smiling? I don’t recall ever seeing either child smile. The little boy frowns a lot and the little girl looks catatonic.

  21. J

    Give me a fucking break–are you serious with this?
    ‘Hey you won me!’ ????

  22. Jen

    ~Miguelito~ You are hilarious!!! I’m cracking up here, I mean REALLY laughing out LOUD, bet you’re a lot of fun to hang out with. I hate these holier-than thou lame asses with no sense of humor. People like you make life so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the laugh! LOLOL…

    {SiervaMaria~ Do yourself a favor and get that stick out of your ass…}

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