Angelina Jolie Returns To Ecuador With Double Cheeseburgers?

June 18th, 2010 // 5 Comments

It’s been nearly a decade since Angelina Jolie was last in Ecuador but she’s back! With cheeseburgers in hand (we’re kidding – there can’t possibly be a McDonald’s in Ecuador), Jolie returned to check to see how things have changed and to raise awareness about unaccompanied minors and violence against female refugees.

“It’s been eight years since I was last here and UNHCR’s presence has grown considerably,” Jolie noted after her arrival in Ecuador. “They are going into the thickest parts of the jungle to reach the refugees, who are living in very remote locations and in desperate conditions,” she added.

“I wanted to come back and meet with vulnerable people and focus on violence against women and unaccompanied minors,” Jolie explained. “I am so happy to be able to reconnect with some familiar faces, refugees I had met with during my 2002 trip.”

Jolie and her bangs were part of a PSA released earlier this week to commemorate World Refugee Day this Sunday.

By Justin Thompson

  1. ronald

    FYI : there are several mcdonalds locations in Ecuador..

  2. Flora

    If Angie had brought a double cheeseburger from McDonalds that she had in her bag since 2002 it would still look, (and probably,) taste the same.

  3. XYZ

    This douchebag is a top child trafficker pretending to do charity. Wake the hell up!

  4. Puyol

    Have you made any research whatsoever??

    I’m Ecuadorian, in Ecuador. Yes, I do have internet at home.

    We not only have McDonalds but BK, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza. Get your facts right and please do not talk about Ecuador if you do not know anything about us.

  5. Andres

    Thanks for the comments guys, the motherfucker who wrote this article is a complete and utter retard. I hate this kind of idiots. This person probably thinks that Ecuador is in Africa. WTF

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