Angelina Jolie Needs Meat To Survive, Loves Her Old Looking Hands

Angelina Jolie has quite the busy lifestyle. While promoting films, now set to direct others and the fact that her children suck the energy right out of her, its no wonder people worry about her health and appearance. So how does she manage it all?

The key is meat. Angelina tried to be vegan at one point, only eating vegetables and cutting out any dairy. The actress felt weak and needed the meat. Pictured here while her other half Brad Pitt is doing charity work in their one
of their hometowns of New Orleans, LA actress Angelina Jolie ducks out
of their home into an awaiting car where the Salt star was shuttled on
a private jet out of Louisiana.

OK Magazine reports that Angelina has another obsession, watching her own hands grow old. She says it makes her feel womanly and like a mother. She enjoys bathing her children seeing their mother’s hands worn and old. Ummm….that really can be prevented Angie. 

It’s very sweet, but those creepy arm veins she and Madonna both have, those are weird man.