Angelina Jolie Is Impartial

August 10th, 2007 // 27 Comments


Angelina Jolie decided that she was going to clear up any rumors that she had decided to lend her celebrity to support the campaign of presidential hopeful, John Edwards. Jolie released a written statement on Wednesday saying that not only was she not supporting but she had no plans on supporting any candidate for the 2008 election at this point in time.

“There are many false stories that circulate about me, but the one I feel I need to address, because it is about such an important topic, is that I have not decided to endorse John Edwards, or any other presidential candidate.”

“Like many Americans, I am learning more about the candidates’ records and positions but at this time I have not yet made an endorsement.”

Oh politics…you bore me. I’m so easily distracted by pretty pictures that I’d much rather talk about Angelia’s awesomely big sunglasses in this first pic. I love big sunglasses because they make my features look small by comparison. At least that’s what I like to let myself believe. Also, I love this pic of Zahara scratching her nose with a look on her face that says, “Seriously, can’t a woman get her scratch on without paparazzi all up in her business?”


More photos of Angelina Jolie with Zahara checking out a toy store in Chicago, after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Yeah, we’re all waiting to hear who Angelina is going to endorse for President…that’s how I base all my important decisions, you know… What Would Angelina Do?

  2. green cardigan

    Zekers………sssshhhhhhhhhh……..quiet please. I am praying at The Shrine of Angie. I can’t decide if I want tea or coffee. I’m hoping to receive a sign from The Holy One.

  3. A) Who the FCK cares who a second rate over-exposed actress is going to vote for? She can’t seem to stay in the US for more than a week at a time before she has to jet off to some exotic location, dragging those children around like trophies.

    B) If she can’t teach her child to keep her fingers out of her nose, she shouldn’t parade her around for the paps. Zee is about the same age as my son, and he knows to get a tissue. Zee should have wiped a big green bogie down mommies cheek.

  4. mm

    love this family. aww, the haters have nothing else going on in thier lives, do they? they care enough to judge en hate. its a scary thought that “gift horse” is actually a mother herself. god bless her child.

  5. T-Bone

    The Dow fell 300 points yesterday. Probably because of something Angelina said.

  6. MM…please return to St. Jolie alter. She is displeased by your absence. You must pray 24/7 or St. Jolie will bring a plague upon your house!

    As far as my son, don’t worry yourself. He’ll be a helluva lot better adjusted than the Holy Jolie-Pitt Stain kids will ever dream of being.

  7. T-Bone

    I find it funny that she feels that this is an issue she “needs to address”. The fact that she feels this way indicates that she thinks her political opinion really matters. Yet I’d be more inclined to “vote for Pedro” than allow her to influence my vote. The woman doesn’t even want to live in this country, so whatever, Angie.

  8. Maybe that’s how she got all those kids! She didn’t buy them, people sacrificed them to her in exchange for a pearly of Angie wisdom!!! It’s all starting to make sense now!

    Green, did Angie divine tea or coffee for this morn?

  9. Angietothemax

    Well if CNN hadn’t written about it wouldn’t be an issue she felt she needed to address. She has never endorsed a candidate and I doubt she ever will. Green did you receive a sign yet?

  10. green cardigan

    Girls – The funniest thing ! I was on my knees in front of my shrine, praying for divine inspiration, it’s always a dilemma that, tea or coffee or both?….Anyway, there I was praying to her picture (Mr and Mrs Smith Premier photo) and the photo moved and spoke ! She said ‘Look Within’…..’Within what?’ I replied and she said ‘The Cupboard’. I did, and the first thing I saw was a packet of coffee…..

  11. T-Bone

    There were “rumors” that she was going to endorse John Edwards, so Angelina felt the need to release a statement about that. CNN simply printed the statement she released. She released it, because SHE felt it mattered. That’s just a tad narcissistic.

  12. rollingeyes

    Adoptolina has more than overstayed her welcome. Why can’t she stop talking about herself?????? Aren’t her humanitarian services needed in some third world country? SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!

  13. xirohiro

    wow just cause someone doesn’t bash jolie like other people doesn’t make them a worishiper, but god knows if you don’t say one negative thing about her you must love and adore her :eyes roll:

  14. T-Bone

    WOW – that’s intense Green. Pray again, and this time ask her who she’s voting for, so we can all sleep at night ;) Shake her like a magic 8 ball.

  15. Angietothemax

    Well she probably doesn’t want that to influence people when she’s lobbying in DC for congress to support refugee relief. She wants to remain neutral. Green something similar happened to me but it was just gas.

  16. devil

    Why did she “need to address” this? Did the paparazzi stop paying attention to her for five seconds? Dear God, what an attention-whore.

    Those sunglasses can’t cover up the hideous affects of bad plastic surgery. Nothing can.

  17. devil

    Why did she “need to address” this? Did the paparazzi stop paying attention to her for five seconds? Dear God, what an attention-whore.

    Those sunglasses can’t cover up the hideous effects of bad plastic surgery. Nothing can.

  18. green cardigan

    Well I prayed again, my knees are sore now from all this kneeling, and she spoke . She said ‘Bill Clinton is a fine hunk of man’.

    Does that tell you anything?

  19. Angietothemax

    Green are you suggesting Angie exchanged “favors” for charity? Is this real reason old Bill had a heart attack?

  20. T-Bone

    Slick Willy, ha? Hmmmm…. can you go back and tell Electalina that Bill isn’t running for president?

  21. green cardigan

    That was a blip, sorry. It was actually Brad who spoke that last time. He gets confused. He’s under the impression that Ronald Reagan is still running the show over there.

  22. T-Bone

    My God, Green — I just had THE MOST frightening vision. Angie running for President and Brad as her First Lady (Brad in that pink Jackie O suit with the hat?)

  23. green cardigan

    T-Bone- He has the legs to carry it off.

  24. miss brown eyes

    but Bradalina definitely is missing the ass and the hooters necessary…

  25. anonymousZ

    The more I look at pics of Zahara, the more confused I am. She is very large for her stated age of 3 in January 2008, and the potty training. She has passed the age where the AVERAGE little girl is toilet trained. She looks too old to be wearing diapers. I wonder if she still wants to be the baby.

    Also, I thought it had been reported that Zahara is advanced for her age. If this is so, wouldn’t she have been out of diapers at least a year ago? I’m aware that many preschools do not accept children still in diapers, perhaps that’s why we do not see daily images of Jolie escorting her to preschool…

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