Angelina Jolie Injured On ‘Salt’ Set

May 29th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Angelina Jolie was injured during a stunt during filming of her latest movie Salt. She was taken to the hospital after bumping her head, getting some sort of nick in between her eyes. She bled a bit.

A statement from the film’s production company was posted:

“This morning while filming an action sequence… Angelina Jolie sustained a minor injury. As a precautionary measure, Ms. Jolie will be taken to the hospital and examined. Production on the film has resumed.”

Good to know that she’s okay.

Gallery Info: Angelina Jolie filming Salt

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kaligula

    take care and be well, angelina, you beautiful living deity.

  2. someone

    Im sure somewhere in the world theres a prayer vigil going on for her saintly head…

  3. Butch

    I’m praying for infection, a sudden turn for the worse, and a quick but not altogether painless death.

    Ugly ass freak.

  4. Marc

    Kaligula, please tell me you are being sarcastic. I know the Brangeloonies think of this famewh**re as a living deity, but let’s get real. She’s an over-paid, over-exposed celebrity who can be very smug, very often.

  5. remy

    MARC, thank you I was about to write the same thing, deity – she’s an actress (and I use that word lightly here) a highschool drop out and former addict…get a grip and yeah an infection might be interesting……….

  6. Jane

    Butch, love you the comment is exactly what I was thinking before I read you post.

  7. DonnaInMichigan

    Oh the horror!

    The Bimbo, got a boo-boo!

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