Angelina Jolie Hits the Sexshops

June 15th, 2007 // 22 Comments

Apparently, while Angelina Jolie was on a break from filming “Wanted” in Prague, she paid a visit to a local sex shop.

Now comes word from Mike Walker that Jolie may have a remedy. According to the veteran columnist from the National Enquirer she just took a break from filming her new flick “Wanted” in Prague, visited a sex shop called “Erotic City” and purchased two items – a black leather garter belt and (drum roll please) a black riding crop!

Walker muses, “Since Angelina doesn’t ride horses in her movie, this week’s intriguing gossip question is: If the idea is to whip up a little consensual fun, who’s the whip-ee? Or is the crop simply a decorator accessory destined to hang on a wall?”

When you’re with Brad Pitt, why the hell not, right?


More photos of Angelina Jolie leaving Comedy Central Studios after appearing on ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’ after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. tammyv

    Every girl needs a riding crop.. :)

  2. green cardigan

    She looks like Michael Jackson in these photos. The whip is probably to make sure Brad toes the line.

  3. Angietothemax

    That’s right. Gotta keep it kinky and real in the bedroom!

  4. T-Bone

    Angelina Jolie apparently needs more attention again.

  5. Jeff

    Oh dear, the things she needs to do to get Brad going these days. Looks like he’s nearly spent. Serves him right.

  6. T-Bone

    Afraid of losing him, Angie? Why? Because he’s showing concern for his ex-wife maybe?

  7. Carolyn

    How boring and predictable.

  8. T-Bone

    Um no folks, the first two posts of mine were real. This last one (in bold print) was the FAKE T-Bone Stalker who obviously has mental health issues and is trying to discredit what I say.

    And I’m in the midwest, where it is indeed 4:36 p.m. ;)

    TO Fake T-Bone — You might want to think about online stalker laws and identity fraud. The editors know exactly who you are. End of story.


    Maybe it’s not for Brad :)

    And yes, this is the real T-Bone

  10. duncan and Jenna

    T-Bone: what’up with all the posts and only on Brangelina sites. You are positively obsessed (and not in a good way)!

    You said that you only post when the subject is interesting or controversial but I never read your posts on such topics as: Nicole getting preggers to avoid jail, Britney selling herself to paparazzi, Paris’ jail ins and outs, etc.

    Theres lots of hot button issues on this site. Yet you are ALWAYS ON A BRANGELINA site spewing the same tired stuff. This is by all counts a nothing story. Yet you feel the need to post all day long.

    Where do you work that you can get away with this?
    Why are you so personally invested in supporting everything Aniston does——NO MATTER HOW CONTROVERSIAL AND LACKING IN REASON——and then slam Angelina (for something as simple as) carrying her kids to keep them close to her when the paparazzi frenzy is everywhere?

    You are so reasonable about Aniston and then just so unreasonable about Angie.

    You post so often its a wonder you don’t get sick of it all. But then you also seem to read all the negative stories in the tabloids about Brangelina AS WELL AS THE OTHER DAY YOU MUST’VE POSTED 3X SOME LENGHTHY ARTICLE ABOUT ANGIE PISSING OFF THE PRESS!!!!

    yOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET A LIFE or maybe a boyfriend that gives you some love so that you can be a more happy camper.

    You are one main reason me and my friends rarely read the posts here anymore. Its just all you.

  11. MM

    “The jealousy is practically leaping off the screen. Brad is a great dad, busy actor/advocate himself but he’s also a very sexual being”
    How on earth would you know that Brad is a “very sexual being”? See this is what makes the Brangeloonies loony. Angelina probably alerted the press to this because she’s desperate.

  12. Kelli

    T-Bone were you hiding under a rock these past weeks not to have noticed how madly inlove Angie is with Brad (and vice versa). they even got caught making out ferociously in the back of a darkend limo for crying out loud!

    They glow when they look at each other and she just gushes with love and respect for him.

    A while back when she did not smile for the cameras (and it turned out she was in deep grief over her mom) you blasted her for that and said it was a sign of their relationship’s demise.
    Now she seems to be healing and she is flashing her big beautiful smile everywhere and is nothing but gracious and accessible to her fans.
    You have been calling their relationship fake for months now.
    Its about time you concentrate on what your idol Aniston is doing ’cause it looks like she is the one in a fake relationship and that would be number 2 in a row.

  13. Ohhh

    It’d been way too easy to have ordered it and had it mailed. It’s like she’s wanting everyone to think they’re having some wild ass sex all the time. She’s too strange for words.

  14. jannre

    Since James Haven has been traveling with them for a while, maybe the sexy underwear wasn’t for Brad.

  15. WhyMe

    Why does this not surprise me.

  16. U!!!!

    Why is it so hard for the big losers to move on?? like Aniston and T-Bone…low self-esteem i guess
    can’t get it up unless they are putting someone
    down. Well at least they have each other and their

  17. eseu

    Agreed T-Bone is an opposition. But without an opposing view, do you think this blog will be so VIBRATED.

    T-Bone dear, don’t be scared. Just continue to air your views.

    Sometimes, it is so funny to see the “WAR” on Brangelina. Don’t discourage T-Bone.

  18. iggi

    The only reason she would publicly go in to a sex shop with the media following her is to make sure people THINK she is a) having sex at all and b) having freaky sex. Wake up! She is a lesbian and she is also Brad’s beard. This is so staged it reaks of her usual media wh*re bullsh*t!

  19. sandrine

    Fair enough eseu, if that’s how you see it.
    I see it as t-bone is a one woman cast of characters—see Angelina thread “#14″ (if that isn’t proof positive that there is only one person posting as all those other names—IT WOULD OTHERWISE BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THAT CHARADE TO HAVE PLAYED OUT.

    If you enjoy bantering with one person, groovy.
    There is no other gossip site around that would allow such carte blanche to one person.

  20. Margaret

    My God, people. This is the National Enquirer. Have they EVER printed anything that was true.

  21. T-Bone

    Sandrine -
    While you might wish I was “one cast of characters”, I’m afraid there are many of us.

  22. T-Bone

    P.S. Noticed FAKE T-BONE got the boot, by the way. This website is pretty liberal as far as posts, but it’s good to know that when someone is using another person’s username in a threatening manner and posting stalker-type posts — the editors notice. Again, good to know…

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