Angelina Jolie Has Some Skinny Legs

April 26th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Wow. Maybe those weight loss rumors are true after all, because isn’t the camera supposed to add ten pounds.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. jannre

    I actually don’t like anything about her, some people think shes beautiful, I don’t agree.

  2. margaretta

    You know I don’t care either way what Angie does or looks like but you people make me so sick with your weight comments. If she’s too thin she is anorexic and dying…and if she is looking normal, then she is ‘packing on the pounds’ or showing a maybe ‘baby bump’. I have seen what you look like, and it ain’t pretty either.

  3. stolidog

    hmm. relax ladies. it’s just gossip about a celebrity you’ll never ever meet. you know, fun stuff.

    on a more serious note, she has ginormous feet, especiall for such SKINNY legs (OMG, sorry Margie!)

  4. mia

    Gee Whiz Margaretta, lighten up. I agree with Jannre, I never got the “most beautiful woman” thing.

    The more I see of her, the more I see an emotionally crippled woman with a pervasive pattern of instability. I write adoptions studies for China and the Philippines and this is not a lady who would be approved for adoptions.

  5. Me

    She’s not pretty at all. Especially with that huge vein she has popping out of her head. I call it ET. And she’s always been thin from what I recall, but not that I ever cared enough to pay attention. I try to limit myself to only noticing good people, not trash like her. Yes I said it.

  6. dana

    Doesnt his picture of a pretty woman in flats settle the delima of flats or pumps? Her feet look like size 14 in flats…I rest my case.

  7. carly

    every one of you posters except Margaretta are
    bitches/jerks. It makes me sick to read nasty
    posts like yours, bitchy remarks about nothing.
    You add nothing to the world sitting back smugly and judging a woman you know nothing about. You’d probably like her if you knew her. Honestly, do you think she looks at people and judges them for such superficial reasons???

  8. dookie

    biznitch is the fug. yuck!

  9. Barbadiva

    Curvy legs are sexy, stove pipes are not.

  10. janetta

    To me she’s pretty but i don’t like her chicken legs :(

  11. Dimi

    Look guys, I have the same kind of legs my self!
    It’s not nice to be judged about something which is not your fault! Anyway I think that she is just beautiful (not a godess) but not so much a good character..
    Also I want to tell you that people with chicken legs don’t feel very well about it!

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