Angelina Jolie Graces The Public With Her Presence

August 31st, 2006 // 16 Comments

Say what you want about Angelina Jolie as a person, but no airbrushing people. She looks flawless. The kids are adorable as well.

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Written by Lauren Burch

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Is it me, or does poor little Zahara always look terrified? I think she’s afraid they’re going to send her back to Africa what with Maddox’s media popularity and Shiloh being the Second Coming and all.

  2. Small Fry

    Holy size 2 Batman! Didn’t she just give birth like 2 months ago?!?!?!

  3. I hope I am around to hear the significant pop when the world pulls its nose out of Angelina Jolie’s ass.

  4. jannre

    she looks the same as always to me!

  5. reacktion

    No doubt she is beautiful, but honestly she looks more and more haggard. She looks like a beautiful 40 year old…not 30.

  6. CareKate

    Yeah, she looks great after only three months…but what about the reports that she’s preggers again?! Supposedly the speculation is based upon her “thickening middle” in recent weeks but you sure couldn’t tell it from those pix!!

    And, Lisa, you’re right: the woman is completely flawless!

  7. renna

    Agree with reaktion’s post. Jolie is looking haggard lately. She is pretty, but her forehead looks too big when she pulls her hair back like this. And she does not fill out her clothes as well as Aniston does. Jolie has a straightboard kindof body and Aniston has curves. Jolie is losing it the longer she stays with Pitt.

  8. renna

    The thickening middle might be because she had a c-section with Shiloh. They had to cut through muscle and it’s hard to control once C-section is done. But she can afford liposuction.

  9. tia

    Christopher Zahara looks cute. She just looks a little caught off guard. Oh and yea Angie looks great too!

  10. i just love that Maddox is wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt…that rocks!!

  11. Draya

    The cop in the 2nd pic has a really cute butt!

  12. Babybing

    Mama mia, I should only look so “haggard.” However, she probably has had Botox in the forehead as well as other minor adjustments.
    Novertheless, she is a beauty.


    maddox is five and already apparently pavarotti trained, zahara has to get with the My Fair Lady program

  14. RitaPita

    She looks better than Aniston looks now and will ever look. Jolie has a feminine figue with curves while aniston has a manly kinda look going on

  15. jannre

    RitaPita: Why did you have to drag Jennifer into never fails that she is brought into the mix, just to cause problems…THIS IS ABOUT ANGELINA.

  16. TeSandell

    I don’t think she is all that pretty. If we talk technicalities, she is flawless yes, but when it comes to beauty… I think girls who have feminine faces are pretty, not ones who look like they had a hard life. If I were a guy I’d want a “woman” not a tough bit**. But that is just my opinion. Hell, I think Ashlee Simpson looked better before her nose job so who am I to judge? =p

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