Angelina Jolie Gets Comforting Words of Advice from Billy Bob

Angelina Jolie told Marie Claire magazine that Billy Bob Thornton was instrumental in helping her come too terms with her mother’s recent passing. Her ex-husband called her on the phone and did his best to help Jolie understand what the grieving process held in store for her. According to Angelina, his advice was some of the best she received during that trying time in her life.

He said, ‘You’ll never get over it. It’s never going to be OK, and once you accept that, you realise you never want to get over it.’ “He said, ‘Just kind of let it sit with you, and let it be a part of who you now are.'”

Angelina also said that, unsurprisingly, her grief has been the cause of her recent weight loss. And not to get totally side-tracked, but why isn’t anyone else at all concerned about Billy Bob being gaunt as hell? Cause seriously, he is whittling down to next to nothing, as far as I can see. OK, and this is purely some speculative shit, but I had to add that we had an anonymous tipster tell us that they spotted Billy Bob earlier this week in Austin, TX and he was holding hands with a man who appeared to be in his 20s. Not sure what to do with this, since there’s no picture, but there you have it. A big, fat slab o’ speculation. Enjoy.

And yes, these pictures are old. Obviously.