Angelina Jolie Gets Comforting Words of Advice from Billy Bob

June 28th, 2007 // 18 Comments

Angelina Jolie told Marie Claire magazine that Billy Bob Thornton was instrumental in helping her come too terms with her mother’s recent passing. Her ex-husband called her on the phone and did his best to help Jolie understand what the grieving process held in store for her. According to Angelina, his advice was some of the best she received during that trying time in her life.

He said, ‘You’ll never get over it. It’s never going to be OK, and once you accept that, you realise you never want to get over it.’ “He said, ‘Just kind of let it sit with you, and let it be a part of who you now are.’”

Angelina also said that, unsurprisingly, her grief has been the cause of her recent weight loss. And not to get totally side-tracked, but why isn’t anyone else at all concerned about Billy Bob being gaunt as hell? Cause seriously, he is whittling down to next to nothing, as far as I can see. OK, and this is purely some speculative shit, but I had to add that we had an anonymous tipster tell us that they spotted Billy Bob earlier this week in Austin, TX and he was holding hands with a man who appeared to be in his 20s. Not sure what to do with this, since there’s no picture, but there you have it. A big, fat slab o’ speculation. Enjoy.

And yes, these pictures are old. Obviously.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    Billy Bob Thornton is the voice of reason, that’s interesting…
    Gotta say I don’t buy the holding hands with a guy in TX thing-nope!

  2. green cardigan

    Billy Bob has always been skinny. I’m not buying that story of hom holding hands with a man, inless it was his son or something. He seems to like the ladies.

    Just a comment about Angelina jolie and her Mom, I’m sure she is sincere when she says she is grieving for her since her death in January but why didn’t she spend last Christmas with her ? The Jolie Pitts were in Costa Rica and Panama over the holiday period. Her mother was terminally ill and probably at that stage they knew her time was short, so it strikes me as odd they didn’t spend her last Christmas together.

  3. jen

    Angie looks like she’s had a bit o work done on her face compared to now.

    I dunno about Billy Bob – he’s always come across kind of like a Tommy Lee kinda kind – likes the girls for sure but isn’t adverse to some boy loving on the road….hell a groupie is a groupie when you’re in a band and partying all the time. Angie plays for both teams – no reason he wouldn’t.

  4. Angietothemax

    I don’t know why. I know when she had Shi her mother was in L.A. in the hospital as well. They talked to each other on the phone and laughed because they were both checked in the hospital under the same assumed name. Her mother wasn’t very traditional so I don’t think she had an issue not being together during the holidays. And you never know they may have done something before or after the holiday.

  5. nanc'

    I hope Billy Boob isn’t ill ’cause despite all his shortcomings, I think he’s a fine actor.
    Oh, and every time I think of him riding up the escalator drunk in Bad Santa, I chuckle a little.

  6. Duh

    Well that’s more than he said when he left Laura Dern for The Angelic One. That time he said zilch and let her find out through the media. A fine man, no?

  7. Angietothemax

    Billy Bob was wrong for that one. he just moved Laura’s stuff out of the house and didn’t even tell her. She came back home and she had been moved out. That’s low especially when they were engaged. Oh well I think Laura got the better end of the deal. She has a good husband and 2 kids.

  8. Not to upset the Brangeloonies or anything, but could the reason these things keep coming out be to keep the story of her mother’s death at the forefront of our minds? Ted Casablanca seems to think that the cause of her weight loss is a different sort of thing entirely.

    Just a thought . . .

  9. T-bone

    Green, because everything in Angelina’s life is a big, fat contradiction, that’s why.

    And Billy Bob giving advise to Angelina??? Sounds like a perfect case of the “blind leading the blind”.

  10. Angietothemax

    Whatever Ted C. left a lot of holes in that blind item for it to be a number of people. I call it having a demanding career, four children, and being a activist. I don’t know how she does it but Brad will eventually get her to slow down. Besides I still believe she’s pregnant. Hence her gaunt appearance. She looked the same when she was first pregnant with Shi.

  11. She doesn’t feel guilty about eatin! She is not still mourning! Heartless tramp would have had to love to mourn.

    Heroin is an appetite suppresant.

  12. T-bone

    It’s time to wake up, people. The woman is borderline AND anorexic! The two frequently go hand in hand. The woman needs mental health help.

  13. Devon

    What Billy Bob said is right. You never get over it, it’s never going to be ok, and you don’t want to get over it. My dad passed away almost 2 months ago, and I’m not over, it’s NEVER going to be ok, and I don’t want to get over it. I want him back and that’s all there is to it. Ange probably feels the same way.

    As for her being skinny, it’s called running after 4 kids, greiving for her mother because it takes longer than 6 months to get over it (Why She is Zombie-like), working like crazy, and being naturally slender. She couldn’t look fab, take care of her family, work, and promote if she was on heroin. Plus Brad doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would let his kids be around that crap.

    Ted C.’s girl is Jenna Jameson.

  14. green cardigan

    I agree you never get over a death of a loved one but you do learn to live with it in time, and with that comes acceptance of their passing. What Billy Bob T told her is obviously from the heart;

  15. MICA

    how funny, how its okay for her to keep in touch with her ex, but brad is not allowed to speak to jen

  16. Ugh

    Oh please, she’s not upset over her mothers death or she’d spent the last month or even week with her. She’s heartless and has a black soul so she is unable to have feelings. It’s drugs. No doubt. You can’t change everything about yourself that quick so she’s gotta hold onto the heroin.

    And I agree, I can’t see BB holing hands with a man. If so, maybe it was out of joking around with the person trying to snap the photo.

  17. stolidog

    angie and billy bob will always share a common bond….black tar.

  18. JS

    I love BBT – he’s one of the sexiest actors alive. It says alot for both of them that they’ve stayed close.

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