Angelina Jolie Eyes India For Her Next Kid Addition

March 31st, 2009 // 10 Comments

Pssst. India. You’re up! The pouty-lipped one has got her eye on you.

According to the Sun, Angelina Jolie exchanged pleasantries with two young stars from Slumdog Millionaire and let them in on the type of top-notch classified information UsWeekly would trade three of it’s staffers and a lifetime supply of interns for.

When 10-year-old Azharuddin Mohammed asked if she was thinking of adopting an Indian child, Angelina slyly said:

“Well, I’ll let you into a little secret, we
will soon.”

Secrets? Ha!

Supposedly, Angelina and Brad Pitt visited an Indian orphanage in 2006 and held a little toy exchange, meet and greet to see if an Indian baby would fit into their “rainbow family” as she lovingly says The Pune adoption center’s chief said they were blown away by the couple’s “genuine affection.”

As an added aside, Brad wanted to adopt a boy and name him child “India.” Awesome. Real original, Brad.

By Melissa Noble

  1. tony the tiger

    As the parent of three children I can attest to the fact that it is going to be hundreds of times more difficult and time consuming to raise these children as tweens and teens than it is now (since they have so much hired help).

    With so many children so quickly things could go sour for Brangelina very quickly. Especially since adopted children ALWAYS demand special attention because of the psychological effect of having been adopted.

    I’m also bothered by the fact that they dont stay in one place very long. These kids must have very limited opportunity to interact with their peers in shaping their character which could turn them into little monsters.

  2. Whatever

    Uh, Tony the Tiger, on what facts to you base your assertion that adopted children ALWAYS demand special attention? I’ve known several adopted children who, in fact, did not require such attention, and did not have any psychological impairments. Of course, maybe having stupid labels attached to them by people like you might impair them.

    As far as adopting from India, many agencies only allow people of Indian heritage to adopt from India.

  3. Elle

    As someone who is adopted and also has a younger sister that too, is adopted, I’d just like to say to Tony the Tiger wake the fuck up. Adopted children “ALWAYS” require more attention? Yeah, maybe in some cases but could the same not be said for certain biological children? Yes.

    The process of raising an adopted child should not be thought of as differing from raising a biological child. Ultimately both are children with parent(s) that hopefully are raised in a loving, secure environment.

    Furthermore the point of adopting a child is because parent(s) want to raise a child and for whatever reason they have chosen not to do so biologically. It’s not a situation of “oh well legally you’re my kid but you know, not really, and once you’re 18, you’re out”.

    People need to realize that just because a child is adopted does not mean that he or she is a foreigner within its own family.

    As for the Jolie-Pitts good for them. They love their children, they have more than ample resources available for all of their kids, and that’s all we the public need to know.

  4. Jilly

    Hey tony the tiger, I guess you being a parent of 3 biological children makes you the foremost expert in child psychology and parenting?

    Get off your high horse–your comment is obnoxious. I’m certain that your situation is very different from Pitt and Jolie’s. Don’t even assume you know what’s going on in their family and that you know what is best for their adopted kids.

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  7. Nicky

    I do agree that Angelina and Brad move their kids around far too much. They should try and settle in one spot for a long period of time. They should let Maddox and Pax make a few friends instead of jetting them off to the next destination. Interaction with other children is needed to help with their social skills as they get older. Then again what do I know. I don’t know them personally.

  8. Rob Enderle

    As someone who’se wife is a psychiatrist, I have to say that there is something to Tony’s statement.

    No, they arent damaged but the questions as to who they are and where they come from can cause tremendous anxiety to kids and often as adults.

    But you know what? Last born in large families also usually have higher rates of problems with identity and self-esteem.

    Do all adopted kids have issues? No.
    But were are talking more than your simple experience as an adopted child.
    No every cigarette smoker gets cancer so you dont say “hey, I smoke and Im fine”.

    Kids are under different stress than they were 20 years ago and social/behavioral skills have changed as the kids are less socially interactive (ever see a pickup game of anything? ever see kids just shooting the bull in front of their house?).
    Identity questions usually always surface (then there are the ones that have it buried so deep inside), this is not a bad thing. With guidance and care, this can be taken care of but it is still there.
    You may not want to talk about it, fine…. but that’s whsitling by the graveyard..

    I heard someone say recently that its divorce is easier because half your class has divorced parents nowadays which is totally false. You can not use familiarity as a way to deal with your own emotions. The trauma is real.
    Ask an elementary school teacher if they can tell when some students parents are separating.
    These kids arent crazy, they arent disturbed, they are just asking the questions which comes to everyones mind.

    You might have blocked those out but they are still there.

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