Angelina Jolie Drops Out Of ‘Wanted 2′ For New Alfonso Cuarón Film

Universal has buried Wanted 2 now that Angelina Jolie ditched the film to star in the new Alfonso Cuarón sci-fi film Gravity. Which is to say, she dumped a really shitty movie for what will probably a ridiculously amazing one: good call. Apparently, the director and actress have been in touch ever since Cuarón considered helming Jolie’s film The Tourist, which she is currently filming in Venice. According to reports, Jolie would play the role of “the sole surviving human
member of a space mission, desperately trying to return home to Earth
and her daughter.” Cuarón penned the script with his eldest son.

Parents and children seems to be a theme these days in news surrounding Angelina (I mean, besides the fact that she has, what, 15 of them now?). She recently had a visit in Italy, where she has moved her whole family, from her long estranged father.

Meanwhile, avid fans of the book The Tourist is based on are unhappy with Angelina as the choice for the lead role. Personally, I think anyone should be happy to have her on board a film: the woman is trailed by paparazzi and press everywhere she goes. How many times have we all heard about this movie The Tourist now anyway? She was snapped filming scenes in Paris  February 25 and 26, 2010.