Angelina Jolie Is Still Bad-Ass

Angelina Jolie, no stranger to Comic-Con, hit San Diego yesterday to promote her newest film Salt and we have more details on the actress’ appearance. Salt marks the first hard-core Angelina film in a little while and she spared no detail on describing all the rough-and-tumble that went into the film.

Her favorite way to kick ass?

“Hand-to-hand combat was our weapon of choice–to do everything down and
dirty,” said Jolie. She trained in Krav Maga, Muy Thai, and even more martial arts forms.

That’s right: she did her own stunts, and had more than a few close encounters.

“I thought I’d had a concussion,” Jolie said of losing her hearing after a really bad fall, “but I had
forgotten that I had my earplugs in from [shooting] the gun!”

“I got to play with just about everything,” she added smiling.
“Including using a fire extinguisher in a way I’d never used it.” Oh Angelina, you WOULD get off on that….