Angelina Jolie Comforts Pax

March 21st, 2007 // 68 Comments

Someone is looking a little overwhelmed. The poor thing. I’m sure with everything that has happened over the last few days, Pax is quite confused as to what is all going on.

Pax Thien Jolie grips the Hollywood star’s shoulder as the pilot, police officials and Angelina’s aides crowd around him.

But the actress keeps him in a comforting embrace as she carries him into the waiting jet at Noi Bai airport in Hanoi.

She was followed into the plane by two minders who carried her adopted son Maddox, 5, from Cambodia and adopted daughter Zahara, 2, from Ethiopia on board.

Photos of Maddox and Zahara being carried onto the plane are after the jump.

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By Jessica Marx

  1. lookie loo

    Wow, I checked this last night and this post is still raging. Wonderful.

    How old is lookwhaticando? 12?

    Ya know what’s funny is that for all her talk about wanting to bring attention to poor conditions and humanitarian crisis’ in the world, the focus is always on Angelina Jolie adopting another kid.

    I can see how she would want to play saviour to an orphaned child – that’s honorable I suppose. But what is up with the consecutive adoptions in such a short amount of time? It does seem strange. And speaking of strange, Mia Farrow is a bit of a nut too. Anyway, live and let live but can she do all this with a little diginity?

  2. Maritza

    I have yet not seen a smile in these kids faces, boy will they need therapy! at least the now have the money for it.


    One day I hope that Angelina is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her contributions to Humanity and working towards people who have suffered from a lack of PEACE in the world.


  4. rdiggity1

    shouldn’t that kids name be Charlie

  5. yeah yeah yeah

    Met Brad Pitt, know people who have worked with Brad Pitt – not remotely normal. Same with Angelina and Jennifer. All you guys can post what you like, but none of you have a clue what these people are really like. If you’re siding with one over another, that just says something about your own issues and nothing about them as individuals. The one thing that we can absolutely say none of these people care about is… well… you guys. So why are you so deeply involved in talking about their lives?

  6. Tianni

    Yeah yeah yeah: Our interest probably comes from the same place your interest in visiting this site and going to check out everyone’s comments comes from.

  7. bronte

    Why is everyone so hard on Brangelina? They’re not out drinking, doing drugs, in and out of rehab, changing partners every month, gambling, shopping till you drop, etc., etc. They look like two regular people trying to fulfill their goals and dreams. Yes they made mistakes in their life, but then haven’t we all? Probably even the same mistakes! I don’t believe building a family is a publicity ploy for them, but a sincere heartfelt wish for a large family that can give back to the world. From what I’ve read and seen, Angie has stated that the kids have private tutors to accommodate traveling together as a family and they have the financial resources to hire as much extra staff to help with all their kids. Yet from their very apparent state of exhaustion they still look to be hands on parents who get up early to prepare breakfast for their family. Anyone who’s ever had kids will know how exhausting it is coping with one, much less four. Also, FYI, like Shiloh, my own daughter took six months before we could see a personality show through. Prior to that all she did was eat, sleep and go to the bathroom. You can only stand cute for so long before you want the blob to do something! I would wish that everyone would just be appreciative of what this family is trying to achieve and give them a break instead of buying into the media sniping that goes on.

  8. Lori

    I think she is on a mission to adopt a child from every country. I think Brad got more than he bargained for with this wack job. She makes out with her brother for god’s sake. Billy Bob Thornton? What the …. lol. You know Brad is fantasizing about what his life would have been like with Jen-lots of banging-no screaming kids yelling daddy daddy in like ten languages. Angelina probably lets all of the kids bunk up with them at night too. Poor Brad squeezed to the edge of the bed, no pillows because his ten kids have them all, she’s reading them all bed time stories…..

  9. i personally think that what she is doing is very nice,but there is also a measure to everything.
    the poor kids, adopted or not, they always look sad and lonely,surley the surrounding is more posh than before..but the rest?

    a nanny is not a mother

    And frankly speaking if you are a working,travelling mother with 4kids and a housband ,lets be realistic ,how much quality time you have left for each person in your family and yourself?
    I think now she is going way to far,why can’t she concentrate on what she have and maibe help other people ,that are trying to adopt ,with no kids yet, to have a family?

  10. who cares

    who cares if she changes his name and ect. just be happy that these children have been adopted. and not crying thereselves to sleep every night because, there hungry in some orphange.

  11. night

    That evil Anglina took those poor babies away from their orphanages…gave them food, clothing, shelter, love, and a life that most of us can’t imagine. That witch should have left those kids in their own countries to be raised by the orphanage emplyees…sharing what little affection they could with all the other dozens of children. What an evil self serving man and woman Brad and Angelin are, and I am sure when those kids grow up they will hate them both for taking them out of their loving , healthy happy orphanages.

  12. anon

    in response to loob’s comment about pax being a made up name, it’s latin for peace. not that i love angelina or anything, i think she’s an effing freak; but i love the name…

  13. Laura

    Since when is adopting kids considered charity? If you want to help the poor, donate money< if you want to have a family-with biological and adopted children- then go adopt, but I think things are getting a bit messed up here. Adopting a child is welcoming someone into your life just like when you have a biological son/daughter. Adoptng doesn’t turn you into a saint or a better person than having a child the old fashion way does. I know a lot of people who have adopted kids from other countries and from their own, as I work in a school, and nobody thinks of them as the reincarnation of Mother Teresa for that. Let’s keep things in their right perspective.

  14. Laura

    Since when is adoption considered charity? When you adopt you become a parent, just as if you had had a biological child. Nobody sees having biological children is an act of kindness and love for mankind, or at least nobody says so / so why would this be different?. I think she just fancies some “exotic creatures” from here and there, as if they were souvenirs. If it was about charity, I think it would have made more sense to donate money so a LOT of children can have clean water to drink, enough food and access to proper eductaion, rather than making just three kids disgustingly rich. But that’s just me…

  15. Why do people have such an issue with Angelina calling her baby (in jest) a blob, when Gwen Stefani did the exact same thing and no-one even blinked an eye?

  16. Laura

    Well, Straight Poop, maybe it’s because you can see Gwen snuggling her kid every other day and taking him everywhere she goes while Angie is too busy adding “items” to her “We are the world” collection to spend any time with little Shiloh. I guess that makes a difference between them.

  17. Keepin' It Real

    To most of you:

    1. People who do charity work for publicity don’t typically adopt children and devote the time to them that Angelina does. Angelina Jolie is not Joan Crawford.

    2. Kids adopted from foreign countries have their names changed more often than not. It could be because the new parents cannot pronounce the old name, or because they want to name the child something with more personal meaning for them. Maybe the parents want the adopted son to be a junior. Whatever…it’s a common thing to do.

    3. Angelina is hounded by paparazzi. When my child was that age, I held onto her just as tightly in public places. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if paparazzi were all around us.

    4. What kind of masochist would take an infant (Shiloh) on a sixteeen-hour flight? I’m sure that no one on the plane with the Jolie-Pitts was complaining about the lack of a miserable, screaming baby. I was stuck on a two-hour flight with a screaming baby once, and that experience tested my moral beliefs on infanticide. Kudos to Angelina for having the patience to bring along the other kids.

    5. Quit hating on Angelina just because your ego won’t let you accept the fact that she’s better than you in a lot of ways.

  18. Laura

    OH, I didn’t know you knew her personally, Keepin’ it Real. And you appear to also know me and other people who wrote comments here, since you know she’s better than us in a lot of ways… remarkable!
    Personally, I think it doesn’t take much to consider yourself better prepared to have/adopt kids than someone who has eating desorders, snogs her brother, declares to be an orphan even though she still has a father, used to obsess on a guy to the point that she carried his blood on a necklace, etc. I wonder if any of us with such a history would be approved by the social services to adopt a child.

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