Angelina Jolie Calls For More Action In Darfur

June 5th, 2009 // 9 Comments

The most powerful woman in show business, Angelina Jolie, calling for more action to end the crisis in Darfur. The actress and activist has written an article for Time magazine. She writes:

“The evidence the prosecutor has presented is clear and compelling,” Jolie writes, pointing out that “millions of people have been displaced” and “hundreds of thousands have been killed.”

Since Jolie’s first visit to Chad to visit refugees from Darfur, she notes that “nothing changed.” [Time]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Charity Chic Loser

    I’m happy Angie is finally seeing the light. Despite her photo-ops and letters and more photo-ops, nothing’s changed. And not just in Darfur. Her efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma etc. have brought nothing. Unless you include the attention she’s managed to get for HERSELF. What kind of celeb power is that?

  2. remy

    What kind of celeb power is that – unfortunately for the most part that is what celeb power is about… photo ops, media coverage – she was just voted most powerful celeb which is a combo of coverage ( in this case media whore) and earnings …and lets just say the earnings were not so great … I have to give it to her — she is a PR star

  3. hahaha!!

    I find it rather interesting (and by that I mean revolting) that she preaches about the violence in Darfur and yet she thinks it’s “cute” that her son draws a picture of an Uzi and then has a necklace made out of it, not to mention she gives him knives and the kid is obsessed with war and weapons, no doubt with her blessing. She is a plethora of hypocrisy.

  4. Imax

    I call for this trash bag to shut the fuck up and get out of my face every damn day.

    She’s right, nothing has changed. Every day I go online and there she is yap yap yappin away like a nutty little bitch dog.

  5. Melissa

    ‘m really glad someone is talking about what going on over there. And there’s nothing wrong w a little boy playing war that’s what kis do its called using there imaginations and its pretent. Really didn’t you play w Barbies or cowboys and Indians. Get real remy!

  6. hahaha!!

    @Melissa–Learn how to spell dear, then maybe your vapid uneducated opinion might have some merit. And playing Cowboys and Indians is not the same as drawing weapons of destruction and playing with knives.Typical brangeloon.

  7. Melissa

    Oh excuse me for the spelling errror! Haha Dumb ass cowboys and Indians have guns and arrows. That doesn’t count? I have never been a fan of Brangelina. But if you had any idea what happens to those people in Dufar you would praise her efforts as well.Use some common sense! oh that’s right w all of your education you must not have any. Hahaha

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