Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: 2009 Oscars Red Carpet

February 22nd, 2009 // 19 Comments

Imperial Queen of the Evil Stare of Death, Angelina Jolie stepped out in a long, stunning Elie Saab in her favorite shade of black. Setting off the gown with some bright green Lorraine Schwartz earrings. On her big night nominated for her role in Changeling, Angie also chose a Lana Marks bag and Ferragamo shoes.

As for Brad Pitt, he stepped out in a Tom Ford tuxedo for his trip down the red carpet and (he’s hoping) up to the stage this evening for his nomination in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Gallery Info: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on the red carpet for the 2009 Academy Awards.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. JessicaGiovanna

    I hate what that nasty skank stands for.. She’s a phony.. she’s a homewrecking hobag.. but she looks HOT here. That’s why people forgive her.. her looks.

  2. Jane

    The great thing about this awards season was seeing this insufferable couple loose time after time. Hollywood’s golden couple. Not!

  3. Champ Burger

    Those green earrings looked like plastic, children’s play jewelry you get at the $1 store. I think Zahara or Shiloh picked those out for Mom…

    I don’t care if they’re real emeralds or not, they looked cheap on camera. And they were a stark contrast to her flawless face when the camera panned over to her.

    Just remember can’t go wrong with “diamonds” — a girl’s best friend!

  4. Shauna

    Get an HD TV Champ Burger those Emeralds were amazing. She looked amazing and possibly chose not to wear diamonds to make a statement about the diamond trade. Good for you Angie and Brad was wearing a fat emerald ring too. I love everything they stand for.
    So what if they didn’t win they are both very talented and beautiful.

  5. kaligula

    i love them. they are fascinating, regal, compassionate, subversive, and scandalous. they make the world a better place in so many ways, and i really believe their best work, artistically speaking, is yet to come. i’m looking forward to it very much.

  6. ang23

    Angelina and Brad looked stunning together. Angelina looked so beautiful with those emeralds Best dressed on my list. I also loved jennifer aniston’s dress but she needs a new hairstyle. Her hair always looks the same.

  7. me

    I wasn’t a fan of Angie’s jewels either. I also think she also has the same look on her face at all times. Bored, and a little angry maybe? Like she’d rather be ANYWHERE ELSE. As for Jennifer, does she have to have the same hair always? It’s the Oscars for god sake, can you not do something a little dressier?

  8. Anonymous

    Angelina is gorgeous!!! She could wear a paper bag to the oscars and still awe the crowd.

  9. Alli

    Angelina is so BEAUTIFUL!! She can do whatever she wants. And I am not trying to be rude. Funny story: My 4 year old daughter saw Angie’s pic and BLURTED out “I LIKE HER FACE” out of the mouth of babes!!

  10. kaligula

    she doesn’t look bored, she looks queenly. her expression is the ultimate form of cool, slightly detached yet respectful bemusement. it shows her disillusionment with all the pomp and circumstance, because, unlike most of these glossy-eyed starlets she has actually seen the world and been exposed to so many other dimensions of life on earth besides auditions, tanning parlors, and hot club scenes. i personally think she should branch out of film work and do some theater and also independent shorts. her essence is so radical and intense. want to see her stretch her creative limits more.

  11. Coal Jesen

    Angelina Jolie is A+ all the way!
    She does it right all the time.
    It’s not just the dress or jewels, it’s how she stands and carries herself…sexy and confident… no one else does that. She has exquisite bone structure that makes her even more exotic.

    As far as Jennifer, her hairstyle is always the same because of her not so appealing jawline and chin…she’s always trying to cover it up with her hair..she does not look good with her hair up….
    Angelina’s bone structure is modern day venus!

  12. Nicky

    I thought Angelina’s earrings looked really nice actually. I’m not usually a fan of her. She’s a bit on the too skinny side and I get a bit sick of seeing her and Brad in the media all the time. I don’t understand though why people always have to bring up Jennifer when they talk about Angelina and Brad. I think they have all pretty much gotten over the whole triangle thing and are moving on with their lives. Enough about the 3 of them already and move on.

  13. Niki

    Please dont mention the diamond trade is the reason she didnt wear any, because it was reported that she misplace her diamonds earring worthing over 1billions dollars just a few weeks ago. Now those have brought a whole country. So that excuse is gone and she did not look her best on oscar night. She made one statement “I just don’t, just how you didn’t care to appreciate my films.”

  14. noname

    *All* precious stones and metals cause their share of strife. Perhaps diamonds have had the most publicity, but don’t be so naive as to think that whoever mined those giant emeralds got a remotely fair cut.

  15. Suzisuzuki

    Can someone say HOT! HOT! and HOT! again! Angelina and Brad Pitt are so smoldering hot that they melt the leather in their limo and have to change cars on their way to every red carpet premier. I love them! Ms. Angie be serving up fierce, hot, sexy, diva with the demure stare of lust. You look at those two and know they give each other SERIOUS sex on a platter! Every couple wants to have that chemistry and heat between them, so haters stop hatin, besides Angie didn’t take Aniston’s man, she practically threw him to her on a platter with her Miss I’m-going-to-lie-and-say-I’m going-to-give-you-babies, but instead sign on for 6 more movies (most of which bombed). Lessoned learned from this one, handle your man, because if you don’t, there’s always a good tramp around a corner who will! So there! Get over it! Work it Angie!!!!! She’s fierce, extremely talented, smart, glamorous, gorgeous and Brad’s lovin it! And that’s all that matters on this one!!!!!!!

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