Angelina Jolie: Best Celebrity Mom? Or Worst Celebrity Mom?

March 27th, 2010 // 6 Comments
According to a pole on parenting site, America is split on what to make of Angelina Jolie’s mom-skills. Angie came in at number four on both the Best Celebrity Mom list AND the Worst Celebrity Mom list!
For charitable Angelina Jolie to be ranked only three spots below Octomom on the worst list, is B.S., in my opinion. But according to one writer for The Washington Post, there are many reasons to justify the haters’ persecution: she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, she collects foreign children, she moves the kids all over the world, and she kissed her brother.
Personally, I think the haters are just jealous. 
On the flip side, Angelina’s kids seem to adore her. These pictures of the family strolling around in Venice, as well as pictures of her with the twins that surfaced this week, seem to prove that the kids aren’t TOO miserable with their mom.
What do you think? Is Angelina failing or flourishing at being a mother? You can vote in the poll HERE.
Other obvious rankings in the poll: 
-Number one Best Celebrity Mom: Michelle Obama
-Number one Worst Celebrity Mom: Octomom (it is sad that we even classify Octomom as a celebrity!)
By Andrea Paul

  1. kay

    Angeina is the BEST celebrity mom. No doubt.

  2. Jean

    They are the most beautiful,loving parents…how can the world not just adore them..also Brad & Angelina are generous with donations (give it up people…they got their act together, gotta love em)

  3. Lalique

    She is neither the best nor the worst. Let’s face it. We see a lot of pictures of celebrities, we might even read what they say on interviews, but at the end of the day we know almost nothing about them. The fact that they Jolie-Pitt children move around the globe a lot is not necessarily a bad thing. It may not be the most stable environment, but they are exposed to so much! I suppose they will end up being the result of how Angelina and Brad raise them, not so much where. We’ll have to take another “pole” then :-)

  4. kerrie lynn

    I think they do great co-parenting and they are stars! They deserve to be represented for it.

  5. Nikki

    Angelina is a wonderful person, and loving mother.

    Besides that however, who are we to rank her?
    This poll is obnoxious.

  6. Michelle

    Who is to say whether one is worst or best mom just by what we see on the surface? (okay, she had a crazy past, but does that affect her role as a mum at all?) A good mum makes you breakfast, listens to stories about your favourite teacher or your worst enemy in school, gives you advise on how to get your crush to notice you and helps you with a monster homework due tomorrow. Now, if Angelina Jolie doesn’t do mom stuff with her kids, no matter how many kids from all over the world she tries to give a better life to, then i suppose we can say she’s a bad/worst mom. But to judge her about her life choices on whether she’s a good mom or not???

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