Angelina Jolie Baby Shower Pics Came From Her Brother’s Camera

June 30th, 2006 // 24 Comments

Well, the FBI has been busy tracking down the perpetrators who stole and tried to sell photos from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby shower. It turns out that the pictures were taken by Angelina Jolie’s brother James Haven (whom she made out with at the Oscar’s a few years ago), and here is where the story gets more complicated.

The camera was broken, so James took the camera to Best Buy where the camera was purchased to have it repaired since it was under warranty. Well, the photos were still in the camera, when the camera was sent out for repair to Precision Camera and Video Repair in Enfield, Connecticut.

Sources tell TMZ that two employees at Precision, Bill Keyes and Adam Beckwith, discovered the pictures in the digital camera. We’re told that Keyes told authorities that Beckwith downloaded the photos.

Keyes mother, Madelon, told TMZ that her 36-year-old son was excited, showed her the pictures and sent an email to someone in California. Sources say the email may have been an attempt to sell the photos. Madelon Keyes told TMZ, “I don’t think he would do something like that.”

Sure he would have Ms. Keyes. Unfortunately the photos were of the hottest couple on the universe at the moment. Do you think photos of Rachel Weisz’s baby shower would have caused such action?

Police Raids Over Jolie-Pitt Baby Shower [TMZ]


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. T

    What a dummy! Some people have no respect whatsoever for other people’s things. I hope he gets fined or something. Or, maybe he should be forced to make a monetary contribution to one of Angie’s charities.

  2. krystyn

    Um, The FBI? Seriously, isn’t there anything else they can be doing?

  3. Ldysunfyre

    The guy who took the card is an ass for doing what he did, there’s no doubt.

    But as the brother of a famous person, you’d think he might have been a bit more proactive about removing the memory card from his phone before letting it be sent off somewhere–or at least download the pics and clear them from the card.

    Maybe he’s just not tech savvy.

  4. kikichanelconspiracy

    “Um, The FBI? Seriously, isn’t there anything else they can be doing?”



    For the Love of God…why in the hell is the FBI involved with stolen pictures of a celebrity’s baby shower? This is not the fucking way I want my taxpayers money spent! I love me so BAMZS, but that’s crap.

  6. kikichanelconspiracy

    “Um, The FBI? Seriously, isn’t there anything else they can be doing?”

    A-fricking-men! Pictures were stolen, not her children.

  7. mmhmm

    I know people are upset about the whole “FBI getting involved in celeb pic theft”, but it actually is common. If you steal something, then try to sell it, etc. across state lines, federal agencies can get involved. Due to the moron who stole the pics trying to sell them in several states, he violated many laws and actually may be prosecuted via federal jurisdiction. Just my two cents. I know someone who got ripped off on Ebay, and because it was across state lines and over a certain amount, the FBI got involved, as well as FTC.

  8. d. c.

    best Buy didn’t just not repair my camera strap and charge me, of a camera less than a month old.. but broke it internally.. it wouldn’t work.. when I examined it out inside.. I had to leave it, showing them the cap around the zoom lens and lens, the off and on switch was broken, they took it back said come back when they called me, but, they lost it and tried to make me pay for what other repairs they said they did to it, by their own fault.. while in their custody.. before it went missing., and they refuse to give me a new one… still in ligation.

  9. bridget

    hmm…so if someone steals my photos, do I have the privilege of getting the FBI involved? This is pathetic!

  10. Joce

    yeh her brother did it on purpose. its a publicity ploy. dont buy into ANY of this. actually they should be checking to see if mr. kisses his sister didnt sell the photos off int he first place to those guys.

    no one cares about the two fucking pictures that came out. A baby shower is pure bullshit. now if they were sex pictures, id be laughing my ass off because theyd be compared to the likes of paris and pam..oh god where are the sex pics and cam videos???? i need a side splitting gut busting laugh!

  11. JB

    Thank God the FBI solved Picturegate!

  12. Larilee

    What a complete and unmitigated waste of taxpayers’ money. If my pictures were stolen, no one would give a flying damn. I’ve honestly had enough of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They ain’t THAT special.

  13. missfit

    Her brother’s probably just trying to get back at her ass for dumping him for another man.

  14. What the hell

    You’ve got to be kidding. The FBI…so that’s where our hard earned money is going. I can’t find a diamond earring, you think they’ll come investigate that for me.

  15. Ha Ha

    Who else do you know that can steal another womans husband and then come off looking like the victim.

  16. Blah Blah Bash

    It may not have been the card. The cameras usually store a fair number of photos in thier own memory with out the card. Or he’s a dork and it was the card.

  17. Iamabeliever

    I love how it has become fact that she made out with her brother. If you were around at the time – they kissed each other closed mouth at the request of paparrazzi and held it a second too long presumably so they could get the shot. When she won she exclaimed I am so in love with my brother right now. Happy to have his support. Yet it has transformed into an inappropriate relationship and now a plot to leak photos. Somehow people have to spin any Angie story into tall tales of the strange and bizarre.

  18. mymom

    I am so sick and tired of Brangelina and their security issues and their babies and their fricking baby pictures. Damn, this is all a bunch of BS. These people look for publicity and constantly want to be in the public’s eye. Tom Cruise may be looney tunes but I applaud him for keeping his baby out of the press and pictures all over the damn place.

  19. K

    Funny how Angelina claims to be a humanitarian and yet finds the time to send petty after petty BS about her kids to get a story out in around about way to get publicity for herself. Even aided by her brother to get the petty uselessness out there. She has no conscience! To exploit children/refugees/charity work for attention as well as cover the BS that is her life is tragetic. She goes at this BS like we are ALL stupid and do NOT see thru her crap or are not still repulsed by her in every way. She is a mess and her CRAZY…she is not doing a such a great job of hiding that either. K

  20. hf

    “To exploit children/refugees/charity work for attention as well as cover the BS that is her life is tragetic.”

    if she saves a handful of starving kids or if a handful of people decide to give money to charity because of her… i’m sorry, but it’s worth it. “exploiting” or “publicizing” children/refugees/charity work, however you want to look at it, has two effects here: 1. people hear about angelina, and 2. people hear about third-world countries. if it gets a few more people involved in the global community then do her reasons really matter in the big picture?

  21. people never listen

    hf, thank you for your smart post.

    none of you have read #7′s post, right? he/she clearly has knowledge of legal ramifications of rying to sell something accross state lines, you dummies.

    also stealing the image of someone is a serious issue because that image can be manipulated, etc/

    the fbi is involved in more day to day issues than you think. also these morons were contacting major media outlets to sell images that did not belong to them. that is a HUGE issue. the realm of media and media image is not one you want to mess with because you have to prove intellectual property of ownership of said image before you try to sell it. that is why the fbi will come down hard on anyone who tries this.

    also, angelina has attorney,. i am sure ones that are quite knowledgeable and well paid – clearly they investigaged the issue and quickly found out the violation that many of us would not be aware of.

    i lov ehow when angelina gives $300,000 to hospitals in namibia or 1/3 of her salary to charity, no one cares but when she gets attorneys to reclaim something that belongs to her – people go nuts.

    gosh, her haters are trying so hard to find fault with this woman. you are all jealous. you can’t accept that the world is at this woman’s feet. look at all the attention she is getting. who else could command $4 millon for her newborn’s pictures? not even good pictures at that! only her. this has never happened before and maybe never will. people are interested in this woman.

    accept it and stop hating on her. stop being jealous.

  22. missy

    I’m sick of the government spending lots of money for crap ola. do you think they would have investigated if we had stolen film / pictures. reminds me of ken star spenting hard earned tacpayer money to see if pres. clinton had sex with monica. JEEZZZZ.

  23. NotNewNEWS


    mmhmm…Iamabeliever…HF…people never listen “even if it did apparently all fall on deaf ears.”

    I think most people know that the FBI isn’t doing anything out of the ordinary, and if they became involved, it wasn’t because it was a celeb that they did, nor would we even know about something VERY ROUTINE if the press didn’t get a hold of the info. Some people simply want to bitch about Brad & Angelina for whatever reason, accuse them of all ill’s of the world and it’s very weird to me.

  24. blah

    Forget poverty, education, homelessness, etc – the government has to find Brangelina’s baby pictures! Everyone to work! Now!

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