Angelina Jolie and James Haven’s Tribute To Mom

January 27th, 2010 // 5 Comments

The reason we haven’t seen Angelina Jolie out rallying for Haiti might be because she has a more personal tragedy on her mind.  A video has surfaced on You Tube today that pieces togeher clips of her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, along with a barely six year old Angie and her brother James Haven, in Hawaii in 1981. 

The video opens with the message “One place Marcheline loved was Hawaii.  She made many memories for her family there” and ending with “We miss you mom, with love, Angie and James.” Haven’s rep has confirmed that the two created and posted the video memory of their mother who died of ovarian cancer three years ago today.

There’s a point in the video where Bertrand is in the hotel room in a pink dress, carrying the little Angelina, twirling, and tossing a pillow back on the bed that you would swear it was Angie herself.

This may be all you will see of Angie for a while, since a source told People that she and Brad Pitt won’t be attending the Oscars in March due to their filming schedules. 

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By Madison Ventura

  1. Maria

    This is why Angelina is on top of her game. Spin, spin it…and all the suckers say, yeah!

  2. Tammy

    OMG I’m crying!! I love Angelina!!
    She looks just like her mom…so beautiful.

  3. Tammy

    I love Angelina!! She had a special bond with her mom and we tend to forget she’s like everyone else dealing with the loss of a parent.

  4. Caroline

    Hey Maria, how do you put a “spin” on your mother’s death? Quit acting like bitch because you’re a nobody.

  5. chacha

    I agree that she’s totally spinning. Really? This year? with those rumors going around? uhumm..

    I know a parent’s death is a tragedy, having gone through one myself…but given her fame, her position, the timing of putting this out there this year and not doing something of the sort before…WHATEVER.

    I see why she’s earned her rep for being a master media manipulator.

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