Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Head Back to the U.S.

June 24th, 2007 // 13 Comments

It’s time for a little more “A Mighty Heart” promotion. The kids stayed behind this time, as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie head back to the United States so Angelina can do some more promotion for her film “A Mighty Heart” which opened this weekend. The decision to release this film over the summer was a very odd one. Not being a popcorn movie at all, I’m thinking that a fall release would have been much more appropriate.


More photos of Brad and Angelina leaving Prague are after the jump.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Margaret

    I think you’re wrong. Pictures have surfaced of Brad and Angie in Spain on vacation. As for Mighty Heart, Friday night it averaged $850 per theater. It was shown in 1350 odd theatres. Dismal.

  2. gail

    What’s with all the hats? Male-pattern baldness?

  3. isabel

    they are not heading for the states. They went to Bilbao,in the north of Spain to visit the guggenheim museum that was designed by Frank gehry and they are staying at The marques the Riscal hotel, also designed by frank Gehry.

  4. jannre

    All the promoting they have already done, doesn’t appear to have worked very well, the movie isn’t doing too well..I’ve read that it was labled a “Yawnfest”.

  5. lookwhaticando

    Regardless of how well it does, the flim is a project to be proud of, Glad Angie and Brad are getting some Mommy and Daddy time alone

  6. Angietothemax

    I knew it wouldn’t do well box office wise because of the subject matter and it’s summer where the movies are usually light and pretty mindless. I saw A Mighty Heart and it’s definitely work to be proud of. Angie did a wonderful job portraying Mariane and relaying the emotions she must’ve felt during that time. Because Angie is so honest and so raw she didn’t hold back. The only downside of the movie is that they didn’t show enough of Danny and Mariane as a couple. The flashbacks were to short and I know it’s not a love story but Dan Futterman’s and Angie’s chemistry was great and I wanted to see more of those scenes.

  7. sorry but

    Come on Brad, dress up just a little bit. There’s Angie looking sophisticated and you looking almost bummy.

    Brad has a great body. He’d look good in some light summer cotton fabrics – some whites or even khakis. I’m tired of the blue jeans baby.

  8. Cheesy

    Where’s the psycho TBone guy? Anyway, Angie looks very, very thin. I’m worried about her.

  9. LeslieD

    She is getting really thin–the 5 inch stilettos make her look even skinnier. Brad Pitt is so easy to recognize by photographers because he wears very similar clothing everyday it seems.

  10. Christine

    I said before that Angelina can only play psychos, drug-addicts and whores, I hated her in every single “good girl” role she ever played. I mighty heart frustrated me because we never see his actual story, what happened to him, instead the entire movie is about her and I really didn`t care that much about HER story, I really wanted to know what happened to him. But by God Angelina is incredible in this movie. I mean, the movie is not really that great, but Angelina does her best performance ever here … I never expected her to, but she does. If you haven`t seen the movie yet, trust me, it will brake your heart. I am not an emotional person but I bursed into tears when she found out he was dead .. that scene is so powerfull it simply breaks your heart in peaces. I don`t like Angelina, I think she is an instable person and a hypocrite woman … but now, after seeing A Mighty Heart, I really respect her as an actress, her performance was simply OUTSTANDING.

  11. Angietothemax

    Brad and Angie are going to the Oscars! I predict she will be pregnant during this time.

  12. T-bone

    Cheesy — didn’t want to disappoint you.

    Constantly running!!! Perhaps these two nuts should think about staying in one place for the stability of the children. OH YEAH THAT’S RIGHT — it’s not about what’s best for the kids! It’s about what’s best for them! Forgive me.

  13. hayleymills

    should be titled, “angelina and dependents head back to US”

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