Angelina Jolie Pregnant With The Most Beautiful Baby In The World

January 12th, 2006 // 30 Comments

Now that we know that Angelina’s publicist has confirmed her pregnancy (it must be true, because publicists don’t lie), we are waiting to confirm another rumor. The latest is that Angelina and Brad are on the fast track to adopting both an Indian baby and a smurf.

Angelina Jolie is expecting a baby this summer with Brad Pitt, finally affirming the long-presumed relationship previously only glimpsed on African beaches and in paparazzi snapshots.

Pitt’s publicist, Cindy Guagenti, told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Jolie is pregnant and that Pitt is the father, confirming People magazine’s earlier report.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” the magazine quoted Jolie as telling a charity aid worker Monday in the Dominican Republic, where she is filming “The Good Shepherd” with
Matt Damon.

The news comes one month after papers were filed to make Pitt the adoptive father of Jolie’s two children. Jolie sought to change the names of the children to Zahara Jolie-Pitt and Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

Publicist Confirms Jolie Is Pregnant [AP]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShoeSlut

    Ehn… Baby could go either way… Could be cute, could be ho-hum. Honestly, I was expecting Heidi Klum and Seal’s baby boy to be a looker and he’s really not cute at all (he’s cute as far as healthy babies are cute and all sure, but he’s not an “empirically” cute baby). Need further proof? Sean Preston is a pretty cute little bundle considering the gentic mismatch which created him…

  2. Bay Girl

    hehehe…what a stupid thing to write (if not slightly nauseating) – how can YOU tell how beautiful someone is going to turn out when they are a baby?

    Heidi Klum and Seals baby? “Cute but not empirically cute”? ohh puhleese

    what else do you expect from a 3 month old (or whatever) – to pop out with a load of make-up and hair extensions?

    whaaat? a baby is a baby

  3. Green Eyed Angel

    Britney had a C-section that’s why their baby looks cute from the get go. Heidi did it like a real woman and popped that thing out herself. And just imagine, which child will be more adjusted, healthy, confident and beautiful in a few years.

  4. Jenray

    i don’t think it really matters if both parents are beautiful! I’ve seen beautiful people who have fugly parents and vice versa, so it really doesn’t mean anything! Like I read somewhere earlier, two positives could cancel each other out and equal a negative. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  5. Bay Girl

    ain’t too posh to push aye?

  6. ShoeSlut

    A comment is a comment Bay Girl… Not meant to be nauseating, not meant to gain your useless approval…

  7. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    I would just shit if that kid popped out looking like a cyclops when everyone is expecting fucking Grace Kelly to come flying out of Angelina’s vag.

    I hope they name it Jennifer

  8. Bay Girl


  9. Green Eyed Angel

    Me Push!? No way, I’m not even having kids. I think I’m just going to adopt full grown lawyers or doctors. Save myself the trouble and the money.

  10. ShoeSlut

    Hey, Green Eyed Angel — you might wanna hook up with George Clooney — that is his preferred route, too!
    : )

  11. brangelina fan

    This baby will be perfect. How could it not? Thank god he did not have kids with ugly jen . Gosh I wish I was Angelina!

  12. Verity

    Ugly Jen? Hardly ugly now is she….

    I can’t stand Brangelina, they make my skin crawl. I hope they have a healthy baby and all, but just because they are both fairly attractive (I find neither of them as attractive as everyone makes out though…), it doesn’t mean they are going to have a good looking kid.

    Does anyone genuinely think they are in it for the long run? Screw them both – long live Team Aniston!

  13. Me

    Seal and Heidis baby, come on, hes not even the father he just adopted it as his own…dont talk about things you dont know about.

  14. Paris Hilton's Hymen

    Seal and Heidi Klum have their own child, retard.

    He adopted her other little girl that she had with another man.

    Don’t correct people when you don’t know what you’re talking about

  15. Kate

    I am sooo mad! like.. i know it was a looong time ago, but like.. Jen must be heartbroken.

  16. The Mav

    Angelina’s cooter must be made of gold for Pitt to leave Jennifer.

    Angelina must shoot roses as well. In fact, she must be perfect in everyway…oh my gosh, she must be Mary Poppins.

    Has the winds changed direction yet?

  17. John

    hmm… how much do brad and angelina pay for friends and attention? ahh well who cares. Brad is just some loser who cant keep a relationship… typical hollywood loser.

  18. Sick&TiredOfTheWhining

    God how I wish all “Team Aniston” would get over it and move on. And I’ve got news for you: little miss Jenn isn’t nearly as sweet and wholesome as you poor deluded people think. She strikes me as being exceptionally phony – not to mention talentless! Do you know why she will never win an Academy Award? Because the only character she is able to play is a minor variation on her tiresome Friends role! There’s a reason that her movies continually flop at the box office.

  19. hey! Jenifer, I’ll beeee theeeere fooor youuuu when the rain start to fall!!!!!

  20. ShoeSlut

    Hmmm… As much as I like to root for the underdog (no, I’m not butt-ugly, no I haven’t been dumped by a boyfriend, no I’m not scared of eventually growing butt-ugly and old and being dumped) ’cause that’s just who I am, I’m afraid I have to say I agree with SickAndTiredOfTheWhining… I don’t think Jen’s as nice as everyone thinks. Not psycho-beeatch not nice, but still not as wholesome, all-the-fault-lies-with-Brad, good girl everyone thinks she is… You pick up on authenticity in little snippets of interviews, you know?
    My two-cents…

  21. Brangelina Fan

    Thank you Sick&TiredofTheWHining! I agree, Jen’s pity party is sooo over!! And I myself broke up with an ex who went to someone else and I still side with Angelina! Brad and Angie are not whining to the press every second to get some dumb Rumor Has It movie seen after it got panned by all critics. Go Team Jolie! And here’s to the most beautiful star on the planet – Angelina. And she got the best looking man on earth – Brad Pitt. That is the way it should be. Jennifer looks like a rat.

  22. HoneyBunny

    Go Team Aniston! Jennifer does not look like a rat, silly! Angelina’s hotness factor is so overrated. I mean, great, she has big ass lips, she loves drawing her own blood in the name of “love”, her only “talent” consists of posing every 5 seconds in Mr & Mrs Smith… doesn’t anyone else notice what a creepy weirdo she really is???

  23. Itgirl2006

    Angelina is beautiful in a temptress/vampire-ish kind of way, but let’s face it: she is a serious HOMEWRECKER. They’ll have a cute kid, but he’ll be a drug-addict loser in 20 years. Mark my words. Brad will get sick of Angelina, she’s a nutcase. They will not work for better or worse. Oh yeah, maybe Jennifer is snotty in interviews because she was humiliated in front the world. I’d be a jerk too.

  24. angelina is hot

    Hey Honeybunny, what’s wrong with big lips? Why do you think every actress is paying millions for them? Get a grip. Guys love them. Angelina’s lips are gorgeous. She is beyond gorgeous. As a guy, I can tell you, she is the kind of woman we salivate over not plain Jane Jennifer. Guy rule #1 – go for the hot babe! If you can’t get her then you take Jenny Plainy – but you aim for the Angelinas always!

  25. Shahzad

    miss angelina is beutiful,so the childe of angelina is also beutiful it can b he or she but have importence for the a angelina as a mother, mother and son or daughter have a strongest relation on the earth so miss angelina take of you and your comming babay i think as your dream

  26. Speak English Please

    Shahzad , you make no freakin’ sense! What the hell? Anyway, you’re cool cause you seem to be a Brangelina fan – but learn to spell, please!

  27. Hey dumb question but are brad and angelina having a boy??

  28. Team Jen!

    Ok i have to say that angelina is not only NOT pretty She looks like a man!
    Ok Jen is beautiful …brad is a loser who didnt deserve her.
    Ok i hope Brad and angelina are happy but …he’ll get bored and move on to someone else…tooo badd For angelina

  29. Team Jen!

    Brangelina…i dont think u are a very smart person. jen doesnt go running to the press and she doesnt look like a rat….
    My ? is …are her lips real or did she make herself look like a baboon?

  30. Team Jen!

    wait wait…it sounded like i said jen has the baboon lips lol …but u all no who im talking about …cuz it true

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