Angelina Jolie – Mom On The Go

Angelina is the dedicated mother. Of all the celebrities, she’s one of those who is photographed most with her children. She takes them everywhere, and seems incredibly devoted to them. It’s time for a daddy named Brad.

A Brad Pitt insider that spills that Brad is “madly in love,” and says that Angie and Brad were shooting for a “Thanksgiving Day wedding.”  However, it is reported that there is a hitch. Brad Pitt’s mom Jane wants this wedding halted.

The Missouri mom is not at all pleased at the pace of this relationship according to the report.  She’s concerned about Angie’s two failed marriages, and ready-made family and the fact that her son is jumping from one high profile marriage straight into another.

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Thanksgiving Wedding Halted by Mom? [National Ledger]