Angelina Jolie Was Busy At 16

April 3rd, 2008 // 14 Comments

Everyone’s in an uproar over these “scandalous” pictures of Angelina Jolie that were taken when she was 16. My only problem with the whole thing is the clothes. Ugh. Those were not fortunate times for sexy photoshoot clothing back then. It looks very 1980s and like they’re tying to combine Italian widow with Tawny Kitaen.

Angie was 16 and trying to become a swimsuit model or something. This was way before she became the husband-stealing Goth philanthropist we know and love today. Watch the video. Did she really choose Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch as her music to get sensual to?

The racy Angelina Jolie video is after the jump.

By J. Harvey

  1. Queen Caffeine

    It’s funny to think what passes for “racy” these days. These shots look pretty harmless to me–especially when you think of Audrina Patridge and Vanessa Hudgens exposing themselves at such a young age.

  2. Anne Arkham

    All swimsuit models are 16. WTF?

  3. S_M_G

    In a time where we saw almost everybody’s vajayjay these are safe for a 2 year old!

    What a loser IN TOUCH is.

  4. MIss

    Angelina is a skank. You’re into stuff like this when you’re 16 because you have a “daddy doesn’t pay attention to me” problem.

  5. Alek

    I daresay these helped her get that career-making Gia gig (which was her best acting performance btw).

    The most shocking thing about these is the “born beauty”‘s obviously less-than-natural nose change and weight loss.

  6. Janepitt

    It is obvious that she ain’t no natural beauty. Once a skank, always a skank. Just trying to cover it up with her children collecting and charity work.

  7. wildflower509

    In viewing this clip, all i felt was deep pity for this lost child of 16, trying to find success and approval with her body. I think Angelina has never given up the search for love that she never knew, thus the bi-sexuality, father-figure b/f Brad, french kissing brother. She’s a lost child out to “save” all the other lost children of the world. Papa Voight was right. She needs psychiatric help. Such a shame, such a waste.

  8. S_M_G

    She is not a natural beauty? What are you looking through maniston goggles? She was a beautiful 16 year old.

  9. Idiots

    I love how people make up all these elaborate theories on what is wrong with celebrities (wildflower).. you guys don’t even know these celebrities! All you know are what you read from the tabloids, and surely everything the tabloids report must be 100% true.

  10. JanePitt

    Obviously, your looking through Skankalina glasses.

  11. Not a fan

    Nose job! Boob job! No waistline!

  12. MsB

    I think she is gorgeous… her eyes, lips and smoldering stare are all natural born. And you can’t compare the breasts of a 16yr old to that of a fully developed woman. Of course she’s smaller here!

    Angelina is a gorgeous and talented woman who is at a stage in ehr life where she wants to give of herself and her wealth. More power to her!

    As a 16yr old she was willing to take risks that obviously led to her future success.

    If only the risks girls of today were taking were as benign as these “racy” photos.

  13. me

    So what did she SAY during the photo shoot?

  14. shalia

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