Angelina Jolie’s Pregnancy Is A Little Complicated


For those of you who have been living in the Mariana Trench, Brad Pitt has impregnated his shadowy mistress Angelina Jolie with twins. This pregnancy isn’t going as well as Shiloh’s did. Angie is suffering from “edema or swelling, gestational diabetes, fatigue and relentless nausea.” Ugh.

“Angie has gestational diabetes,” a source says. “She found out about a month ago and has been trying to keep it under wraps. She’s been seeing a nutritionist about it — frequently.”

Angelina isn’t known for being a hearty eater. After her mom Marcheline Bertrand died last year, Angelina’s weight went down to 98 lbs. You hang onto those incredibly expensive babies now, Angie! She’s also all kinds of swollen.

“Her feet are so swollen that her shoes have gone up a half size at least. She’s constantly tired,” says the source. “She’s sick and irritable and feels heavy and weak.”

God, remind me to never, ever get pregnant. That sounds harsh. I have it hard enough when I have a hangnail or dry skin. 1/2 a shoe size? Godspeed, dark lady. You know Brad Pitt is one suffering bastard right now. And I don’t mean the drink from the Kowloon on Rt. 1