Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Thought It Was A Costume Party

February 24th, 2008 // 25 Comments

Something isn’t clicking here. Why does it look like Lee Majors knocked up Morticia Adams? Here’s pics of a visibly pregnant Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt at the Independent Spirit Awards. There’s a lot of kibbitzing going on about how another event might have gone last night. “The Night Before” is a pre-Oscar event held yearly as a benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund. And guess who two of the hosts are? Angie and Jennifer Aniston! Hide the knives! The event at the Beverly Hills Hotel and is press-free, so no details as to possible cat fight content as of yet. But I’m sure someone will phone someone and we’ll get the scoop. “Both women are hosts and it is customary for the hosts to attend,” says one source. “The last time they saw each other, as far as anyone knows, was three years ago at this event.” Since that time, Angie and Brad had the kid Jennifer wanted and Jennifer dated a lot of dudes and spent a lot of time making David Arquette wish he had never been born because bitch is always at their house crying on Courtney’s shoulder!

Photos: WENN

16 more photos of a baby bump showing Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. lizzie

    Lee Majors……yes I see it……but I was thinking Glen Campbell at first…..too funny!!!

  2. lizzie

    Lee Majors……yes I see it……but I was thinking Glen Campbell at first…..too funny!!!

  3. lizzie

    Lee Majors……yes I see it……but I was thinking Glen Campbell at first…..too funny!!!

  4. ili

    oh how very bitchy to expose her belly for the first time *officially* on the day when she’s supposed to bump into jennifer. she is quite the handful, isn’t she? she has a mean streak disguised in all that do-gooding. LOL how obvious.

  5. jo

    “the kid jennifer wanted”? Excuse me, girlfriend had many angie free years to get herself knocked up. She even played preggo on tv. I don’t get this. Why is jenn the victim here after all this time?

    Can’t a woman stand on her own without a man?

  6. Oh Shut Up


    What is she supposed to do? Wear something really tight, possibly hurting her baby so that poor little Jennifer won’t get her feelings hurt? You can’t hide a bump that big.

  7. oh, shut up "oh shut up"

    “can’t hide a bump that big?” seems she’d been hiding that bump just fine up until that night, eh?

    I don’t think she should be under any pressure to hide it, but I do find it interesting that she chose THIS night to show it off for the first time.

    oh, and if she did wear something “really tight”, she’d be showing it then, too.

  8. Angietothemax

    What difference does it make when she chose to not hide her belly? Everybody knows it’s the worst kept secret so either way she’s still pregnant.

  9. Jennifer

    Hmm, Hagalina must be having twins! She looks big as a boat. And Brad looks something like an aging porn star in those pictures.

  10. Nic

    If the woman is pregnant she is entitled to wear whatever the f..k she wants..If it bothers Jenn and the rest of her trolls puppets..Like them go to the nearest ocean and scream their lungs out and then drown themselves in it..The world will go on i am pretty sure…Like nothing happened..Go Angie,You rock!!..You look Awesome…and Brad’s the bomb>>

  11. Oh Shut Up

    That’s because when you’re pregnant you get BIGGER and it gets harder to hide. What was she supposed to wear? A f*cking parka? You idiots will find anything to nag on this woman about.

  12. oh, shut up "oh shut up"

    yes, genius…I’m familiar with the fact that a woman gets bigger as she progresses in her pregnancy.

    however, since you seem to have trouble with reading for comprehension, I’ll say it again. It’s interesting that she chose THIS night to stop hiding it. In the days leading up to THIS night, she’s been hiding it as much as possible with loose fitting clothing. Just days ago, she was photographed wearing a trenchcoat. I find it hard to believe that, magically, over the past two days, her stomach has grown from NOTHING to that large bump. Get it?

  13. Amy

    Wow, how could a woman that thin conceive?

    Her bump looks pointy.

  14. LeslieD

    Angie totally set this up. She has been totally covering the bump until this event. Even at the most recent awards she wore loose flowing gowns and the bigger she get the tighter and more form fitting the clothing? Give me a break.

  15. Zelda F.

    Angie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Why choose NOW to reveal the baby bump? Because she’s NOT completly comfortable in her relationship with Btad. Think about it, the more these people proclaim “we’re in love, we always will be, we’ll always be together” the more I doubt the security of their relationship. Give it a 3 more years, and THEN let’s see where Brad & Angie (2 of the most SHALLOW human beings on earth) will be. Jennifer A. will ALWAYS have DIGNITY AND CLASS….. Brand & Angie, nothing but a couple of uneducated, ignorant back woods clowns trying to make big. I just keep thinking of Brad showing the soles of his shoes to …… who was it…….which Middle Eastern Leader…….. SOOOOOOO WRONG!!! Such an insult.. and he thinks he’s wordly…….. not in a million years…. He’s an embarrassment…. An uneducated, ignorant, ho-dunck embarrassment!!! Stupid Fuck.

  16. JanePitt

    She choose no to reveal the bump for two reasons. First, no publication would pay the whore to confirm the pregnancy. Second, she probably thought she would win this Indie award so all of the focus would be on her. She has staged this entire pregancy to garner some positive PR because more and more people are beginning to see what a shallow, opportunistic fame whore she is. She wanted people talking about her so she wears these huge flowing garments to several awards shows. Then boom just before the oscars she show up in this tight dress to emphasize her navelless tummy.

  17. jen

    Wow, you anti-Bragalina’s are really nasty. Who CARES about whether or not she hid her bump and is not hiding it now? You are so f*king ridiculous, it’s laughable. Do you really think Jennifer Aniston even cares anymore? She’s moved on with her life and I suggest ya’ll do the same. Angelina looks beautiful. As for how she’s gotten so big so quick apparently there are TWO babies, that would definately explain quick growth. She’s so thin and those babies need the nourishment, so lets hope she takes care of herself.

  18. mojoman

    @ Zelda: wow girl, please dont hold back.
    I am not a fan of both women but for Angie, it seems it’s like “you are damned if you do and damned if you dont”. Whether she choose to wear that tight dress that night or not, eventually everybody going to find out anyway so what can she do? and Jennifer most probably doesnt give a hoot about them now coz she got better things to do. So people, lets chill.

  19. Eyes of Green

    She looks beautiful – congrats to them both!

  20. T-Bone

    Brad’s out there stealing styles again (Robert Redford, 1970′s comes to mind). As for Angelina…you know….well…she always seems miserable and restless to me, but who’s to say where this whole relationship will go? I say let the restless, manipulative, superficial ones find one another and stick together, and leave the nice ones alone. They deserve each other.

  21. lmao

    I think she looks beautiful. No wonder she continued to be so thin for so long, I really think she probably has horrible morning sickness along with the fact that she probably chases after her kids (god forbid she spend any time with them *eye roll*) amongst other things like traveling the world to help people. I am just happy for them both and wish them the best. I cannot wait to see what the new batch looks like :D

  22. Angietothemax

    She does look great. It’s true she’s damned if she does damned if she doesn’t. Everything and anything she does will be somehow misconstrued as being selfish, wrong, vindictive, etc. That’s why I’m sure she could care less to what others think of her.

  23. toots

    Go angie and brad !!! JA has no class and no dignity coz no woman spills the beans about her ex and their relationship the way she did. I would have much more respect for her if she stop playing the victim, find a decent man and make babies. It did not work out btw her and BP!! Deal with it.

  24. kelly

    good pics! but i have more interesting pics about them on the site******** it is realy surprising!!!

  25. Zelda F.

    toots: Yes, we should all value the judgement of someone who can’t even spell “because” “coz” you’ll have more respect for JA “if she stop playing the victim, find a decent man and make babies”. What are you? A barefoot & pregnant hillbilly who can’t spell or form correct syntax?? ATTM: yes, I actually agree with you, “she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t”. I guess we should overlook any real or perceived conceptions of “why” she does these things and remember that the end result, the people she does help, should be what is remembered. Not her unsavory public image at this time. One must respect the fact that she does help people, and remove it from her personal life actions. And I’m pretty sure that JA is a whole lot better off without greasy, dirty Brad Majors.

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