Angelina Jolie In Wedding Dress

August 31st, 2005 // 67 Comments

Not the kind of wedding dress that I would imagine her in, but you never know. These are from the film she’s currently shooting.

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dianadreamer22

    If I remember correctly, about a year or so prior to the filming of “Mr & Mrs Smith”, Jennifer Aniston gave an interview where she stated that Brad Pitt was not her “soul mate” or something to that effect. A statement like that would send reverberations in any marriage – a very destructive tsunami. That was tantamount to declaring that Brad Pitt was not the love of her life, esp declaring that very publicly! That was such a huge slap in the face to Brad Pitt. A very low blow by Jennifer Aniston. It’s not really surprising that their marriage disintegrated. Reports were that there problems in the marriage prior to Angelina Jolie’s advent. In any case, Hollywood marriages lasting long is kind of tough what with all the pseudo emotions and corresponding sexual behaviors they have to simulate with very attractive people. Listen, I just wish them luck in love like all of us. It’s nice when you’ve got it and painful when you don’t. And, yeah, I’m jealous. I wouldn’t mind looking like Angelina and also be able to afford to give away a third of my millions!

  2. Daria

    Ange is a beautiful woman, a bit skinny for my taste right now, but still!
    She might be a homewrecker, but u can’t say anything about her charity work!!!
    Why nobody says anything about Brad, he left jen for another woman!!!!???These things are always done by 2 persons, she didn’t do anything alone or did she???

  3. Pam, Gina & Amy

    Listen people, Jennifer Anniston looks like a man in some of her pictures. Her lips are so small & ugly. Fuck Jennifer.

  4. Pamela

    Listen people, stop critising on Angelina. She is more beautiful than Jennifer. Jennifer looks like a man.

  5. ~~Angelina ~~

    what the heck is the problem?”! your all so up in your heads Angelina is the prettiest woman in the world! S o just back off and stop trashing people!!Let them live life and you people can live yours…Becouse i dont think u have antything better to do accually!

  6. jennifer

    beautiful people says beautiful words. all i can say is brad and angelina are perfect for one another. both have big warm hearts, most beautiful couple in hollywood if you would ask me. there will be more blessings for this family for they help people that are in need in the 3rd world countries. bless their hearts and love the whole family. best wishes and good luck in their lives. may the force be with them.

  7. RedPeggy

    Dianadreamer – No, I don’t think you remember correctly (re:Jen saying Pitt was not her soul mate).Brad Pitt famously said HE didn’t really believe in marriage, and that he didn’t think it was possible to stay with the same person for the rest of your life. This was while they were married. I think you’d have to agree that this is the sort of comment which could rightly be considered a ‘low blow’. And since when did looks ordain who is right for who? If two people are married, they consider one another right for each other. If they break up, they should have the heart to do it with kindness and respect for one another, as couples should be best friends too. I saw no kindness on Pitt’s part, or Jolies. At the end of the day, that is what we are all discussing, isn’t it?

  8. Carl


    DAMN “HO”

  9. charlotte

    angelina jolie is the best. jennifer aniston is a bitch. the most biggest bitch in the world!! angeline is awsome!!!!!!!! but shouldnt get married to brad, she can do it on her own. and if they get divorced HE GETS THE KIDS!!

  10. jennifer aniston

    im a bitch. i know that angelina jolie is the best!! i should be killed. now i want my ex-husband back but im a bitch so i shouldnt and i wont becuase i know all you people hate me.

    to put it in simple words = I AM A BITCH

  11. charlotte

    to carl, number 58.

    what are you talking about.
    give me 10 GOOD reasons why she looks like hell. if you want an example of hell, look at jennifer aniston. angelina is the best. shutup and take it. you prick head.

  12. Trinella

    For those person angry with Angelina, Think a million times and accept all these words I would say. Those who are telling that Angelina is mentally ill. You are nothing but worse than her. You haven’t experience what Angie does without a father figure ’til now. You are seeing her as a bad person, what if you are in her shoes.Brad & Angelina is contributing & donating to less fortunate. I wanna bet, those who are angry with her doesn’t want to throw any single penny for charity or needless person. You are all selfish and stingy like Jennifer Aniston. Husband will not be attracted to other person if you are doing your best. Husband ask for child, & yet you reject & telling to wait, because my career is in the limelight now. Jennifer thinks that marriage is companion, but she didn’t think marriage is obligation towards happiness. Asking for Jennifer a baby is a big deal, that’s why Brad found a woman who can complete his dreams. Why in these world to wait, if you can have it now, life is very short. We doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow, so accomplish everything what you can do now. Good example is Brad & Angelina, we should contribute in the whole world by opening your heart & give donations to needy people.

  13. obsesser

    hey i am like obsessed with angelina jolie and i think she is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. there is not anything that i know of that i dont know about her. i love her so much and for all those haters out there…fuck you im a freshman in high school and im more mature than most of u fuckers if u think differently email me @

  14. Wasif

    I love Angelina Jolie, she is too much!

  15. Pache

    People aren’t harsh because AJ is beautiful. It’s because she’s a total skank. She’s as odd as they come and beneath trailer trash.

  16. elise

    Hi i was reading all your comments and feel sad that you guys are scolding each other or trying to put each other down and AJ & BP as well. I can’t really agree with those who say that it’s their life and we shoulld not say anythg abt it. They are celebs and as such, their personal lives come under scrutiny as well since this is the opportunity cost they would have to face. Once a celeb becomes exceedingly popular, they would hav to expect the media & their fans and ppl to intensely watch their every movement, word and gesture…
    Having said that, I would also try not to judge AJ, BP and JA. Let’s wish them happiness for their futures, their offspring, and that htis type of hurt that JA has gone thru will never happen again. God bless them all.

  17. annika

    i really find this pathetic.
    everyone is entitled to there own opinions.
    therefore, were meant to disagree.
    but holy shit.
    if your opinion is so negative, keep it to yourself.

    i dont particularly like Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston, but i hate to see how incredibly rude and cruel some of you people are being. they didnt ask you what they thought, and i doubt they will be asking you anytime soon. so keep it positive or keep it to yourself

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