Angelina Jolie With The Kids

August 22nd, 2005 // 42 Comments

Say what you will about Angelina, but her kids are adorable. Zhara’s smile is amazing, and Maddox’s look totally fits his personality.

(Images removed at request of owner.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I’m not going to say anything about this tarts need to collect little minority dolls or how transparent, immature and plain old stupid she is. I won’t say that she looks like she smells bad and that her lips are always dried and cracked beyond belief (mine are larger than hers and are perpetually juicy…what is her excuse???) I won’t say that there is going to be an Ethiopian child who grows up with no real sense of self and no connection to a thriving community (and there are very vibrant Ethiopian communities in this country) because some ditzy man hustling cum bucket just had to have a black kid to go along with her yellow one. I will not say that in another year she will be looking for an Arab child or a Native American to complete her contrived rainbow tribe(yellow…check, black…check, olive…check, red…check. Wonder if she is going to try to finish off her collection with a Latin kid…)AND NOTICE THAT SHE WILL ONLY PICK PHOTOGENIC KIDS… because she really is that shallow.

  2. me

    And I’m not going to say how I agree with you 100%.

  3. marie

    i don’t really care if her intentions are ‘shallow’. she gives a ton of money to children’s charities. and if feeding her massive ego means she gives a few children a home where they will be safe, educated, well fed etc, i think i can overlook that.
    if these actions become trendy and her fellow multi-millionare colleagues feel the need to follow her lead in some way, i don’t really see how that’s a bad thing….

  4. Uhm, Yeah

    She has given these two kids lives that they could have never had overwise. Angelina adopting is a hella lot better than popping out babies one after another. GO ANGELINA!

  5. me

    Joan Crawford adopted 2 kids and gave them lives they could not have had otherwise. Just because she’s rich and can buy them stuff doesn’t mean she’s a good mother.

  6. me

    “SHE” being Angelina who should stop parading those kids around. Most celeb parents go out of their way to PROTECT their children from the paps.

  7. Meddy

    My god, the kids look happy and love her to death. If her kids were for publicity stunts only, she would have chosen her husband she loved rather than keep her yellow son Maddox.

  8. Kelly

    ohhh Tiger lilly I could not have said it better myself, it’s good to see that another person can see past her “sexiness” and see whats really going on in her messed up head.
    P.S. I just love fametrackers point of view on Angelina= “Twice divorced! Bisexuality! Heroin! Mental institutions! Mean-spirited rumors! Public flaunting!”

  9. ashley

    Wow. I can’t believe the racism that is oozing from your fingertips. Do you realize that racism is SOCIALLY constructed, and that it is not based on BIOLOGICAL differences between people? Children do not naturally engage in racism, they don’t see any differences. It’s not until adults tell them that there are differences do they believe they see them too.

    I admire Angelina for ignoring typical racist stereotypes. I commend her for spreading her wealth around the world to help other nations. It’s better than buying 20 fancy cars and a yacht, and whatever else most rich people do to flaunt their money.

    Wake up people! Your ideas of racism are baseless.

  10. Laniebelle

    I can’t stand AJ, but Z is adorable.
    Poor thing… already smiling for the cameras like attention-whore mommy. The way those kids are paraded around, she’ll never know any better, either.

    Oh God, she’ll end up endlessly posing like Paris by age 8!

  11. Meddy

    Hmmm Maybe she’s smiling ‘cuz she’s happy?

  12. kelly

    Tigerlilly, you have got to be kidding me if you think shes shallow for picking pretty kids. I think youre shallow for even writing that bull. Angelina has given these two kids a chance to live a wonderful life and youre calling her shallow just bc they happen to be cute kids????

  13. lisa

    angelina is one of those whores that thinks that by doing some good deeds, people will forget she’s a whore. i don’t know why so many chicks think she’s just so cool. how about we stop idolizing nasty whores like her.

  14. Madonna

    2 October 2005 is the date Brad’s divorce is finalised. Angelina and Brad are so PATHETIC I’m sure they will keep HIDING OUT until then.

    Idiots. What do they think we are -stupid. That pair have no morals or they wouldn’t have been screwing each other a day after he left Jennifer. But they are such famewhores and so career obsessed that they are pandering to Middle America like a pair of criminals and trying to HIDE their relationship until the day after the divorce is official.


    Can’t wait for this pair to get what they deserve.

  15. Maddox Jolie

    It’s Maddox.

    Someone please call child services and take me away from this lunatic.

    I’m sick of being pimped out to the cameras. I’m only 4 but everyone knows my name and face. Why can’t I have a normal life like other kids? Why is my mother constantly shoving me in front of the cameras? Why does she take me to photoshoots? Why does she take me to toy stores all the time but tip off the photographers so that they are constantly shoving cameras in my face?

    My mother is never around. She’s made upteen films in the last few years and I only ever see her when the cameras are around. When she isn’t filming she’s off saving other poor kids – but only when reporters are around. What about me? I don’t like this new sister of mine Zahara either. Nowadays Mum is shoving her in front of the cameras more than me. Is that because she’s cuter?

    Also I hear my mum and Brad having sex all the time – I’ve even walked in on them – is that normal?

    Speaking of Brad when Mum was making Alexander she was with that guy Colin. Now we are hanging around Brad. How come mum has so many men in her life? How come I don’t have one daddy like other kids?

    I’m sick of being left with nannies all the time. I want a normal family. Why are they doing this to me?

    I wish I could be with my real mum instead of this witch.

  16. To all you fucking racists

    I’ve never seen such ignorant fucking comments here about Angelina and her “yello” and “black” kids.

    The FACT is everything you are saying about her, and accusing her of, are exactly a projection of your own thoughts. Just because you ppl have evil thoughts, you automatically assume Angelina is thinking the same thing.

    TigerLily, please do not display your own racism and ignorance here, you sound like the biggest bigot.

    “Pick phtogenic kids”? – that has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Did you run out of bad things to say about Angelina and all you came up with was THAT? You are truly one fucking moron.

    I usually do not attack another poster for their opinions, but racism and ignorance are another. Those who agree with your stupidity are just as dumb as you are.

    Until any one of you dish out millions of dollars and commit yourself to taking care of others who are not your biological kids, NONE OF YOU are in any kind of position to criticize.

    Angelina clearly likes to spend time with her kids, maybe if losers like you who arent obsessed with her personal life, then she wouldn’t come across as “parading” her kids. She’d be just like any other Hollywood moms.

    I highly doubt she’s doing all of this to impress anyone. If she didnt give a shit about all the other things she has done in her life, I doubt she gives a shit what we think of her.

  17. melissa

    I can not believe the hate that so many of you are showing to someone so unbelievably beautiful inside and out. What have you done to better the world? *Nothing!*
    Don’t you guys have better things to do with your worthless lives than to write angry messages? HONESTLY! It isn’t her fault that brad left jen. Jen is boring and selfish, so who gives a shit. You are all probably ugly looking women whose husbands have left you for greener pastures. why stay in a marriage if you are unhappy? Just to appease the fickle and dumb public like you haters? GROW THE FRIG UP!!!!
    SHe is gorgeous and spiritually amazing. Go back to your bland lives and reflect on why all of you haters are so full of bitterness and hate.

  18. Kelly

    hmmm biggots?? I think not

  19. jay

    U posters must have shitty lives. OMG!!

    I can hear your hate thru these stupid jealous posts LOL!!!!!

  20. agree

    Definition of Bigot:
    NOUN: One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

    Umm, I THINK SO!

    After reading some of the posts here, it is very clear that there are some “in between the lines”, and implicit racism. Especially when someone says,

    “some ditzy man hustling cum bucket just had to have a black kid to go along with her yellow one. I will not say that in another year she will be looking for an Arab child or a Native American to complete her contrived rainbow tribe(yellow…check, black…check, olive…check, red…check. Wonder if she is going to try to finish off her collection with a Latin kid…)”

    Sounds to me this person has a huge problem with this whole idea as she seems to focus on this so much.

    Nevermind others who have mentioned in previous posts why Angelina doesnt adopt white kids.

    Racists are everywhere. It just takes the opportunity for them to come out and say something.

  21. maddie

    Maddox Jolie, you said it buddy!!!

    To “All You Fu****g Racists”
    I guess you are a projection of your sour life! Ahhh the drama! And by the lokks of it “Melissa” your the same as the ones you criticize why would you be here reading everyting and being so selfish to Jen? What did she do to you? And why use those words….seems to me you talk from experience. Your the hater full of bitterness!!!

  22. laughing out loud

    It’s amazing how when you hate someone, you would say anything just to fit your mold and theory.

    “Mommy is never here, only when there are cameras around” – lol, ermmm…I guess you are around Angelina and her kids 24/7. You just know her soooo well! What a joke.

    What the heck has Aniston done for anyone except for shooting movies and whine? Angelina has done so much yet ppl manage to pick on every aspect of her life and tearing it up, judging her every movement – including the good things she does, and turning the goods into the bad.

    Honestly, no offence to anyone here on the board but I just wish that everyone could open up their minds and try to see the positive side of ppl. Bashing others do not make you look better but rather the opposite.

  23. Maddox will be in Rehab in 2017

    Look at this picture of Whorelina flashing at Brad:,10114,5031908,00.jpg

    And some people claim she didn’t entice him to leave Jennifer? Get real folks. A picture says a thousand words. She virtually led him to her and then made him drink.

    In this shot she is actually spreading her legs for him Talk about going beyond the demands of the script. She set out to get him and got him. She set out to seduce him. She set out to make him dissatisfied with Jennifer – to think about the sex he could be having with her versus the sex he was having with Jennifer. And he was hooked. And this picture shows how hooked he really was. Angelina reeled him in and now she’s eating him up – literally.

    God Angelina is so full of bullsh*t. The whole thing i.e. her humanitarian crap is a ****** charade. It’s a PR roadshow. She’s just an actress playing a part. She’s trying to manipulate the public just like she manipulated Brad into leaving his wife. She learnt her PR lessons from Joan Crawford. Take a good look at that picture I posted upthread again. Angelina knew EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING. She was flirting like hell with Brad, turning him on sexually, trying to get him aroused and interested in her. And she succeeded.

    Jennifer Aniston didn’t stand a chance with this man-stealing, morally bankrupt viper on the loose.

    Now she’s leading Brad around by the penis and he’s following her 5 steps behind with his tongue hanging out. Angelina could adopt a whole baseball team worth of third world adopted kids and he wouldn’t give a rat’s ass SO LONG AS SHE KEEPS ****** HIM HARD. But if she starts paying too much attention to the adopted kids and not enough on Brad he could emerge from his real life wet dream sooner than she thinks. In which case Angelina had better get herself knocked up fast if she wants to keep him hanging around wasting his time with those third world adopted kids of hers.

    Check out this website:

    It’s a video of Brad and Angelina together. Just pump up the volume – it loads right away.

  24. Brad P

    Hey, It’s Brad Pitt here.

    You all are too hard on me. This is the way it is:

    I was bored with Jennifer Aniston. Real bored. Didn’t you see those pictures of us at a restaurant after I finished shooting Troy? I hadn’t seen her in weeks. But we had nothing to say to each other.

    The spark had gone out of the marriage a long time ago.

    Sex with her was boring. She was always working. I want a woman who puts me first. Instead I had a wife who was always working. She said she wanted babies after friends. So I busied myself renovating our house. Didn’t you folks hear it took 2 years. I didn’t give a S*** about anyone but myself back then. But then even before she had finished Friends she was signing up for movie after movie. Where were my babies man?

    The seven year itch started coming on really fast. I was hanging out with my dude George Clooney. He was screwing a different woman every week. It made me think – why am I still with Jen? I love her but I’m bored. I’m trapped. We’re America’s Sweethearts. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it without looking like a dirtbag.

    I signed up for Mr and Mrs Smith. It almost didn’t happen. First Nicole was signed to it then backed out. Then the producers wanted Catherine Zeta-Jones but S***, she was too old. Then Angelina came on board. Wow. I’d heard she was crazy but dude, in the flesh she was hot man. I lusted after her from the moment she walked on set. She was flirting with me like hell – check out the shots taken from the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Jen was working like usual but hell, I wasn’t missing her at all. Angelina was the bees knees. So beautiful. And when we did the sex scenes, hell. She was giving 200%. Shame they were cut from the movie because the producers were too afraid to show them. Angie made it clear she could give a man the sexual time of his life. In the meantime Jen and I are down to once a week if that.

    Man I was falling with her. After we finished shooting I went to Clooney’s place at Como with Jen. But all the time I was thinking about Angelina. And I started thinking – I want out of this marriage. But how am I gonna do it? It could finish me.

    Then I thought. How about I portray Jennifer as a career hungry bitch who doesn’t want kids. And look how Angelina does all that humanitarian crap. If I do some of that S*** maybe I’ll come up smelling roses in the split. So all I have to do is talk about wanting kids in every interview I do for Ocean’s 12 and then people will think I’m leaving Jen because she won’t give me any – great idea.

    I mean look at Angie. She adopts those kids. Hell she gives them a loving home. I really dig that S***.

    In the meantime I’ve been calling Angelina heaps. I love our conversations but she says I need to leave Jennifer. Life’s short and I need to do what makes me happy. I love Jen she still wants to stay married – how do I get out of it. Oh. I’ll tell her I’m having a mid-life crisis. I need to find myself. What I really need to do is find Angelina and start F****** her hard. But I won’t tell her that.

    I go on vacation with Jennifer and Courtney and David and we decide to split. Afterwards I act like the model husband. I throw her a birthday party and we go to some big Hollywood gigs together. I call Angelina and tell her.

    Then we do the W shoot – that’s when I start F****** her but I’ve already done it a thousand times in my head. That makes me realise – hell I’ve done the right thing. I haven’t felt like this about Jennifer in years. Man she’s hot. And so beautiful. I got tired of looking at Jen’s face. Angie and I decide to keep the whole thing hidden. Hell I knew if I got found out the S*** would hit the fan. Can’t have that happen man, America loves me.

    Then we go for a dirty weekend in Africa. Thought we could get away with it. We thought wrong. Got sprung. Damn.

    But my back up plan is this African bullshit. Cindy my publicist came up with it. Do an hour long special talking about starving kids. Dramatic things were needed because my image could be finished once people realised that I dumped Jen for Angelina. I went along with it man I love my career. So I go and hold up some starving kids for the cameras. No problem.

    Now we’re still hiding out but once the divorce is through I’m free as a bird man. And I’m thinking marriage. Maybe I don’t need any biological kids? Angie says it’s selfish. I bet she’s right. I mean I’m in love with her. If she says having biological babies is selfish it is. That was my old selfish way of thinking. Now I want to save the world man. My life has changed. I just want to adopt all those starving babies man. Only selfish people have biological kids.

    My parents say I’m not thinking straight. Man I’ve never felt so good in my entire life. I’ve got the most desirable woman in the world. Every guy wants to be me. Angelina’s wild in the sack. This is great.

    I don’t think about the fact that she’s already been married twice. I’m Brad Pitt for god’s sake. The first husband was unknown and the second that old cretin Billy Bob. Man I can hold her. Just keep being nice to the adopted kids that’s the key.

    Jen isn’t talking to me. Well that’s to be expected. I’ve just replaced her hook line and sinker with Angelina anyway who is so much more exciting.

    I’ve never been happier man never. This is great. Leaving Jen was the best thing. But her doing that Vanity Fair interview was nasty man. Plain nasty. How could she sell me out like that. It’s not like I’m taking Angelina out on the red carpet or anything. Man, we’re being discreet.

    I never worry about the people in Hollywood. Man, I’m Brad Pitt and she’s Angelina Jolie. They’ll kiss our ass man all of them. And as for the public? Easy man. I’ll do more of those “save AFrica” tv specials, hold up some starving babies for the cameras. Americans are just F****** stupid. Cindy says they can be manipulated into believing anything. She says don’t worry, just do what I say and they still love you. She’s right. Cindy can spin anything.

    So now I’m sitting pretty. I’m having the best sex of my life. I’m with the hottest woman in the world. I like kids and now I have 2. I just have to hope it works out. Angelina says she wants to be with me forever. I’ve got it all man. Jennifer is just a distant memory. Can’t wait until the divorce comes through. Then Angelina and I will appear in public together – start getting the public used to the idea. THat’s what Camilla and Prince Charles did. We’ll do that kind of S***. Just like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner did. We’ll be ok. I’m a Zen master at this PR S***. And the American public is thick as pigshit. THey can be manipulated into believing anything. Look at what George Bush got away with.

    I’m Brad Pitt. I’m huge. I’m the biggest F****** male star in the world. I’ve got the best looking woman in the world. And I’m invincible.

  25. Maximus


    I just heard that Child Services have raided Angelina’s apartment in New York City and found her having sex with Brad.

    Apparently there have been reports of her tattooing Zahara, cutting in front of the kids (and I’m not talking about any birthday cake), shooting heroin again and contemplating checking herself into an insane asylum. They found a bondage dungeon in the second bedroom where she has been pussywhipping Brad. That must be why he’s walking around behind her like a lapdog with his tongue hanging out.

    Anyay they’ve taken Maddox and Zahara away and the last I heard they are being auctioned off on EBay to the highest bidder.

  26. Simple_Tina

    $$ To TigerLilly’s first comment (nice name idiot) It sucks that you wrote all that about Angelina and her kids. But Angie is SO GOD DAMN SEXY with her cracked lips. And you think you’re lips are hotter? Hoeny…looks whos on TV,magazines, movies, Brads dick, and look whose sitting in front of the computer typing about how her lips are better then hers. YOU !! hahahahahaha!!

  27. electra

    Here here Tiger Lily!
    I agree with everything that you said. My roommate and I were just discussing the fact that she picks photogenic kids. And both of those kids had families that could not afford to take care of them. If she was really so “generous” and “caring” why didn’t she give those families the money and housing to raise their OWN family. She’s a crazy, vain lunatic

  28. whammy!

    TigerLilly: All those posts who agree with you are probably you too. I refuse to believe there are more dumb ppl like you out there. Unless they are 15 yrs old.

    Those who keep comparing Jolie with Aniston, and praising Aniston for NOTHING sound like bitter, jaded women. Get a life, Aniston doesnt care about you ppl. Neither does Jolie, neither does Brad.

    U guys can cry and whine and attack the situation all you want. The parties involved dont care what we have to say. Jolie and Pitt are happily in love, they are rich, famous, you think our opinions will make them lose sleep?

  29. Drug Free

    I’m not against Madgelina adpoting, but she does manage to parade them around like stage props.

    Maddox Jolie: Well said.

    Racists: Kill yourselves.

  30. Tracey S

    LATEST: JENNIFER ANISTON and BRAD PITT have unofficially ended their marriage, according to leaked legal papers.

    Certain legal matters are still to be settled but the couple’s marriage was terminated last Friday (19AUG05) in Los Angeles.

    The “marital partnership” ends officially on 2 October (05), six months after Aniston served divorce papers.


    Brad and his PR hacks are trying to screw the stupid American public again with this bullsh*t that he’s single now and waiting until October 2 to be technically free.

    He’s trying to spin it folks. Don’t be fooled by the lying adulterer.

    How’s Brad going to look once the slut Whorelina dumps him? She’s probably already screwing Matt Damon and laughing at his poor ugly girlfriend.

  31. Emoshunlcrechur

    To all those who claim “she’s just parading her kids for photogs”. Why can’t she just be a mother who fears for her childrens safety, being rich and famous I’m sure there are some crazy folks out there who want to do harm to her and/or her children…ie kidnapping. And then I’m also sure there are those hard core “Aniston Team” fanatics who take this whole situation off the comment boards and to the extreme.

  32. isaid

    i can’t believe ppl r bashing jolie for her humanitarian deeds!! really i think u r the ones w/ the “problems”. its great that shes doing all these great stuff even though ppl even critisize her for doing that!!! its gr8 shes bring attention to things that r important..

    geez, i don’t think u ppl will EVER b happy…

  33. lisa

    only whores defend a whore like that…

    she never looks like she’s showered or washed her hair or put some chapstick on. she looks like cheap crazy sex.

    it was nice of her to adopt kids in need, but i hope she can place her children before her whoremones.

  34. Anna

    first i am not a whore, second angelina isn’t either

  35. Guest

    Weirdo Jolie’s adopted son Maddox is already in trouble at School according to the NY POST:

    A British newspaper — not I; I’m just repeating it, not reporting it — says Angelina Jolie’s son, Maddox, had problems with his Buckinghamshire nursery school. The kid came into kindergarten wearing an earring. Didn’t sit well with the teach .

    Great. Freaky Whorelina is already making her son a social outcast. Someone make a booking over at the Betty Ford clinic for 2017 when Maddox will be dropping by for some extended rehab.

    Also Brad and Angelina are busy celebrating his divorce (sick f*cks):,,2-2005390304,00.html

    Brad Pitt celebrates split

    STUNNING Angelina Jolie looks jolly happy yesterday after a weekend away to celebrate partner Brad Pitt’s divorce.

    Brad, 41, whisked her to Canada for a romantic break as formal papers presented to a Los Angeles court ended his marriage to Jennifer Aniston.

    Angelina, 31, was snapped in a flowery 1950s outfit while filming The Good Shepherd in New York.

    Meanwhile, Jennifer, 36, was busy kissing Kevin Costner, 50, for a movie they are making — Rumour Has It.

    Brad and Angelina spent two days at a secluded bolthole with her two adopted children Maddox, four, and Zahara, seven months.

    A source said: “Angelina hopes now they can be more open about their relationship.”

    Last week she revealed she is keen to marry.

    Friends star Jennifer finishes work on her film in the next few days and plans a holiday to escape the attention over her divorce.

    What a wonderful pair. They almost deserve each other. It’s just a question of who will f*ck over who first.

  36. Maximus

    If only Jen had read this ebook, maybe Brad would have got caught sooner:

    “Are you sick and tired of your partner’s suspicious behavior? This same partner that you have unselfishly devoted so much of your life and love to over the years? The one that you have been there for, even when no one else has? If your partner is in fact cheating on you, and you want solid evidence right now, then you have to hear everything I’m going to share with you. It’s that important.

    “If I hadn’t read your book I’d probably still be falling for the same old lies my husband has been feeding me. Can you believe he was making me feel guilty for accusing him?? Now that I have undeniable proof, I’m glad I’m able to get on with my life, and let everyone know what scum he really is! — Alisha Donaldson, Sacramento, CA”


    I’m not fan of anyone, but for this issue, my heart goes for Jen. I admire Jolie’s heart for people in third woprld. but for this matter she is so disghusting, and so is Brad.

    When a woman chooses to be involved with a married man “by choice”, there is nothing to be excused about. She is so immoral!!!!

  38. Cambodiangirl

    I don’t appreciate the racist comments I’ve come across. Yellow? Come on. We Asians don’t appreciate that. Commments like that really paints a picture of white people a certain way for minorities…
    And it’s funny how people call Angelina Jolie shallow, when she spends her time in developing nations and you have tons of celebrities in America spending thousands/millions in one night. At least Jolie has tried to eradicate some of the pressing problems in Cambodia, like eliminating land mines, etc.

  39. DominiQ

    Shame i love her i realy do but what the fuck those kids are going to feel so fucking empty inside fuck shame! Angelina u r cool but if those kids are a publicity stunt then please don’t adopt any more P.s. i am a south african and it feels weird she’s here all tha time ( Brad 2) I lOVE U ANGELINA SERIUSLY

  40. Joe

    To the person who posted that link of Angelina supposedly flashing Brad, that was a picture from a scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, dumb shit.

  41. Sarah

    um, Jolie is part Native American

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