Yet Another Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Rumor

October 30th, 2007 // 23 Comments

There’s yet another rumor floating around that Angelina Jolie is with child. This seems suspect, mainly because I don’t think having biological children is her thing. It’s much easier to order a child from a Third World country. Can you blame her? I’ve known pregnant women, and while there’s joy to be had in the whole process – ultimately it’s depressing and painful. I’m sure there’s a whole feminine mystique moon worshipper savage sisterhood feel to the whole thing, but damn – small hole, large object.

Actress Angelina Jolie has canceled plans to give a lecture in Italy this week, amid reports she is pregnant with her and Brad Pitt’s second biological child.

The Tomb Raider beauty was due to give a talk at the Pio Manzu Center near Rimini as part of a conference entitled, The Flight Of The Hummingbird – The Future of Children In The Mind And Society Of The World – but pulled out at the last minute.

Local newspaper reports claim Jolie canceled the appearance after discovering she was expecting – and a spokeswoman for the Pio Manzu Center appeared to ‘confirm’ the media speculation. Letizia Manjani says, “Angelina canceled last week. Due to her privacy I can’t confirm her pregnancy, but I can say that the Italian newspapers are correct in their reports.”

The Italian media really lays it on the line, huh? Does Angie have the credits to be giving these talks or is it that she’s just self-taught? Or is that she’s a rich philanthropist so people assume she’s got the knowledge? I don’t think she’s a bimbo by any means, but people seem to really value her opinion and I wonder what her educational background is. Last I heard, she spent her 20′s banging models (both genders), dabbling in H, and playing with knives. Was that on the syllabus?


By J. Harvey

  1. devil

    After Angelina gets done suing someone for the pregnancy report, she should sue someone else for releasing these EXTREMELY unflattering photos. This is as bad as I’ve ever seen her look.

  2. LOSER


  3. londongrl

    Not sure what being pregnant has to do with her pulling out of her lecture???? Sounds as if people are trying to make a story out of nothing. She traveled all over the freaking world and continued to work while pregnant with Shiloh. I doubt pulling out of a single lecture signifies anything.

  4. nastybugger

    I love a good rumor as much as the next guy, but I TOTALLY don’t believe this.

    Ditto on what londongrl said, and add to it the PREPOSTEROUS idea that some spokesperson for the place where she (allegedly) was going to appear knows that she’s pregnant?…just doesn’t hold water.

  5. stolidog

    they’ll have to sew a uterus to the outside of her body, because she’s too thin to carry one inside her.

  6. jenjen

    I think she went to NYU for, like, a semester. While banging Jenny Shimizu and playing with knives.

  7. heyyou

    Apparently she got her “credentials” the old-fashioned way- by screwing for them.

  8. heyyou

    And my guess is that she is snubbing the Italians because the Italian Premier Romano Prodi declined to meet with her a few weeks ago. He was not impressed.

  9. Ugh

    I’m guessing she’s the one starting the rumor in order to keep her name out there. Nothing would surprise me where this tramp is concerned.

  10. heyyou is FAT

    heyyou, do you have a life or do you just obsess & collect information about Angelina Jolie all day?

  11. Angietothemax

    She’s pregnant. I saw some of the pictures of her on set and I believe I saw a bump. She’s at least 3 months along. But I’m a sucker anyway because I think everyone is pregnant!

  12. Jennifer

    It’s hard to believe somebody who looks as old and sickly as she does could possibly be pregnant. Stranger things have happened though. With her money, I’m sure she has access to all the wonders of modern fertility technology.

  13. MEME

    Angelina is not qualified to give a lecture on ANYTHING except herself and how to be a media whore.

  14. green cardigan

    The Most Beautiful Woman in the World is fast becoming The Most Boney Woman in the World.

    Giving speeches to fawning, adoring audiences is not humanitarian work, in my book. It’s more like an ego trip.

    I’m very bored with these two these days. Brad needs to get caught kerb crawling in a nurse’s outfit or something, to rekindle my interest.

  15. blady02

    It doesn’t matter how much money she has if her womb can’t support a healthy baby she will end up with a abnormal child, oh wait she is abnormal so never mind, wacko!

  16. SayWhat!?!?!

    Well I guess, giving a lecture, would depend on the topic she is the most proficient in:

    1. How to use your “womanly wiles”(or children) with your male co-stars on the set of movies, making them forget all about those girlfriends, fiances and even wives, 101.

    2. How to curtail another foreign countries adoption laws, by stating you want to adopt an orphan child as a single parent, even though you are co-habitating with a male lover, back home. (Also because in her own country, the USA, she would never pass the rigorous testing you need to go through to adopt a child here in the USA).

    3. How to protect all those millions, from the IRS, by putting 1/3 of your income into tax sheltered “foundations”, then making the public BELIEVE you actually “give” that money to the poor, unfortunate,refugees of the world. When really those monies go mostly to “administration fees”, to which you are the President/CEO of the foundation, and only giving about 1% “away” to keep the tax exempt status for the foundation.

    4. How to be a celuboid star, to keep your “name out there”, by working the PR game, to your own advantage. Even so far as sending out contracts to various media, inwhich they can only write glowing remarks about you.

    5. How to play the bidding game, on your child’s (born or adopted) first pics. Learn how you to, can get the biggest return on your investment. Especially when you can get back the full cost of adopting from a foreign country, especially that money it cost you to grease the palms of those dignitaries that turn their head the other way.

  17. JALYN

    I am just so glad to read that so many others have just had their fill of these two and want them to go away. Those are my feelings and it’s refreshing that others feel the same. There are so many loonies out there that can’t see the light. Sucks to be them.

  18. jane_smith

    God forbid this woman have another biological child to ignore… I still can’t believe the interview where she said she felt more for her adopted kids because they’d been through much more hardship. She says that, then is very rarely seen in public with the less-loved-child-born-into-an-easy-life. I feel badly for Shilo since it’s completely obvious that mommy loves her brother and sisters so much more.

  19. blady02

    The only real way to get through to these two is to strongly solidly ban their movies, not one dime people, join forces and perhaps they will get the message!

  20. Anne

    Angelina is gorgeous, but she really should eat! Have you seen her at Media Awards?!? ( She looks skeletal and old … just horrible … I hope she is pregnant so maybe she comes back to the normal shape. Please, anyone could advice her that she doesn’t need to look like a starving African to help African people?

  21. Anon

    Her womb is a biohazard area. This whore should not be allowed to reproduce, given Shiloh looks like a autistic version of Tweety Bird.

  22. Anon

    Her womb is a biohazard area. This whore should not be allowed to reproduce, given Shiloh looks like a autistic version of Tweety Bird.

  23. blady02

    LOL! Good one Aaron!

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