Angelina Jolie Honored for “A Mighty Heart”

October 16th, 2007 // 34 Comments

Recognize this gal in her Roaring Twenties garb? It’s none other than the better half of Brangelina, Angelina Jolie, on the set of her latest film, “The Changeling.” Here’s the plot synopsis for the film, from IMDb:

A mother’s prayer for her kidnapped son to return home is answered, though it doesn’t take long for her to suspect the boy who comes back is not hers.

Sounds like an interesting, creepy mystery and plus, it looks like I’ll be able to enjoy myself, checking out the period costumes. And it’s being directed by Clint Eastwood, who has yet to disappoint me in producing a drama with an emotional punch. Angelina is also receiving some recognition for her performance in “A Mighty Heart,” the film based on the true story of Mariane Pearl, widow of Wall Street journalist David Pearl, who was kidnapped and murdered in Pakistan in 2002. Despite Jolie’s frustration with the movie’s box office returns, she will be honored for her portrayal of Pearl at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival with the festival’s Outstanding Performance of the Year Award. According to Festival executive director, Roger During:

“We are honored to celebrate Ms. Jolie in what is arguably one of the most extraordinary female roles of the year.”

Released this summer, filming for “A Mighty Heart” took place during Angelina’s pregnancy with baby Shiloh and had Brad Pitt acting as producer for the film. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this is the first of many awards Angie will be receiving for the film, since I’ve heard it was riveting, but emotionally draining. I’ll have to have work up the courage to give it a watch, since I’m such a baby about serious, real-life dramas like that. Zombie movies are usually about as intense as it gets for me.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. blady02

    I think you are being exceptionally kind in regard to Jolie receiving awards, the woman is despised by many of her previous fans for her anti-moral lifestyle and the in our face media. I love Clint Eastwood (who doesn’t) but I am on the full bandwagon of those who have turned their backs on AJ and BP because of their antics and politics toward things they really had made fools of themselves about. Sorry honesty hurts!

  2. Ugh

    How can anyone be honored for a movie that was a box office flop? Amazing. Wonder which woman she did to get that award.

  3. sASSY


  4. green cardigan

    No doubt she’ll make an incredibly moving speech on accepting this reward that will mainly focus on how marvellous she is and what her hopes are for the future of the world.

  5. T-Bone

    She may have been good in that role, but no one will see her movies. So what’s the difference?

    Angelina blames it on people “not caring enough about important issues”. I think she underestimates the intelligence of the general population. They do care about the issues — they just don’t care for her.

  6. green cardigan

    sorry, award . Is Brad a committee member of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival panel?

    I mean, he got her the gig in the first place.

  7. Errrrr

    Excuse me but last I checked, Box office returns had nothing to do with awards. Majority of the movies honored in the past didn’t make money….Crash (it picked up stem after it won best movie, Forest Whitaker won for Last King of Scotland which wasn’t a blockbuster, George Clooney for Good Night and Good Luck, another dud.

    Ignorance isn’t bliss.

  8. Jennifer

    Not sure what reviews everybody else is reading about “A Mighty Heart”, but the reviews I read said it was slow, too long, and dwelled way too much on Angelina’s character at the expense of developing other aspects of the story. Angelina’s acting was described as “low-key” except near the end where she has a “hissy fit”.


    Perhaps AMH is being honored for the acting and the overall message of tolerance rather than the box office returns.
    I was a fan, still a fan and don’t despise her. Hope this will be one of many. Knock em dead Angelina.


    Oh the reviews I read rolling stone, tv guide, the la times and roeper (there are many others) all praised Angelina’s acting and praised the movie.

  11. faye

    blady02 said:
    I think you are being exceptionally kind in regard to Jolie receiving awards, the woman is despised by many of her previous fans for her anti-moral lifestyle and the in our face media.

    Oh please, who says? Just you? Geez, people are still hang up on the divorce? why blame Angelina?
    Angelina is an oscar award winning actress,a dn she is going to get another one for AMH!

    People are just so jealous of her!

  12. jen

    Maybe Jon Voight’s on the panel & is trying to suck up.

    I wonder if Pax woke up knowing where he was. I really feel for Maddox and another new school to go with the new location.

  13. ram

    Sorry to the jealous haters but Angelina is deserving of the award. She will win more awards for AMH. Her new movie with Clint, is another award winning vehicle. Thats why the studios hire her, she delivers!

  14. peachpie

    gah. you people are freakin’ harsh! yowza. i could take or leave brangelina. i have no real affinity for either of them, nor do i really dislike either of them. they’re sort of ‘white noise’ on my radar. i’m shocked to see so many otherwise mild mannered posters being so, uh, vehement? accusatory? hateful? defensive? just…wow.

  15. Jenn

    Oh come on! She hasn’t done anything
    good since Gia and Girl Interupt….
    Admit it. Everything else since then
    has sucked. She deserves no awards at
    this time.

  16. nastybugger

    to the angie fans…PLEASE understand that most people’s dislike of jolie has ZERO to do with jealously. I’m SO FUCKING TIRED of hearing that BS.

    I’m not too fond of Dick Cheney. Does that mean I’m “jealous” of him? no, it means I think he’s a megalomaniacal jerk. I’m also not too fond of Star Jones. Jealous? not in the least. think she’s an annoying self-important pain-in-the-ass? definitely.

    T-bone said it best…”They do care about the issues — they just don’t care for her.” Anyone interested in world issues reads the news; they don’t need some actress telling them what they need to know or how to feel about it. She may have been great in AMH, but who needs to see a dramatization of something we all saw play out on the news?

  17. Angietothemax

    I’m sure this anti-moral stance applies to everybody in Hollywood or better yet everyone in general. However, I feel it’s just Angie and Brad specific. Because if people really felt that way movies would not be made because no one would want to get off their moral high horse to watch people who have none. AMH was a great movie not only because of Angie but her costars as well. I hope to see more of them in other films. Box office has absolutely nothing to with awards because if that were the case Transformers and Spiderman would be the top contenders for Oscar’s best picture of the year. I would hope people would be a little deeper than that.

  18. blady02

    I am not prone to jealousy of a tramp, I have a much higher esteem than that Faye and if you don’t like constructive criticism of a lousy actress who has no PR sense except to overkill trying to make herself something she never will be then maybe you should go look at some truly great actresses like Meryl Streep, Jessica Lange, Goldie Hawn and daughter, Clint Eastwood, Johnny Depp, these actors and actresses have enough sense and taste to do what they love ACT! and keep their charitable contributions, personal lives and children as private affairs, why? because they don’t have to make up for mental illness and futile attempts at molding the public’s perception of them, they are secure and mentally stable human beings. Jon Voight has nothing to feel bad about when he publicly announced his daughter has mental problems, he was trying to help her through tough love. The sad part is she is such a self absorbed bitch she can’t see it! And don’t get me started on the children adoptions, and her CAUSES! WHAT A JOKE! DID YOU KNOW MOST PEOPLE IN HOLLYWOOD ALSO LAUGH BEHIND HER BACK! TRUTH HURTS! SHE IS SHUNNED BY OTHERS EVEN IN HER OWN BACKYARD!

  19. someone

    I don’t like AJ, and Im certainly not jealous of her, I think she is self absorbed, a-moral, and a bottle short of a six-pack! Brad must have had a repressed desire to self destruct when he hooked up with Skankalina..If they give out awards to homewreckers, she and Brad would be at the top of the list…

  20. Crabby

    OK — so Ms. Pearl’s husband goes to Pakistan after 9/11 and gets killed by extremist thugs. She then tries to cash in on the government’s 9/11 fund saying her husband’s death was linked to it.

    I don’t think 3000 people CHOSE to put their lives on the line on 9/11. There are plenty of troops (and surviving families) who should get money before she does.

  21. joan durtz

    She just gets prettier and prettier.

  22. Jennifer

    ram: Angelina delivers all right – flops and tabloid headlines. As far as being jealous of Angelina LOL. I am the last thing from jealous. She looks terrible, a large number of people the world over think she’s a homewrecking skank, she’s stuck with a cheating, weakwilled aging pretty boy for a husband. I would have pity for her except she seems like such an unlikeable person.

  23. My 2 cents

    OK here is my take. First of all this movie started filming in October 2006, 5 months after shiloh was born. Just wanted to clear this up. Secondly, Miss Jolie was terrible in this movie because she was unable to carry the fake french accent consistently. Thirdly, why in the year 2007 does the world need to paint the face of a caucasian actor to play a black role? Thandie Newton is the spitting image of Marianne Pearl, and is an amazing actress. The movie deserves an award for the content. Marianne Pearl deserves an award for her courage. That’s about all.

  24. Angietothemax

    Why would she need to be pitied by anyone? She’s the one that has the the man, the kids, the love, the respect, the career, the charitable efforts, the money. I think these are things people strive to achieve and she is blessed enough to have them all. Not that it isn’t a constant effort to have those things but she takes the challenges and rolls over them.

  25. Jennifer

    Angietothemax: I think she’s pitiful. BOY people sure do have different values and different ways they see the world.

  26. Angietothemax

    Thank goodness.

  27. essie

    It is amazing to me when people post on message boards that “everyone” hates Angelina. EVERYONE??? Really??? I had no idea that there was someone in this world who knows what EVERYONE in this world feels about an actress. Perhaps you all should say “I hate Angelina” not “everyone hates Angelina” because if everyone hated the woman then the paps would not bother taking her picture and the wire services would not have anyone to sell those picture to. It’s not like Angelina and Brad are hanging out in clubs and getting stopped for DUI like Brit Brit. What other reason would they have to photograph Angie and Brad if not because they are “A” list actors and there are people who want to see them?

    As for Angie being “amoral” . . . I have nothing to say about that except to laugh out loud. You people sound like you’re from the 50s. It’s hilarious. It’s been three years people. Move on!!

    Also, according to, I believe, Variety, this “Changling” movie was on the back burner until Clint agreed to direct and Angelina agreed to play the mother. Only then did it get the “green light.” Now, I don’t know, but I do believe Variety should know these things.

    Finally, if an actress is a “has been” there is no way she would get to star in a movie directed by Clint Eastwood. No freaking way. Think people!!

  28. T-Bone

    Well, maybe Clint Eastwood wants to have yet another child with yet another woman, so he hired Angie. Doesn’t he have 7 kids with 5 different women (only 2 of whom he married)?

    1950′s or 2007, people still have values.

  29. Ugh

    And let’s not forget, the woman also had an affair while her husband was over there and missing. So one skank made a movie more or less pertaining to another skank. No stretch at all for Holie. And I agree with the above poster, 3000+ people died and not by going any where but to work in what they thought was a safe enviorment. They didn’t travel to another country to make a buck. Ms. Pearl deserved nothing from 9/11.

  30. Ugh

    And let’s not forget, the woman also had an affair while her husband was over there and missing. So one skank made a movie more or less pertaining to another skank. No stretch at all for Holie. And I agree with the above poster, 3000+ people died and not by going any where but to work in what they thought was a safe enviorment. They didn’t travel to another country to make a buck. Ms. Pearl deserved nothing from 9/11.

  31. Angietothemax

    Whoa Ugh why don’t you say what you really feel. LOL The affair happened after Mariane’s husband was killed and the affair is speculation but not necessarily fact.

  32. Jennifer

    Angietothemax: yes, thank goodness – BUT EVERYONE’S VIEWS HAVE TO BE RESPECTED. On some other boards (JustJared for starters) people who don’t buy the St. Angelina crap are censored. Really it is a difference in values and perspectives that is at the root of all of this I think. You and I are seeing the exact same person, the exact same situation, and I see Brangelina as pitiful and you see them as admirable. 180 degree difference. We are looking through totally different lenses. You’ll never convince me, I’ll never convince you, so all of this gets kind of silly after a while. I would stop posting to these topics but the Brangelina lovers are so shrill and have taken over so many boards that if people who feel the way I do go silent all you will hear is them and I don’t think that’s a good thing.

  33. Angietothemax

    I personally think people give them too much power. I find them to be admirable from what I see them do with their lives. I find it a great thing that they do spend not only a lot of money but a lot of time helping and shining a light on others that would otherwise be ignored. I know a lot of people say that they should keep their charitable work quiet but I think the exact opposite. More celebrities should discuss their charitable interests and open the forum for groups that are not receiving any kind of attention so they can tell their story.
    I just find it hilarious that people come up with all these conspiracy theories about why they do their charity work. Like they do it for karma or publicity. I just find it to be simply that their eyes were opened to real problems in the world and they have the ability and the will to help because it is the right thing to as a fellow human being in this world. And I find it unfortunate that that is looked upon as the exception rather than the rule.

  34. blady02

    On the subject of Jon Voight and his bad treatment of AJ and her incestual brother!
    What it boils down to is they are and will be completely dysfunctional until forgiveness and mental illness is under control. I agree with the comment she is passing her mental illness legacy to her children. I don’t like or respect any of them because they are full of it. Try having some real problems like can’t pay for your house, or a physically disabled child or living blind. I would rather skip sitting in a movie theatre watching their sorry faces and give that little bit of money to someone who needs it because they sure don’t and they don’t deserve any more of my dollars. They have no idea what life is truly about or the sacrifices a real family goes through just to stay together. To hell with them, go away! We have bigger worries than you AJ, Pitt and JV, like our sons and daughters coming home from Iraq with no arms and legs or dead. Recently there was a headline about a man who made it back but was ignored in a medical facility causing his ultimate death, AJ didn’t jump to this families rescue. God willing my brothers will come back in one piece, so everyone it has nothing to do with envy or jealousy just good old fashioned morals,love and sacrifice to survive which these people have not got the first clue about! Oh and by the way my brother (officer in the Navy) got a look at the skank while she was there, they laughed and thought she was ridiculous for being there! Waste of security and government money that could have gone to someone trying to survive!

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