Angelina Jolie Says, “Seriously. We’re Not Broken Up.”

First off, how awesome is it that Angelina somehow looks like Janice Dickinson in this pic? Secondly, Maddox is totally saying, “OMG, NO! You carried me around the world for the first years of my life and now that I’ve tasted sweet freedom, you’re going to force me to be carried around AGAIN? Not bloody likely!” OK, on to what I meant to write in the first place…

Angie is again reassuring the media that she and Brad are still an item, despite reports running rampant to the contrary. In fact, she says their relationship is so strong that their arguments are limited to political subjects.

“We actually argue politics at home” she told Total Film magazine “It is the only time we argue.”

Well aren’t they just so politically correct?
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You mean to tell me, Brad always takes shoes off in the foyer, without so much as tracking a single bit of dirt in the house? Great. Just one more reason for me to be jealous of these two. Angelina also said that when her children are old enough to fully understand the media interest surrounding their high-profile parents, she suspects they’ll laugh at their status as Hollywood sex symbols.

“Our kids are going to find that funny when they’re older because they think we’re the dorkiest people on the planet.

“We’re very much parents together. Certainly we have moments of being sexy and fun and I do find Brad very, very sexy, obviously, but I believe we’re together for the right reason.”

Not me, man. I’m definitely with my boyfriend for all the wrong reasons and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, guys, if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship where all of your superficial needs are met, hold on tight and never let it go. Never. Let. It. Go.