Angelina Jolie Says, “Seriously. We’re Not Broken Up.”

August 6th, 2007 // 35 Comments

First off, how awesome is it that Angelina somehow looks like Janice Dickinson in this pic? Secondly, Maddox is totally saying, “OMG, NO! You carried me around the world for the first years of my life and now that I’ve tasted sweet freedom, you’re going to force me to be carried around AGAIN? Not bloody likely!” OK, on to what I meant to write in the first place…

Angie is again reassuring the media that she and Brad are still an item, despite reports running rampant to the contrary. In fact, she says their relationship is so strong that their arguments are limited to political subjects.

“We actually argue politics at home” she told Total Film magazine “It is the only time we argue.”

Well aren’t they just so politically correct?
More photos of Angelina Jolie and Maddox and the rest of the story, after the jump…

You mean to tell me, Brad always takes shoes off in the foyer, without so much as tracking a single bit of dirt in the house? Great. Just one more reason for me to be jealous of these two. Angelina also said that when her children are old enough to fully understand the media interest surrounding their high-profile parents, she suspects they’ll laugh at their status as Hollywood sex symbols.

“Our kids are going to find that funny when they’re older because they think we’re the dorkiest people on the planet.

“We’re very much parents together. Certainly we have moments of being sexy and fun and I do find Brad very, very sexy, obviously, but I believe we’re together for the right reason.”

Not me, man. I’m definitely with my boyfriend for all the wrong reasons and I couldn’t be happier. Seriously, guys, if you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship where all of your superficial needs are met, hold on tight and never let it go. Never. Let. It. Go.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. vee

    it makes me laugh cuz yu just dont get it.
    …is that why this site is so dead?

  2. Samantha Jones

    Uh, it’s August. Why is she wearing black suede boots?! Oh, I forgot. She’s a witch.

  3. T-Bone

    Angie says one thing one day and a different thing the next, so whatever. I believe her about as much as I believe the tabloids and gossip sites. Still fun to read though, and the kids are still cute.

  4. green cardigan

    They argue politics at home. How intellectual and all round noble of them.

    You know I was just thinking, did either of them go on to university or third level education? Maybe it’s the one thing they crave. THey have everything else. Family, Looks, money, fame. I reckon Angie fancies herself as a brain these days. Not sure about Brad. He’s probably just fighting through the fog.

    ‘OK Brad, there are the Democrats on one side and the Republicans on the other…’

  5. Margaret

    The Jolie-Pitt problems must have hit the New York Times. After all, Jolie said that she never read anything else. I love damage control. By the way, that gal needs to eat.

  6. Angietothemax

    Those are old quotes from her Reader’s Digest interview she did back in May/June. Anyway, Madd is hot even when he’s angry. Give it up Angie he is too big to be picked up. Green you crack me up!

  7. Kate

    I gave it two years!!! Ha!

  8. Stinky Minky

    Methinks the lady doth protest too much… “Ooh, yes, we’re the happiest people in the world! We’re so smart and so giving! We’re such dorks! Tee hee!” WTF?! C’mon, lady! Don’t make it that much harder for us real dorks! All we need to do is look at the facts: Angelina stole (and Brad went willingly) a married man DESPITE swearing that she would NEVER do something like that… She says she is of the people but stays at posh hotels abroad. And finally, she says she and Braddy boy are oh-so-dorky, but honestly…dorks don’t snub dinner for heroin. Give it up already.

  9. TheRage

    wow, she really does look like Janice Dickinson in that photo. yikes!

  10. woohoo


  11. Lo

    What is with this freak? Who the hell carries a six-year old kid around? She’s always carrying her kids even though all of them, except Shiloh whom she never carries at all, can walk. Someone needs to clue her in about this invention called a STROLLER.

    She’s just too bizarre.

  12. kp

    this pic is sooooo photoshopped!

  13. vee said:
    it makes me laugh cuz yu just dont get it.
    …is that why this site is so dead?


    Uh, security is apparently entirely too lax at the loony bin you just escaped from. I can just see you now rocking back and forth, laughing like a 3 year old. You so crazy!

    As far as Jolie goes, she looks like the living dead. NASTY!

  14. chachi

    what don’t we get vee?

  15. Okay, Yuck! She really does look like a corpse! Even her hair looks like its starving!

    When a 6 year olds hand can circle your fore-arm, get help Ang! Really! I’m going to have nighmares about those veiny cadaver hands and those knees that could cut glass!

    Green “He’s probably just fighting through the fog” Cardigan, NICE!!!

  16. That poor kid looks absolutely miserable. As usual.

  17. ladydi

    These two are just about the most BORING couple in the world to me. Them and all their kids. ugh.

  18. T-Bone

    Egroft! We’ve missed you!

  19. jannre

    Actually Janice looks better than Holie, at this point, I think she carries Maddox, because then the world will say,,WOW, she might be thin, but look how STRONG she is.

  20. go tigers!

    brad went to mizzou. majored in journalism. (my cousin goes there and that’s her pride and joy). according to imdb, he was two credits shy of graduating before he left for cali.

    imdb also says angie went to nyu. doesn’t say if she graduated or how long she attended.

  21. Got tired of the Angaholics. Seems people have come to their senses though…i’ve been lurking and it looks to have calmed.

  22. Linda B

    Mad will soon weigh more than Angie…will he be carrying her next?

  23. *emily*

    Good Lord, I don’t give a crap if they fight at home, but seriously, is anyone else concerned that she looks like a fucking walking skeleton? I think Maddox is recoiling in fear because she poked him with her hideous cheek bones! AHH!!

  24. green cardigan

    It’s true. She has changed drastically (physically) since the Mr and Mrs Smith premiere for example. That was summer 2005. She has aged a lot. I suppose the pressure of 4 children, non stop travel and a boyfriend with learning difficulties will do that to a girl.

  25. T-Bone

    She looks like a head on a stick.

  26. jen

    I think her face looks like Sofia Loren….except for Sofia one would say she looks hot for her age – with Angie it’s just sad.

    I bet Maddox is the one teaching both of them…he’s the one they keep shipping off to ‘school’ all over the world.

  27. Sarah

    You know, I used to be a hater of Jolie until I saw her on Larry King. I feel sorry for her now. She is not comfortable in her own skin. Obviously, that’s pretty much all that’s left of the girl, but I think she wishes she had been formally educated. She really struggles to find appropriate words to explain herself and at this point, between Billy Bob, her brother and her desire to stand out by Hollywood standards, not conform to normalcy, I don’t know how she gets back to achieving any level of respect. It’s too bad; she made some outrageous choices and exploited them without knowing what the repercussions would be. Sadly, I think she thought that children would make her happy but losing her mother may have erased what happiness she has created for herself.

    Again, I used to be a hater; but Brad hooked up with Juliette Lewis for pete’s sake; the man has never really been any more together than Angelina. I wish them well for the sake of those children. To take them from an unstable environment and give them an opportunity for a better life will all be taken away if they split.

  28. devil

    When Brad left Jen for a younger woman, who knew the replacement would wind up looking old enough to be Brad’s mom?

    See, it’s true…crazy bitterness ages a person. Take note, folks!

    Truly happy, well-adjusted celebrities don’t have to call news conferences to announce how happy and well-adjusted they are. If they do, it kinda steps on their point.

  29. mattyeb

    To Lo

    There are many pixs of Angelina carrying Shiloh. As a matter of fact Angelina is carryng Shiloh in all the pixs taken of Shiloh for months. New pixs of Shiloh being held by her mother and by her father just this weekend at Maddox’s birthday party in Santa Barbara are all over the internet today.

    There is no need to lie about something that is soo not true.

  30. mattyeb,
    i think you got lost sweetie. those who pray to the great mother gather for mass at 6:30 over with Jared.

    ANYWAY…. Anges PR person text msg to photogs …

    “Party same place as last year. Time, 2:00 pm. AJ to be see w/each child idvly! Brad wears dorky hat! Photo’s worth $$$$! Bring plenty of film!!”

  31. ciku rambutan

    By looking at this pic, I can see that Maddox was mad at Angelina for something. Just look at his body language – he was trying to push Angelina away. He looked tensed. His left hand held her arm as if trying to push her. He did not want to be held that way or he refused to be carried.

    I wonder what Angelina said to him that made him mad.

  32. Steph

    It is sad to see such a beautiful woman struggle so much, but at least she doesn’t pretend life is perfect. She just lost her mother to a long battle with cancer for crying out loud! Add four children under the age of 6, a hectic travel schedule, and non-stop media attention, it’s no wonder she has lost so much weight!

  33. ginger

    I am worried about her, she’s wasting away.

  34. Casper

    I don’t know who wrote this but I fucking LOVE you!! First and only Brangalina story that made me laugh.

  35. blady02

    You are broken up inside woman!!! or wooble weeble… head on a stick!!!! LOL!!!! She needs to realize the only reason she has what she does is due to her father making her and us seeing her sucky movies…. but not anymore….. God complex bitch!!!!!

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