Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Give Birth To The Most Beautiful Baby In The World

May 27th, 2006 // 67 Comments

Yes folks the time has finally come. And baby makes five. Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt (which is actually a very pretty name) was born the night of May 27, 2006 in Namibia, Africa. No more details have been released at this time. The chosen one is finally amongst us. Now we eagerly await that first glimpse of the little one.

We can assume that Jennifer Aniston is royally pissed off at Brangelia for the birth of the “Golden Child,” the same weekend her big film The Break Up opens. Once again we have the couple trying to steal her thunder. Look for Aniston to spend the weekend binge drinking with Vince Vaughn, to help mute the pain from the most likely poor box office receipts, and seeing the name Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt splashed all over the news.

The new parents, along with kids Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 1, have been staying at a luxury resort in Namibia since April, where their personal security team and Namibian police have shielded them from paparazzi.

Last week, the Namibian government said foreign journalists wishing to cover the birth must have written permission from Pitt and Jolie to enter the country and obtain a work permit.

The new girl is the couple’s first biological child. Jolie adopted Maddox from Cambodia in 2002 and Zahara from Ethiopia last year. Pitt is in the process of legally adopting both children.

The baby is the latest step in a life-changing year during which Pitt and Jolie went from costars (in last summer’s slick crime thriller Mr. and Mrs. Smith) to supercouple to, finally, Mommy and Daddy.

Angelina & Brad Have a Girl! [People]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ShiLo

    Since Shiloh means “his gift” and nouvel means “new” maybe they meant “his new gift”. The baby is Brad’s new gift to the world and especially Namibia! Wow 5 in the Pitt-Jolie clan already! When’s the sixth member coming?

  2. Maddox

    I wuv my big hoppy family. Yipeeee!

  3. Small Fry

    Wow, calling a baby a gorilla is really harsh. I could care less about these two or what they name their child, but please don’t go name-calling an innocent baby.

    And for those who keep dragging out the relationship of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston over and over and over again…….get over it. It’s been well over a year and I’m tired of hearing about it. If he did cheat who gives a shit? Doesn’t everyone in Hollywood cheat or do some other completely illegal and/or immoral thing? I think they have both moved on with their lives and those who keep bringing it up should move on too. Oy.

  4. holly golightly

    sorry, but why would you name your child after one of the bloodiest battles in the american civil war? just curious…

  5. Irina

    For those who are wondering why they named her Nouvel (masculine) instead of Nouvelle (femenine), well there is a VERY transparent reason behind it… Brad loooooves architecture and he wants to get into it… for example I think he’s worked on a project with Frank Gehry… So he is simply kissing up to the architecture world naming his kid after (living an powerful) french architect Jean Nouvel… Come on Brad!! just make more movies and look pretty because to be an architect you need more than looks and money.


  7. Rachael Bond

    Aside from the fact that it’s an uncommon last name, the word “nouvel” doesn’t mean anything at all unless it’s used to describe a masculin noun that begins with a vowel sound (like “nouvel homme”), which definitely isn’t the case with “Shiloh.”

    This is just another case of celebrities trying to be cool and exotic but instead screwing up and looking like idiots (like Tom Cruise calling his baby “Get the hell out of here” in Hebrew). I guess that’s the risk you take when you screw around with languages you know nothing about just for the sake of being special and different.

    By the way, regarding the above post that says they probably named her after an architect (because Brad Pit loves architecture, whoah!), that’s such a load of bull. I find it really hard to believe that, with a beautiful spiritual Hebrew name like Shiloh, they would complement it with the last name of an old French male architect. Please!

    Let’s face it, they messed up. They used a French word incorrectly, just like Tom Cruise used a Hebrew word incorrectly.

  8. isimemen

    if you were not so fucking retarded, you will know that they are not try to snob america but to help africa, giving birth there brings some kind of awareness to the problems of the country and maybe ppl we see that it is worthy of been helped, so everything angelina does is veered towards helping someone else

  9. 2mean2you

    i think tat it is a pretty cute name if u like tha
    name Shy-low

  10. Irina

    Ok… think what you want about the name Nouvel… I gave my theory (like 3 or 4 posts above) which is pretty logical, I REALLY doubt that they messed up the masculine / femenine !! For god’s sake her mother is part frenchcanadian! ha!, I think Jolie knows a thing or two about the languaje to make that big a mistake… besides how hard is it to look up a word, more so if you’re going to be naming your kid like that!! but what ever…………….

  11. ArgoBlaster

    How long before Shiloh Pitt become Pilo Shitt at school?

  12. clynnbass

    Why do people want to romanize this relationship so much? There is no way a woman can have a full-term child in May and not get knocked up in September. The truth speaks for itself, these two adults were emotionally involved, if not physically involved, way before he became divorced. Also, what part of Jolie’s grand humanitarian work sounds even remotely realistic. Is it the part that 80 percent of Namibia population is living on $2.00 a day in poverty while its totally corrupt government is playing host to Jolie and her family? Or is it the fact that 27 percent of Namibia population has Aids and has only 8 hospitals to take care of its population but, in the mean time the government can stop taking care of its sick and close a hospital so it can play host to a celebrity.

  13. Brit Brit

    I”ll side with Jennifer over Brad any day. He’s a cheater and never should of left his wife. He had the perfect life and then trades it for a chinese kid and a black kid “What a NUT !”
    PS:Good Luck Jennifer and Vince hope it works out.

  14. Meagan (AKA Shriek)

    I will side with Jennifer over Brad any day. He should of never cheated on his wife. He had the perfect life and he traded it for a chinese baby a black baby + Angelina.
    PS: Goodluck Jennifer and Vince I hope it works out!

  15. Monica Rodriguez

    To all the cynics that have posted (clynnbass included), it’s rather unjust that you would dis humanitarian efforts regardless of an individuals celebrity status. Of course the Namibian government is going to attempt to turn this to their favor, politics is a necessary evil. Bono is courted often by these officials as was Audrey Hepburn and Princess Di. Because, really, if these celebrities wasted time in trying to have “non-hypocritical” images for the sake of cynics who pay needless attention to what matter least in a situation, than help to the lower classes would hardly ever get through.

    Also, please get over the Jennifer Anniston thing, she obviously is. I totally dig her and think it unforunate that she was ever hurt, but now she is following her heart, as are Pitt and Jolie. I hope everything works out for everyone. And shame on all of you who dis the children. Clearly they are well loved.

  16. Seanymphette

    Siouxie and Brit Brit,
    wow, don’t bother to disguise your blatant racism. Just for the record not all of us view children who are Black and African as gorillas. Many of us who saw pictures of Zahara for the first time, thought she was the most beautiful little doll-like chocolate baby we had ever seen. Brit Brit, (god I hope your real name isn’t some mispelling of Brittany, that would be way too trailer-trash typical) White on White doesn’t make a perfect marriage or perfect life. If Brad had the perfect life with Jen he could not have been lured away. For that matter how is having a superficial childless Hollywood marriage to a 2nd rate actress who is only using you for your box office clout and to further her own career a perfect life? Brad has publicly expressed a desire for children for quite a while. Like a lot of other people who truly love children (adoptive parents, etc.), he doesn’t seem to care one bit what color they are. Angelina adopted in some of the locations of her the two Tomb Raider films, Cambodia and Ethiopia. By the way, Maddox is from Cambodia, not China, but then you probably can’t tell people of color apart anyway.

  17. linda

    hellow shiloh oh oh is baby smaller

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