Angelina Jolie Focuses On Poverty And Not Brad

April 27th, 2006 // 16 Comments

That bitch!

Although Angelina Jolie is about to burst, she had no time to discuss Brad Pitt or her forthcoming child in a teleconference with British finance minister Gordon Brown. If there are some of you that need an Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and baby fix, you can peruse these photos posted Tuesday.

Jolie said it was time for the world to get behind the Global Campaign for Education, a new plan aimed at giving 100 million children in poor countries the chance to go to school.

“I’m just thrilled to have this opportunity to help bring this to the forefront of peoples’ minds this week… It is a rare occasion that I am really thanking the press,” said Jolie.

Jolie’s call came as U.S. activists increased pressure for support for the education initiative, which got a boost this month when Brown announced the British government would spend $15 billion over 10 years to train teachers and build and equip schools in poor countries.

“It has been proven that a basic primary education can completely change the lives of people around the world,” said Jolie, who has made numerous visits to refugee camps in her role as a U.N. goodwill ambassador and has adopted a son from Cambodia and a daughter from Ethiopia.

“It’s not just my voice, it’s everybody’s voice … this is the best investment we can make.”

I’m with ya, Angelina.

Jolie speaks about schools, not babies or Brad [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love this woman and her charity.

    Another Angelina post, ok here goes – let the haters, bitter people, Aniston addicts, racists toward brown and black kids people, inability to move on people, cynics and the whole bunch start spilling their venom.

    For a recap, here will be their arguments:

    1) She stole married man – no solid proof but sounds like a good strong argument so they’re sticking to it

    2) She only does it for publicity – yes cause you know her career is just STARVING for publicity I mean no one seems to know her name in the biz…

    3) She is not that pretty – no cause you know their cellulite/love handled, can’t make it to the gym again bodies are much much much prettier than Angelina any day!

    4) Zahara is black – well, not a clear argument but you figure once locked in a corner the race card is always good for getting people worked up

    5) There are starving people in America – and those critics should know because they have all adopted a black kid from Compton, a white trailer park kid from Alabama, a crack head baby from NYC, and have opened their wallets, homes and hearts to thousands of American kids – why can’t Angelina!

    Now that I am done with the recap……..ok….

    Ok, 1-2-3 go psychos …POST!!

  2. Kris

    No wonder Pitt left his boring and whiney wife for Angelina, she has more substance and grit than even *he deserves in a woman. And if he decides he can’t
    handle being Angie’s one and only interest, then big deal. Angie doesn’t need a man that bad.
    IOW, Angie can’t

  3. Kris

    No wonder Pitt left his boring and whiney wife for Angelina, she has more substance and grit than even *he deserves in a woman. And if he decides he can’t
    handle not being Angie’s one and only interest, then big deal. Angie doesn’t need a man that bad.
    IOW, Angie can’t

  4. Sasha

    here we go:
    ahahaha! ur so fucking right! you sum it all! oh wait you forgot the very important thing the one they shouting in angie’s face!

    She’s a whore, homewreaker.
    oh and her PAST you forgot to include..

  5. tia

    To poster number 1. I’m with you all the way. All the stupid Jolie haters get on here and talk shit, buts whats worse is the Jennifer Aniston haters. Oh excuse me I mean “Chinnifer Maniston” haters. They get on my nerves. Then there is true love .. we wont got there. *eye roll* Then you get the racist biatches who want to talk shit about lil cutie Zahara. To all you skinheads take your ignorant comments somewhere else. Zahara wears scarves on her head because it is the trend in her country. GOT IT !!! Stick to the topic people !!! Besides that Angelina is a goddess. I love her. :)

  6. d.c.

    she’s a precious angel sent from heaven above..

  7. d.c.

    She saying.. it’s all new.. my real love and true feelings are private.. sheese! It’s up to him to gush, brag and be the pursurer.. Wise Angie.. Only Brad makes her giggle.. isn’t that so cute?!

  8. Page

    I totally agree. Angelina has substance, something Jennifer Aniston couldn’t buy even with Oprah’s rep to back her up. And Angelina is genuine. Well I for one would like to believe she is. Good riddance to Rachel and that stupid haircut of hers and whoo hoo to Brad for having the balls to stick to a woman with backbone.

  9. Seersucker

    Good for them. Beautiful. Good luck too bc they do make a handsome couple. Some of you are going to feel like you’ve been run over by a truck if Brad and Angie split. Don’t get too comfy, like it can’t happen.

  10. Bees

    You know she’s totally going to leave Brad Pitt’s ass in less than 2 years, right? Angelina Jolie is the bomb.

  11. True Love

    Can we all follow in Brangelina footsteps and get involved in the education of poor children? Tough footsteps to follow but let’s do it. Mother earth is beautiful and we can all make it more beautiful as Brangelina does. Brangelina your efforts go straight to my heart. How beautiful. What bliss. I am truly touched. Peace and love to all my brothers and sisters of the world. We are in this dance together – how lovely! We love you Brangelina!



  13. too bad

    Heroes & Pioneers
    Meet some global icons–actors, politicians, athletes, entertainers and others–who are using their influence to do the right thing
    o Bono
    o Michelle Wie
    o Wynton Marsalis
    o Angelina Jolie
    o Bill Clinton & George H.W. Bush
    o Steve Nash
    o Orhan Pamuk
    o Elie Wiesel
    o Jan Egeland
    o Joey Cheek
    o Chen Guangcheng
    o Ian Fishback
    o Wafa Sultan
    o Pernessa Seele
    o Ralph Lauren
    o Mukhtaran Bibi
    o Paul Simon
    o Al Gore
    o Katie Couric
    Sasha I dont think TIME magazine agrees with you. Can you see who is not on the list?

  14. too bad


    I give Vince and Jennifer less than two Years…Hows that for a bet? If she dont get a baby out of Vince she is gonna toss his behind out the door.

  15. too bad

    BTW Bees; I just read that Jennifer is fighting with Vince over his accepting a movie role. Gee whos p****whipped now? When did he stop being an actor and begin his job as Jen’s babysitter.

  16. I said

    That list is whack. Where’s Oprah?!

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