Angelina Jolie With Daughter Zahara

July 21st, 2005 // 59 Comments

Say what you will about the woman, but motherhood definitely agrees with Angelina Jolie. One more after the jump.

(Images via Oh No They Didn’t!)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ashley

    she looks afraid of the photogs, but it is really her first encounter, soon she’ll get used to them like Maddox

  2. doofus

    angie used to be SO weird…what with the dog collars, the “I’m so in love with my brother” comments, the vial of Billy Bob’s blood, etc…I never had anything against her, but I always thought she was sort of strange. gorgeous, but strange.

    at this point in her life, she seems to have mellowed out, and I think she is doing something admirable. She ‘puts her money where her mouth is’…doesn’t just say “oh, we need to do something about the poverty in this world” and then go party on her private jet like so many celebs do.

    and that baby is TOO freakin’ cute!

  3. bitty boop

    love her and I think she is probably a great mom. Way to go, Angie, and congrats.

  4. Eggface

    Awwwwwww! Too cute! I can stare at that little family all day long.

  5. That baby is so adorable…I want to go and get one too :)

    Maddox, with his little cute mawhack, is going to have to walk now, if Angie wants she can call me and I will carry him around for her!

  6. casiobeat

    what a cutie pie baby! and to think she would of most likely died had she not been adopted. it’s pretty amazing to think about how someone’s choices and actions can have a tremendous effect other people’s lives, and the amount good one can do in their lifetime.

    kudos to angie – and congrats to the family. very awesome.

  7. Danielle

    I’m speechless. What a beautiful baby. You can say what you want about Angie but she is proving that she is a decent caring human. We can all learn a lot from her.

  8. Lily

    Oh yeah I agree that her humanitarian efforts and saving innocent children are impressionable. Thanks to her (and a few others), that children in Third World countries still have hope… Although it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a home wrecker and her ego has gone sky high. Oh well, nobody’s perfect right?

  9. Shani

    I love her. She’s setting a fantastic example for all those idiots who go through years of medical therapy to get pregnant without ever giving the possibility of adoption a chance.

  10. Liz

    I’m with you SHANI! Look at that angel! Whats with the fertility drugs? Ego maybe? Congrats to Angelina and her family.

  11. liz

    Obviously the two of you have never found love, married your love, then tried for years having a baby with your love. Please don’t knock people who struggle through years of fertility treatments.

  12. laura

    Beutiful little girl. Congrats to them all. Also, it is wonderful that Angelina is doing something about the problems in the world, esp to Children, and making us aware that adoption is a wonderful alternative and solution.

    I still think that she is a weirdo, though. Maybe I am jealous! :)

  13. get wheel

    Doesn’t anyone notice that this adoption happened after the G8 summit on Africa? It’s hype and self-aggrandizement on A. J.’s part! If she really wanted to raise awareness of poverty and economic hopelessness, maybe she would have rescued one of the many poverty-stricken, hungry, sick, AIDs orphans right here at home in the US. We’re already paying attention to Africa because of the G8 meeting. This adoption is shining the light on her, not on the African crisis.

  14. Nicole

    I don’t GET people with the ‘save poor people HERE’ mentality – it’s a short sightedness I don’t understand. See the big picture – people in Africa are the poorest people ON EARTH, not in a certain country or city. They die by the thousands every single day. If you can’t have a world view of these problems (and others – say, terrorism or war) and only look out for number one all the time (a problem the people running this country seem to have too) you are signing and sealing your own destruction somewhere down the line, or your future children’s. Get a clue.

  15. Jazz

    What a beautiful little girl. I am so happy for both she and Angie.

  16. Kelly

    While I applaud Angelina Jolie for her efforts and agree generally with Nicole’s comments about having a larger world view, a society is judged at how they treat their own children. There are thousands and thousands of children in California stuck in the foster care system who need a family right now. Sure, some may be older and not babies, but that does not mean they should be forgotten. I believe adoption is an incredibly wonderful thing to do, let’s just not forget that most of the children that need adoption are not babies.

  17. Cheryl

    I think what Angelina did was great….She’s going to be a great mother to those beautiful kids.

  18. Denise

    Well said Nicole! Get Wheel, you’re hopeless. It’s a shame that you can’t see the bigger picture here. Who the hell cares why someone did something as long as they did it?? When was the last time you did something for someone else? When’s the last time you even THOUGHT about the people who suffer for a LIVING while you’re sitting on your defensive behind making a mockery out of something so important and so loving? Perhaps you need to take a look around you and stop being such a schmuck. If it weren’t for Africa, you wouldn’t be here!!!!! Everyone, including myself, could learn a little something, if not a lot, from the selfless acts of love and concern that others portray.

  19. doofus

    to add, “get wheel”….

    adoptions like that take months to organize, get approved, and “go through”.

    this was clearly in the works well before the G8 summit. she’s said for a long time in interviews, before and after the adoption of Maddox, that she planned to adopt many more children, and hoped to have an “international” family. she’s never made a big deal about her previous adoption, and she doesn’t tout the fact that she adopted a “poor little child” to the press. She keeps it private, so I hardly think her intention was to “shine the light on her”. That’s the PRESS’S fault. They have the option to focus on the crisis in Africa or on her…and they chose the latter.

  20. Christina

    We can all applaud adoption of children in crisis whether they come from California or Africa. Laudable however you look at it. But let’s not knock the desire to have one’s own children in spite of fertility challenges or judge those who seek infertility treatment. Shani and Liz — unless you’ve been there, zip it. Are you saying it is more incumbent on those who desire children and have fertility challenges to be adoptive parents? Why wouldn’t fertile couples have the same onus? Are they less responsible just because they have the good fortune of being fertile? After all, it’s fertile people who create the crisis of children in need of adoptive parents in the first place.

  21. Liz

    Christina- Should I tell you to “zip it” now? No, because you have an opinion just like I do. Years on fetilty drugs is an option I wouldn’t choose, thats me. Best of luck to you.

  22. uhm, yeah

    Anyone who chooses to be on years on fertility treatments IS an idiot. It’s all about ego and selfishness.

  23. RG

    Anyone who thinks that adopting a baby is for self promotion needs to have his head examined. Good for Angelina Jolie! That said, there ARE children in this country who need to be adopted. But they have a fighting chance even if they are not. In Africa no adoption = no living.
    Certainly we need to find homes for all the children, but the best place to start would to be making it a better world by keeping religious missionary nuts at bay when they start spouting off the evils of birth control.

  24. I'm here

    good for angelina…and yes, there are lots of children here in the U.S languishing in foster care, I know, I’m a CPS social worker. But as long as there are people willing to adopt–no matter where the kids are from, I say good for them..

  25. Rosie

    Has anyone read interviews with her discussing her son? She talks about how much “in love” with him she is, it almost sounds incestious (sp?). She also talks about how they sleep in the same bed and stuff – now, I am not suggesting there really is incest or anything there, and I know she does great things for children living in extreme poverty…but lets face it folks, she is fucking weird.

  26. Christina

    Ouch. I wouldn’t choose “years” of fertility treatments either but I wouldn’t condemn others’ choices, much less call them “idiots.” You all are a rough group. I doubt there are many parents populating this discussion, but if so, I would hope that you’d teach your own children (however they came to you) to be more tolerant and less “opinionated” particularly about matters of the heart. Similarly, I would hope you could be inspired or at least learn from your own children to be more human.

  27. Christina

    And Liz, thank you for the kind wishes. I do happen to be expecting twins after a single round of IVF. But, I don’t know what it would be like to undergo years of IVF (which can be punishing to the ego, heart, soul and body). I imagine you haven’t carefully considered it either. So really, do you think the decision to seek fertility treatment is about ego? If that’s the case, why should anybody (regardless of fertility status) have their own child as long as others await adoption? Are those with fertility issues more egotistical than those without? I imagine there is some basis to your opinion, so really, I’m trying to make sense of it.

  28. her daughter is gorgeous… I wish her good health and happiness

  29. typerT

    That is Beautiful~ What a priceless photo. The Love that shared between the two that is caught on film is something that is indescribable. Congratulations Angelina and Family~ Blessings to you all.

  30. ReesaMarie

    I agree with the previous comments about Angelina adopting from other countries instead of US. SHe talks about the horrible state of orphans in other countries and neglects the glaring needs of US children. She is called a “Hero” for adotping two foreign children and while it is great that she has given home and hope to them, what about US kids?

  31. faerietnk

    ok, I thing adoption is great and will probably adopt at some point in my life. But at the same time, I agree with the fact that there are older children in foster care and literally homeless that people have turned their backs on because they are not cute and cuddly. Angelina adopts either for publicity or out of loneliness (hence her adopting kids to little to run away from the knife throwing). In all seriousness, i thought it was great when she adopted the first kid, until she described how she picked him out of hundreds of children because he smiled at her. Now she picks this girl from Africa as opposed to the Russian kid she was rumored to adopt b/c of the G8 or possibly because many children coming out of Russia and Romania and Ukraine often have serious illnesses that are hidden during the initial adoption process, which has dramatically lowered the number of adoptions in recent years from these countries. Child-less people expect everyone to feel so sorry for them b/c they can’t have kids, so they go to adopt cute, healthy, poor ones to make them feel the’ve accomplished something for the greater good of man kind. I don’t think children are a fashion statement or a pet or property, and I don’t feel kids should be interviewed or auditioned to become adopted. If you have a natural pregnancy and your baby is sick, would you through it back because it wasnt what you bargained for? So why do childless people specify healthy, cute babies with good genes, specifically a mother who is tall and slender? If someone wants a baby so badly, you think they would be willing to take any child, not look at hundreds of children as if she is shopping for the cute one. also, why is her first kid on more tabloid magazine covers than any other actual celebrity? You would think that if Angie truly saw her children as people and not property or fashion accessories, she would try to avoid having them photographed, specifically going out in public with the new girl to shop for books? seriously, she knew paparazzi would do anything to photograph the baby since the news just came out, why not lay low for a while? She sees her children as property and that’s sad.

  32. Anna

    i’m sick of hearing people say if you’re gonna help people than help americans. yeah there are a lot of kids waiting to be adopted here and yes, they are probably not living in the best conditions…but human beings are human beings. just because someone is american doesn’t make their life any more valuable. angelina has a wonderfully caring heart and she chose to save a child’s life. a baby that had horrific tragedy starting even before birth. if i had enough money i would adopt from outside this country because those kids are in extremely worst scenarios. i had a horrible upbringing and if i had the choice for someone to adopt me when i needed it or for them to adopt someone else who needed it extremely more even if they weren’t an american..i would rather them choose the child that needed it more. i would much rather be an orphan in this country than in any 3rd world country. well sorry for the rant but what a lot of americans lack is compassion for others outside our borders and it drives me crazy. another thing…angelina was looking to adopt way before live 8 so it doesn’t have anything to do with publicity…plus she’s taking fewer roles so she can focus on being a mother, not an attention whore actress. her new baby is incredible beautiful!!!!

  33. MsHappy

    By some twisted fate, Zahara and Angelina found each other at the right time.

    The timing of the adoption (at least 3 months prior to the G8 meeting) saved Zahara’s life. She was diagnosed with dehydration and malnutrition at hospital, painfully small for her age, at the same time she had Samenella – a life threatening bacteria infection that causes diarrhea and fever. By discovering this infection, the US Doctor who treated Zahara has consequently also sent preventative measurements to Zahara’s orphanage all the way to Ethiopia including antibodies to prevent outbreaks of Samenella which are known to wipe out hordes of babies and infants left untreated.

    Consequently, if you think about it, more lives were saved because of this adoption at this particular time by this particular woman who lives half way across the world that is so foreign from where the baby originate. Zahara really hit mega jackpot lottery as far as adopted orphan goes!

    It really boils down to this; we are moving towards the 21st century, as the richest nations continue to throw away large food surpluses, many with more money than we need, could we put away to better use? US orphans need help sure, as well as orphans everywhere does, but they are not dying/wiped out in their millions. Whilst we continue to debate on the ethics of death penalties and euthanasia here in our civilized world, there are babies out there dying in THOUSANDS on a daily basis from even just clean water, surely something is not right!

  34. OMG

    CRAZY PEOPLE! Ridiculous breeders taking drugs to have LITTERS of kids. UGH! Why do people adopt from other countries? First of all you don’t have a disgusting liberal system like only in the US where the crackhead moo who birthed the kid can come back years later and demand her sprog. Second, the child in the WORST US foster care, is still a million times better off with more chances than a child in a thrid world country. get off your papmered lazy a$$es and do something YOURSELF if you find the issue so pressing.

  35. JerryO

    To address Faeritnk. The accusation of fashion accessory is ludicrous.

    1) Of course it is important to pick the child that you can bond the most upon first experience. This is a child you will have to devote your entire life to love and cherish to look after – even if it is just a smile or a look.

    2) How can you really know what a baby going to grow up looking like at age 3 to 4 month when you never even met the parents.

    3) Russian baby story has been proved to be tabloid fodder. Besides, Russian law prevents single parent adoptions.

    4) Jolie lives in the UK in a village in a middle of no where (300 inhabitants), I doubt publicity is what she has in mind, plus she rarely take Maddox on public events. All the picture with her kids are taken by paparazzis on park walks or shopping malls – where she don’t wear makeup and wears nearly always black or jeans.

  36. faerietnk

    I agree with alot that was said, there are children in other 3rd world countries who are worse off than american children and its a blessing that the little girl was adopted, but i don’t believe in people using children as a fashion statment and I think thats what Angelina is doing. She could just as easily made a donation to the little girls family so that they could afford to take the girl back and raise her, similar to what Oprah has done in Africa, or she could have just told the adoption agency, give me a baby, any baby. But she didnt, she went “SHOPPING” for her baby, the one she thought was cute and smiled at her, as if she were buying a purse or pair of shoes and that bothers me.

  37. OMG

    They’re DEAD, Faerie, you moron

  38. luz

    why does angelina always pick cute kids????!!!! maddox is one the cutest asian kids, now zahara is one of the cutest african babies!! angie is lucky to pick these cute kids!

  39. mia

    I can’t believe some of you are comparing children in orphanages in the US to those in the Third World… A great number of kids in developing countries WITH families would be better off in an American orphanage or foster home. Comparing them is stupid… just plain crazy.

  40. B

    kid looks like a freaky alien

  41. Cassie

    Looks like someone is jealous that this little baby is going to be richer then they could ever hope/wish/dream to be.

  42. kelly

    damn people, you guys write such long postings.

    one point here – ANGELINA IS THE SHIT!!!!! nuff said

  43. Kate

    Thank you, B! She looks like a little alien. I’m sure she’ll fill out once she’s on an American diet and turn out to be a wonderful, healthy, adorable child…but in that picture, she looks like alien spawn.

  44. Amanda

    Did anyone else notice that diamond ring on her finger?

  45. RG

    It’s too bad about the diamond ring. I just try to remind myself that at least she does more than any other diamond wearing person. I wish she’d stop wearing them though.
    As far as the ignorent posts about how she chose her children…
    I’d like to see any one of you have to choose a child to take home for the rest of your life and see what you base it on.

  46. Roc

    Uh, Rosie? A lot of people sleep with their children. It’s called co-sleeping and is done by a majority of families in the world. It’s healthy and good for the parents and the children. Weirdo.

  47. Jean Jeannie

    Faerietnk… you’re a freak!
    Go Angie, you have more heart and soul than the entire Hollywood community combined.

  48. faerietnk

    I’m sorry, but people don’t choose their kids, it’s just not normal. A woman who gives birth doesnt say a day after labor, “sorry, take this one back, it didnt’ smile at me”. A mother bonds with her baby naturally, you don’t need to find a specific baby to bond with.

    And to JerryO Do you honestly think that every woman who gives birth bonds with the baby the first second? No, it takes time and love and patience. If you want a baby so badly then you wouldn’t care what the baby grew up to look like, and therefore the parents looks wouldn’t matter. I think it’s very vain and selfish to look for a cute baby that you bond with right from the start, because that doesn’t even happen with a birth mother.

    I think all children should be loved and nurtured, not just cute healthy smiling babies. The little girl is adorable, and I hope she has a wonderful life, I just don’t think she will truly be loved. to love a child unconditionally, you need to love them even if they grow up to be murderers, and I don’t see Angelina loving someone unconditionally, otherwise she would have taken any baby, and not been to vain to shop for a baby. When she got Maddox she said in an interview that she walked through several orphanages and “Picked-Up” several babies, in an attempt to try them out, and when she found Maddox, he was the first baby to smile at her so she picked him. Hence my phrase that she went shopping for a baby. Most people who adopt do not go and pick out their babies, the orphanage usually finds them a baby, shows them a photo and background history. There is no trying out the baby.

  49. Les

    chill ya’ll…this is a gossip blog not bill o’reily’s livejounral

  50. Ana

    There’s nothing wrong with picking your kids. Most people that I know who adopted their kids, pick their own babies. They don’t go around and say “all right, just give this kid I don’t care what he or she looks like”. I don’t blame Angelina for picking maddox or Zahara. She said she just felt a connection or love when she first saw Maddox.

    To all the haters, I wanted to see if you guys a better person than Angie. It seems like whatever she did, she’s always wrong. You guys just sit there and criticize her works and her good deeds…if you hate her so much, why bother come in here and check on her news daily…what a hypocrite!

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