Angelina Jolie Was The Greatest Lesbian Lover Ever

April 17th, 2006 // 12 Comments

According to Jenny Shimizu, Angelina Jolie is an unbelievable lesbian lover. Is that really that shocking? Angelina seems like a very sexual creature who could probably get a rise out of almost anyone, and know how to work it.

Apparently the affair between Jenny Shimizu and Angelina Jolie took place while Angelina was married to Johnny Miller. He even participated in a lovemaking session with the pair.

“She was a little shy but I just kept pointing to each bit of my body and saying ‘Breast!’ ‘Thigh!’ encouraging her to kiss every part of me. She was so eager to please. It was such a turn-on looking down at her gorgeous naked body as I showed her how to make love to a woman.”

Soon Angelina was calling shots, too. Their ideal night was for her to dress in PVC pants with matching skintight vest and trawl strip clubs together. “I even took her to dominatrix joints and she loved them all,” said Jenny. “The darker and naughtier the better.

“Then we’d go back to wherever we were staying, desperate to rip each other’s clothes off and act out the moves we’d seen. They were amazing nights.” But one of the pair’s wildest times together came at a friend’s luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills.

“I was staying with my pal at the time and one night when she was away I invited Angelina and her husband Jonny over,” said Jenny. “There was another girl there that I was also seeing. But that night Angelina and I wanted only each other.

“So while Jonny and my other girlfriend were in the house, Angelina and I walked to the swimming pool, looked at each other and slowly stripped naked. It was a beautiful clear night and we could see each other’s bodies under the moonlight. Then we both dived in and wrapped our arms around each other. The feeling of the water got us both excited and for what seemed like hours we caressed each other under the surface, kissing again and again.

“Angelina loved to wax herself all over and didn’t have a hair on her body–and under the water I could feel every bit of her.

Jolie’s Lesbian Lust [News Of the World]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Draya

    Jenny Shimizu a pathetic loser. She is SO desperate for any media attention, she has to reveal every sordid detail of her past relationship with Angelina, PAST being the operant word. She is trying to ride Angelina’s celebrity coat-tails. I don’t see Jenny blabbing about all her other lesbian encounters, because they weren’t with celebrities!

  2. classicsusan

    this is old boring news…

  3. gOssiP

    OLD NEWS…this website is beginning to get a bit boringgg

  4. Rumor

    This is hurtful, and the media is probably behind it, trying to cause problems for Brad and Angelina since they can’t reach them in Africa.

  5. LaLaLove

    Isn’t this story just a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of a rehash of a rehash?

    I mean, isn’t it obvious “even to the haters” that the woman is trying to squeeze every nickel out of something that ended like 10yrs ago? Whatever, I expect that as long as someone throws some money her way, and as long as blogs keep posting this crap, I suspect every few months/yrs we’ll get a repeat of the Jenny Shimizu “Angelina Chronicles.”

  6. tia

    I never even heard of this chick. Sounds like she just wants some attention though !

  7. buzz conroy

    She’s got to be an embarassment for Jolie at this point. A fugly little midget squawking about screwing someone one hundred years ago. Ecccch. I have ex girlfriends that won’t dry up and blow away, and this must be something like that for her.

  8. netty

    Alrighty then, too much information honey!

  9. KittyLiterati

    Even thought this is old news, it’s technically not. Jenny just sold this story to another rag earlier this week. She’s just repeating herself.

  10. It sounds like this story is quite made up.

    However, Angelina is a woman of endless love. She loves all living creatures and embraces men and women. Thank you Angelina and Brangelina for your love with no boundaries. How beautiful. The world should be one love festival like Brangelina. Make love, not war.

  11. doofus

    yeah, this girl is definitley seeking attention.

    what’s funny is that, when these stories first came out, Shimizu was referred to as “Angie’s lesbian lover”. and she would say things like “angie will never give me up”.

    NOW it sounds like she and Angie are no longer seeing each other in any way. Gee, could it be possible that Angie got tired of this woman airing their dirt in public?!

  12. susiegrl

    Just write the damn book and get it over with!!

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