Angelina Jolie Worries That Brad Pitt Will Leave Her

March 10th, 2006 // 15 Comments

Is Angelina Jolie being influenced by her hormones? Well, it seems that Angelina is worried that Brad Pitt will leave her after their baby is born, because that’s just what her father Jon Voight did.

Angelina Jolie, once a strong independent woman now reportedly fears Brad Pitt will do exactly as her dad did and leave her after their baby is born a published report will claim this week.

In Touch Weekly reports that Jolie is feeling insecure as her due date draws near, Angelina and is beginning to worry about her future with Brad.

The weekly reports: Such fears are quite common among women in the third trimester of pregnancy, notes ob-gyn Dr. Julius Piver. “A woman might wonder, Is he going to find me desirable as the baby gets bigger? Will our sexual relationship be as good as before?” says Dr. Piver.

I don’t think that Brad is going anywhere. I mean, he petitioned the court for Maddox and Zahara to take on his last name. Not going to happen; well, at least for now. If anything, I think she’ll end up leaving him.

Angelina Jolie Fears Brad Pitt Will Leave Her After Baby is Born [National Ledger]

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Phoenix

    Nah, he won’t leave her. Not after all he’s done to be with her. It is suprising to see her insecure though. Shit, is that what pregnancy does to you or maybe it’s guilt?

  2. JayJay

    Yah, he will leave her for another man in June.
    I see it in the stars. According to the astrological line up, Saturn is going through the Prime Meridien knows as Uranus, this will have many influences on Bradley. He will succumb to his inner-most desires and become brokeback. This in turn will have Jolie fleeing to live in Haiti and forgoing all luxury items like nannies, bodyguards and the pesky photographers that she used to call to track her every move to make her more acceptable in the publics eye. All this backfired, because Mercury ascended into Uranus and caused a build-up of bad KARMA.

  3. JayJay

    Although Bradley is secretly in love with Gwyneth Paltrow, he still can’t stand her family and thinks that they are a bunch of phoney baloney. He likes that way that white blond girl looks, it appeals to his mid-western white values where he eschews HOLEYWOOD and wants to be whiter than white. Alas, it is not meant to be. So when he hooked up with Jolie he didn’t know her brother was a freaky fag or did he? and that her mother is psychotic or did he? Bradlee be shakin in his boots and even Clummey can’t bail him out of this mess. Clummey told him, you leave Jen and the world is going to look at you like you are cock-eyed. But Bradlee he no listen, he wants a BABY. He tried to get preggers himself through that Korean Program but it didn’t take and he couldn’t clone hisself.

  4. TMC


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  6. malibuchick

    Eh what goes around comes back around. She deserves it, especially for what she did to J. Anniston. I also heard that she (Angelina) broke up Billy Bob & Laura Dern. And that gallery of the absurd parody was right, he does do whatever she wants.

  7. bamz9LOVE

    I can’t believe anyone would take anything the rag In Touch Weekly said as truth “unless of course you want to”. Why would they even know some bull like that?! Jolie-Pitt sure didn’t tell them, and I gotta feeling Maddox & Zahara has them on their Mattel toy phone speed dial.

  8. d.c.

    she should worry the earth will run out of dirt first.. heh

  9. eric

    He will leave her for a man after he realizes those lips need alot of ass liposuction.

  10. Emily

    That paranoid slut. Brad wont leave his child. I dont think hes like that.

  11. Rumor

    You know, I’ll bet the thoughts do sometimes cross Angelina Jolie’s mind, but I doubt it’s serious to the point that she telling someone about it.

    This is probably the media’s cruel interpretation or projection of how they “hope” she’s feeling. You know how they love to boost someone up and then tear them down later.

    Once most people have children together, they are connected forever. Even if Angelina and Brad do split down the line, they will always have to talk about their children.

  12. typo

    how can anyone know what someone is feeling unless they express those feelings. but, as they say, “if they’ll cheat WITH you, they’ll cheat ON you”.

  13. Leticia

    Go Angelina…she is the best, the most beautiful and desirable woman on earth. She is kind, nice, and doesn’t care about what people says. She lives her life the way she wants…and most people is jealous of her. She did nothing, but the fact of being beautiful…it is not her fault men want her over any other woman. She’s got strong personality, very attractive character and is not a fake like many… you are all nuts to say such horrible things about her. Why don’t you all look at yourselves? Unhappy?… I can’t believe it!

  14. Karma

    Thats a laugh! I know people who have kids, divorce and NEVER talk again. I mean NEVER again. What will be will be. Karma’s goin a get em sooner or later.

  15. Rumor

    We all know and have heard of losers who abandon their children. People who love and care for the welfare of their kids don’t do that. I think most would agree that Jolie has at least proven herself as a devoted mother. Brad may not stay with the women, but I have no doubt that when it comes to his offspring, he’ll be there.

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