Angelina Jolie Worries That Brad Pitt Will Leave Her

Is Angelina Jolie being influenced by her hormones? Well, it seems that Angelina is worried that Brad Pitt will leave her after their baby is born, because that’s just what her father Jon Voight did.

Angelina Jolie, once a strong independent woman now reportedly fears Brad Pitt will do exactly as her dad did and leave her after their baby is born a published report will claim this week.

In Touch Weekly reports that Jolie is feeling insecure as her due date draws near, Angelina and is beginning to worry about her future with Brad.

The weekly reports: Such fears are quite common among women in the third trimester of pregnancy, notes ob-gyn Dr. Julius Piver. “A woman might wonder, Is he going to find me desirable as the baby gets bigger? Will our sexual relationship be as good as before?” says Dr. Piver.

I don’t think that Brad is going anywhere. I mean, he petitioned the court for Maddox and Zahara to take on his last name. Not going to happen; well, at least for now. If anything, I think she’ll end up leaving him.

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