Angelina Jolie Pregnant With Twins?

January 20th, 2006 // 31 Comments

Could there possibly be room in the world for two of the most beautiful babies in the world? Somehow, I don’t think so.

It is alleged the 30-year-old actress, who announced last week she is expecting lover Brad Pitt‘s baby, is expecting two babies because of fertility treatment.

A source close to the couple is quoted in Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying: “Angelina is overjoyed. Getting pregnant with one of Brad’s children would have been God’s precious gift to her.

“Now we believe she is carrying twins. Angie is in seventh heaven.”

Another source told a US magazine: “I understand that she’s undergone fertility treatments to help her conceive and it certainly seems to have worked.”

Angelina Jolie expecting twins [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. IfITypeItLooksLikeImWorking

    dont fertility treatments take a long time to take effect? not suggesting the rumour is untrue but i thought that fertility treatment is a laborious process that takes years to work? anyone give me feedback

  2. isabel

    Wad? No way… Poor kids. About to be named the most horrendous names on earth.

  3. kitkatwoman

    Fertility treatments can work good or take a LONG time, nothing is ever the same on a different woman. A single dose can help or it could take 12 doses to help.

  4. T.J.

    “Fertility treatments can work good…”

    I really want medical information from somebody that uses poor grammar. Save it, Sistah…

  5. kitkatwoman

    go blow your hole TJ if your that much better

  6. susan

    okay. i must say this. i find it very weird how “thrilled” these reports always make angelina out to be, when, in pictures, she looks like she tolerates him at best. i just don’t understand this couple. i never have. they have both become shadows of their former selves since pairing up, and everyone says it’s “so hot”. i just don’t see it. i don’t see the joy, and i don’t see this couple lasting.

  7. susan

    okay. i must say this. i find it very weird how “thrilled” these reports always make angelina out to be, when, in pictures, she looks like she tolerates brad at best. i just don’t understand this couple. i never have. they have both become shadows of their former selves since pairing up, and everyone says it’s “so hot”. i just don’t see it. i don’t see the joy, and i don’t see this couple lasting.

  8. susan

    my bad. (double post)

  9. Ldysunfyre

    Re: fertility treatments>> The speed at which they work depends on the type of treatment, the nature of the fertility problem, etc.

  10. paleface

    Bogus. They (tabloids) always claim celebs are having twins. It as if the tabloids have never seen a pregnant woman before.

    And ‘Getting pregnant with one of Brad’s children would have been God’s precious gift to her’? Jesus. The British rags sure lay it on thick, don’t they?

  11. T.J.

    “go blow your hole …”

    Typical response from an illiterate skeeve.

  12. T.J.

    Oops. Forgot the best part:

    “… your that much better”

    Should read: “You’re that much better”

  13. Maychen

    If it’s true I guess we know the eBay sonogram was a hoax.

  14. Cheesy

    Fertility treatments can work in one shot, or they may never work. Fertility treatments can include just artificial insemination, with or without medication, or all the way to IVF. For IVF, it’s very possible to start treatments and if everything goes as planned, be ready for the IVF procedure within about 6 weeks.

    What I don’t get is: She’s just 31-years old. One must wonder, why should she need fertility treatments at all? It’s not like they’re going for the virgin birth like some other celebrity couple out there…

  15. gia

    wouldnt they have waited for the divorce to be final before taking on fertility treatments?

  16. Kelsey

    I agree with Susan. Honestly, they never look happy. No love surrounds them. And yes, i know we only see them when they are being pestered by shutterbugs and when they are on their Goodwill missions so it’s not about them….but seriously, a little PDA? Just so we know the world’s most beautiful child(ren) isn’t in the same situation as TomKat’s alien baby? You know, not just a publicity stunt gone terribly wrong…

  17. Cheesy

    The divorce was on, no question of getting back together, and it was just a paperwork deadline that they were waiting for. And since Angie has never appeared to go with convention, why bother waiting? Technically, Brad was divorced–it just wasn’t finalized, but he was divorced, and had no legal obligation to Jennifer.

    Besides, I’m just not convinced they had fertility treatment.

  18. Anna

    Not saying that I believe this particular story, but remember how long we read trashy tabloid accounts of her being knocked up and deliriously overjoyed… and then, here she is, 4-5 months along.
    And all the crap about how Brad’s so happy to have found himself an insta-family with Angelina? Then he really does file for adoption and they have the children’s names changed.
    I guess I’m just saying, anything is possible with these two at this point.

  19. 2 Old 4 This

    “Getting pregnant with one of Brad’s children would have been God’s precious gift to her.”

    God’s precious gift? Fertility specialists are good but I wouldn’t call them Gods.

  20. Alexi

    I hope the twins don’t look like Jon Voight. They can join the Ugly Celeb Offspring Club with Alexis Joel.

    And don’t get your celeb news from badly written Brit papers like The Sun. Any paper that uses “hotty totty” in its writing must be banned. Whatever that phrase even means.

  21. DO ME BRAD

    Two of the most beautiful kids to be born? Wow! It would be too much. I want both Brad and Angelina. They are hot! They should have a million kids cause they are so freakin’ gorgeous! And Jennifer is MUGLY.

  22. ShoeSlut

    Susan is right about the sense of aloofness we are privy to when photos of Ang & Brad surface — choreographed or candid, they NEVER smile at each other, hug, hold hands, and barely acknowledge each other… I remember how affectionate (read: crazy in love!) Ang was with Billy Bob and how Brad would look at Jennifer when they were together… I feel stupid about it now but honestly, I used to think: “Wow, to have a man look at you with those eyes — what a lucky girl”… And now? Nuthin’. Weirds me out and makes me believe this is not what we think it is…

  23. SomethingBadHappened??

    ShoeSlut, what do you mean by it makes you believe it’s not what we think it is? Do you mean that their love is the real thing, so real and sacred to them in fact, that they keep it away from the cameras?

  24. I agree. Tabs make every pregnant celeb seem like she’s having twins. They alleged Britney was too.

    Also I have noticed the same about Brad and Angie and found it really strange. Almost eerie. They never seem to be smiling or even acknowledging eachother. No PDA at ALL and I do remember how much affection we saw them give their exes. Something just seems off about the whole thing.

    People claim they’re so happy (mostly Bragelina fans) and in love but why don’t they look it? Why do they look so serious all the time? Never kissing or holding eachother, never even holding hands when they’ve both been known for affectionate behavior in the past? I rarely even see them look eachother in the eyes and smile. There was more affection in their magazine spread then I ever see them display in public.

    And it does seem like Brad is trying too hard to please her (i.e. taking up her hobbies, her charities, caring for her kids, etc.) yet she looks like she only tolerates his presence.

    Oh and I’m slightly offended they’re already calling this the most beautiful baby in the world. I’m sure the little tyke will inherent good DNA but please stop acting like this is the be all/end all of babies. Many beautiful people have babies. Some not always pretty. I’ve seen many ugly people have beautiful babies too.

    It’s just a baby from two attractive people, it’s not the next Jesus Christ. Brad is not Joseph and Angie certainly is no Virgin Mary. Just because she’s doing some charity work now and adopting her own little United Nations (her own words — think about it) everyone forgets how odd she was considered just a few short years ago and the strange things she did or admitted to like cutting herself in private and during sex, wearing blood in a vile around her neck, wearing a shirt with Billy Bob’s name written in blood on it to her own wedding and tonguing her own brother in public at a televised event. A few good deeds do not suddenly make her a saint.

    I’m happy for them though as I’m happy for Jennifer too. Maddox and Zahara are precious! I’m really interested in finding out if the new baby will really be called William or not.

  25. SomethingBadHappened??

    Much of what Angelina does or says is calculated, so we can’t judge by what we see in pictures. Prime example: in those in-between months, when Brad left Jen but before the divorce was final, she had an interview in some magazine saying she’s not ready to commit to any man, that she has lovers at this point and isn’t ready for more. Well, we now know that was nothing more than playing hard to get. With those comments she made him a bit jealous, and just reeled him in even more. One does not steal Brad Pitt by pledging one’s undying love from the beginning. One acts coy and remains mysterious, and makes him chase you. And she did that very well. She did not tell the magazine interviewer, “Yes I’m very much into Brad and want him to adopt my children” or he’d have run far far away, back to Jen’s open arms.

    And so now, there she stands next to him in various pictures, acting aloof, haughty and mysterious, no smiles. It looks like she barely tolerates him. But she’s just finalizing her grip on him probably. I’m guessing after the biological child comes, she’ll be all smiles.

  26. Sherri Bobbins

    wont someone please think of the children

  27. Kiss Me

    Oh come’on ! This kids is going to be gorgeous. That is a fact. Brangelina is gorgeous. We just have to accept some people are more beautiful than others and Brad and Angelina are more beautiful than any of us! That is a fact. The kid will be cuter than Baby Jesus!

  28. Amy

    Maybe they are having a deeper, more mature relationship than they have in the past, and don’t need to be giddy and PDA-ish about it.

  29. CareKate

    Or maybe Jenn was wrong and Brad *does* have a sensitivity chip: perhaps Brangelina aren’t all over each other in public out of deference to his former wife?

    While I agree that we don’t see many photos of them exchanging PDAs or smiling at one another, I have to point out the way they carried on during a meeting with the press in Tokyo to promote “Mr & Mrs. Smith,” the looks they were exchanging and the banter between them left no doubt in the minds of the Japanese journalists who witnessed it that there is indeed a deep feeling between them.

    Also, on the Wuthering Jolie site, they showed some photos taken during an informal dinner while Brangelina was visiting Haiti a couple weekends ago. These photos appeared to be true candids because the looks they were exchanging, the way she smiled at him and he at her, would convince even the most skeptical person that they are truly in love.

  30. Brandy

    I agree with CareKate. The moment they start kissing in public, they will be accused of flaunting their relationship in Jennifer Aniston’s face.

  31. rya

    Wether they are expecting one or two babies I am happy for them. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. They could really be in love with each other. And as far as fertility treatments, I was 31 when I went through ivf because of a blocked tube and I got pregnant the first time with twins and the whole process of treatment took less than 2 months. My son and daughter are 14 months and a pure joy to have around everyday.So God bless them if they had to go through it and good luck to the babies.

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