Angelina Jolie & Maddox

May 5th, 2005 // 53 Comments

You can say all you want about Angelina Jolie, but she does love her son. These are some adorable photos.

(photos via Soulie Jolie – thanks Lisa)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Danielle

    Okay. I offically have a non sexual crush on her. Those are beautiful pictures.

  2. llwt

    Yes, the Maddox is very cute and “Angel” is very beautiful but she’s also very strange. No way that poor kid is growing up normal. Mr. & Mrs. Smith must be REALLY REALLY REALLY bad that they’re creating this kind of publicity. There is such a thing as having a discreet affair. jeesh!

  3. ap

    Actually, I think that kid will grow up to be much more normal than most. He has a parent who absolutely adores him, that’s not something that many kids can say.
    Who is to say what strange means? And as for the discreet “affair”, they haven’t been photographed together or made a public spectacle of themselves at all, the spectacle has been created by the media.

  4. Jenn

    You can take a picture of a hooker wearing a halo and a pair of wings.. doesn’t change what they are. Pictures can lie. Woman is a freak and a slut, and in no way a proper mother. That poor kid is going to have some serious issues.

  5. Caz

    Jenn you say she’s a freak and a slut… and you know this from personal experience? Why not concentrate on your own life instead of critisising someone you don’t even know. Tut.

    Adorable pics…. :-)

  6. Zen

    I think she’s fascinating, and probably the most beautiful, captivating actress ever.
    You can’t blame her, men can’t help themselves, she’s just too damn pretty. If you look that good – you deserve all the attention you get.

  7. ap

    Yeah, much better to have an insanely judgemental, unaccepting, and unforgiving mother….that sounds fun!

  8. Ella

    She’s back (the cranky yankee, that is)

  9. MisNik

    I don’t share my sexual preferences with my son and I’m sure Angelina doesn’t either. I bet she’s a great mom.

  10. JoJoPelle

    She probably wants to fuck him

  11. ella

    Yeah, you know she slipped that nip in his mouth knowing there was no milk :)

  12. dave

    i find it funny when all celebrities are trying to protect their children’s privacy, angelina decides to put her son in the spotlight. hmmmm…reminds me of the camera loving victoria beckham.

  13. melissa

    Angelina is a wonderful mother. A person who has a big heart and a wonderful spirit. I find it immature that some people have feel the need to bag on someone whose done much more good in their life than any of these people who are saying all these nasty things. I think that these people should take a hard look at themselves and judge themselves before judging others. Plus, regarding the brad-angelina-jen situation, no one REALLY knows the whole story and who are we to take sides, especially since none of us knows either of them. Just repect others, and realize that out of all celebrities in hollywood, she has made the most impact in issues that really need to be focused on. I commend her and respect her!

  14. marineg

    Any detractors here helped to remove landmines from fields where they have maimed and killed people? Donated over 3 million to aiding countries in distress? Adopted an orphan from another country, and then built a home in that country so that the child will know his roots?
    No? Then kindly shut your pieholes. I think she’s just peachy.

  15. Marina

    Angelina is a not a freak and a slut.

    Yeah she went through her weird stage in life but she has changed. She is one of the most caring people, shes always help others. And she an ambassador for UNICEF or something.

    Just because she sleeps with men dosent mean she is a slut. Cant a women keep her options open…its wrong for a woman but okay for a man? I think not.

    Overall Angelina is beautiful inside and out! :D

  16. ella

    Like the saying goes, If if looks like a duck*, acts like a duck* and walks like a duck*, then it is a duck*

    *homewrecker should be substituted

  17. Jackie

    How the hell do you know ANYTHING about this person!?

    Reality check – she is a complete stranger. Don’t believe everything you hear in the press, and concentrate on your own life instead of calling someone else a slut and a freak.

    Don’t you know – what you say about another says a lot more about you than it does about them.

    Why do you have to put her down? You don’t even know her.

  18. charlotte

    I agree, I think it’s quite stupid to call someone bad names when you hardly know them. Especially Angelina, you never hear anything bad about her other than her being generous and giving. You never hear diva attitude or anything like that.

    Relax, if you had the chance to be her, you would.

  19. Cynthia

    I do not know much about Angelina,but I do know that she is a UNICEF ambassador, and that is a hell of a lot more than most celebrities do for the downtrodden. And, if you are going to call hera slut and/or homewrecker, why isn’t Brad Pitt being called these things also? Doesn’t it take two to carry on?

  20. Barbara

    Face it, none of us know these people, other than what we read in the magazines ( and we all know how reliable THEY are)! But the whole Jen, Brad, Angelina situation boils down to this. When your DOG does sniffing another bone, you don’t blame the BONE !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Molly

    To all those people out there who does not think angelina is a good mother. Do you actually know her? She has changed alot to give her son a great life. I think she is a saint for traveling the world to help starving children. Did you ever think about that? When have you helped a starving child find a home or get some food for the night. When have you paid hundreds of dollars to go do this. I think you need to think about your life and not others.

  22. Molly

    Angelina is a great mother. She travels al over the world to help starving children. Have you ever done that. Have you? why don’t you ever think of that before you judge her. Look at your self in the mirror and see your faults. She is a wonderful mother and I say she is a big hearted person. She is beatiful and is very caring. She has changed her self to give her son a good life. I thik Maddox will grow up to be a great son and a good person just like his mom.

  23. Carrie

    Those who call Angie a slut…do you really believe what the gossip rags say? She’s no slut, in fact she has said she only slept with 5 people prior to BB. Now she has two lovers, that’s 7 people. Add Brad, 8.

    8 lovers in 14 years. Wow, doesn’t sound like a slut to me. Many college girls beat this in one month.

  24. Igbacio F

    I ewas really surprised to read some ugly conments about Angelina and her son. I had read a lot about her and not only on E! or Poeple but on more seriosu magazines as Time an Newsweek and think on this: with all the papparazies and exclusive-hungry reporters sorrounding this celebrity dod’t you think that any pic or fact proving something bad about on the way she takes care of her son would had come to be public in a few hours? scandals sells more than good image. So I am sure the good things about her are true. She is very sincere about her customs. That is not bad.

  25. anna

    Angelina is such a beautiful woman! I don’t understand how people can call her a slut when they haven’t met her and are only judging her by the media. Those photo’s are gorgous! Maddox has to be the cutest little boy i’ve ever seen! I’m sure she is a great mum! I would love to be her daughter any day!

  26. Rica


    For those of you who seem to be dead set on casting this woman as a whore or anything else unsavory, why not try “Not Judging”.

    You people have absolutely no idea what this woman’s private life entails. You only know what is put out there and what she may be eluding to. Sexual independence does not make a woman a whore! If that were the case then half the women on the planet including some trolling this board would fall in that same category. And how dare you debase her role as mother. No matter what she loves her child. She didn’t have to adopt that little boy but she did and in doing so she let the public into her world a bit. She spends more time in her humanitarian efforts than most of us spend with our parents, yet people are stuck on crap she did as a kid. HELLO PEOPLE!!!! She grew up!!! Who didn’t do wicked crap as a kid????? You may think that you know her, but let’s face it you know nothing…nothing Substantial anyway so why not keep your judgments to yourself and let the woman live her life and raise her child.

  27. mrsmith

    if i was her mom i would fuk her when i get older

  28. Let's Be Real

    I think using the term “Saint” is taking it a bit far, don’t you? I believe Angelina adopted Maddox because she wanted somebody to love HER. But it doesn’t matter because it seems to have had the proper effect — clearly she loves him too.

  29. joels slut & josh lover

    JOSH LOVER: i think that anyone who can call anyone a freak or slut would only no from being one themselves. i mean u cant just go around saying mean stuff about someone who is a UN embassador, adopted a child and built a house to show her son HIS roots and beside she is the most beautiful woman and actress and cant help if men love her and im sure many girls are jelous of her!!!
    LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And i on a toatally differant subject, think jen (aniston) should toatally get over the fact that brad now likes ANGELINA JOLIE so stop acting all im the victim cause from what ive heard u have got someone new in ur life or was that just a pathetic attempt to make brad jelous its not gona work!!

    luv u lots all!! josh lover

    okay since you don’t know her shut up
    not you JOSH LOVER of course.You say rude things like she’s a slut or she wants to fuck her son eww. I mean come on do you know her, did she personally tell you that she wants to fuck her son hmm.
    NO she did’nt
    so my message to u
    GC ROX!! and 4 all u posers out there gc stands 4 good charlotte
    Thanks 4 making some wat of an efort to read a good charlotte lover’s view on angelina Jolie and listen to gc there really good please angilina said so{no honestly, she told me like she told me to tell you SHUT UP}
    HI Wavell state high school
    in aussie brisbane oh and anyone that catches the 975 bus
    luv u gc

  30. Chelsea

    hey,im just here 2 ask why so many people can say mean things about some who, like another writer (JOSH LOVER) said she has done so many good things in her life and she toataly cant help guys being atracted 2 her and 4 people who write how ugly she is , the hottest man ever ( Brad pitt) doesnt seem 2 think so does he.
    now i was coming on here 2 say how cute Maddox is so , and i want 2 now why people could say mean things about someone who VERY clearly would never do any thing like that, but i dont no her so who am i 2 say, right, well she just is um um um to nice!
    any way i find her the best mother, she is sooo pretective and loving of him (as a mother, thats it!!!)
    so, i think u get mi point so
    luv u all
    ta Chelsea.
    Angelina is the Best and is GORGEOUS!!


    Hey I’m back yea da gc lover is back u just hav 2 luv me don’t ya
    k first of all um ok um
    well yea hi to all my peeps um nah
    EXCUSE ME why come here if U HATE ANGELINA same thing is if u go on a gc chat site and totally dis them not COOL. YOU get it DON’T YA you just came here to tease and dis the people who actually like her. I’m writting what any loving fan would thou i’m not a loving fan i’m 1 of u haters dragged to this site by 2 of my friends (cough cough , chelsea and JOSH LOVER) but i was totally disgusted by the things some people wrote , if u made an effort to go on this site make an effort to write somethin nice but than this wouldn’t be any fun would it. Angelina might be a good mum or a diassastourus one but who gives a fuck um i know maddox so get over ur selves 4 writting something rude and find some one bad like avril lavigne to dis and u beta stay off the gc sites or I WILL KILL U U HATERS GOT IT BE NICE!
    shouts 2 all my peeps and non homies homies
    see ya next time

  32. Chelsea & isabelle

    HI OMG icant belive it izzy we actually are on the Jolie web site! even though we are like her biggest fans eva!!
    Any way down 2 bisness me & izzy won a comp in some mag and got a personal fone call from the woman herself Angelina Jolie, she told me about how much it hurts 2 go on ur own fan site and here all the mean things being said about u, ON UR OWN SITE!!!
    and while we were talking there was a man voice in the background thats right the one and only, well, ill let u figer it out, so all of u people who rite bad stuff should really go 2 hell!!
    oh we almost 4 got 2 tell u all that ange said 2 tell u all she comes and reads these on her own computer every night be 4 she puts Maddox 2 bed , they go throgh them 2 gether , but cause so many people swear she cant show him all of them
    so if u want me 2 tell u more u will have 2 give me a shout and we can chat

    luv u all (but mostly my hot boifriend, LUV U LOTS)

  33. Milly

    I love Angelina. She is such an amazing mother. She has an amazing career and an amazing life. Angelina Jolie is the best.

  34. joel's slut

    Back again
    huh were u litenin yea i thought so
    Angelina is a nice person so write nice shit
    a small comment i know but hey u ain’t goona read it if it’s to long
    GC ROXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!
    peace out

  35. Angelina seems to be a GREAT human being. She’s been gifted with an amazing HERMOSURA… she is just too hot. After she adopted the kid she is not only beautiful outside, I think she improved as a person too with all this charity around the world, so good for her! Guess we all have the chance to change our lives.
    The pictures are great… they always seem to have lots of fun together. The kid is always smiling, She seems to be a great mama.

  36. kristina

    angelina is not a slut.
    and those pictures were adorable, she truly adores maddox. maddox has turned angie’s life around. and im sure angelina is a great mom.

    and stop hatin on angelina, what has she done to you all? thats right NOTHING
    you guys take all this so personally, [the whole brad and jen divorce thing] .. you werent married to the so what does it matter, theyre over, and brad has moved on its fine.

  37. I think Angelina Jolie is really brave for doing all of the things that she’s done without caring what other people will try to say about it. I also think it’s so awesome that she’s making a real difference in the world – who else is doing that now?
    Anyway, I just wanted to add to the comments by saying that I think she’s so special for adopting Maddox! (How sweet!)
    I think he’s a really happy little boy. Good job, Angelina!

  38. JustMe

    Chelsea & isabelle — do you really expect us to believe that AngelinaJolie sits and reads every bit of rubbish written about her? Big Hollywood star like that? What mag. comp did you win then? and what website are you talking about?

    I SO don’t agree with focusing on looks, yes she is absolutely beautiful, but what’s more important is the person inside. Yeah she made mistakes and did some bad stuff when she was younger. Who didn’t? I’ve seen interviews and you can’t fake sincerity like that.

    Rock on Angelina, you’re awesome!!

  39. lisa

    i just wanted to say… i think shes great… i love what she’s stand for… so, what if she was crazy and wild when she was younger i think everyone was… and if u wasn’t u will be one mess up adult.. i can say that i was a selfish and rude teenager at one time… but going to a 3rd world country change that… seeing all those poor kids with no shoes, food, and shelter… my heart still crys… what i’m trying to say is… shes helping them… doing a good deed… get off her back!!

  40. ellie

    who cares , everyone needs to get a life

  41. Joel's slut

    Elle u rock
    Who gives a fuck bout wether she is a good mum.I don’t.
    JustMe i agree, chelsea and isabelle, we’re not idiots, we can see through that feble atempt to make every1 shut up. Oh by the way JustMe i love the name it rocks! U seem cool!
    MEST R THE BEST!!!!!!
    see ya in the eternal graveyard

  42. thestranger

    What is wrong with you all shitty people live her alone…i cant undestand why you call her a slut…look at your self in the mirror first.

  43. Angela

    How DARE you include a little innocent boy in this! She has just adopted another i bet she has done more then all you fucking people who sits on there ass’ and just comments on her mistakes DUDE FUCK YOU WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES! just leave her alone seriosly. She seems so happy and he does too.. and maddox has a little sister now! let them have a happy familly.
    all you people insulting her have no right.

  44. 1234


    first of all everyone is telling everyone to stop judging angie because you dont even know her. well do you? tell me do you fucking know her???????? to jackie, melissa, and marineg…. do you guys know her??? thats what this page is for we can say whatever we want. if you dont like it, what the hell are you doing here. shes not the only ambassador for another country people… i know people who have adopted kids from other countries. good grief she just another bored actress who doesnt care what you or anyone else thinks. she’ll screw anything that will move (or not)…. get over it people shes a b**ch!!!!!!!!

  45. i like the way she is playing with her son

  46. MARIA


  47. MARIA


  48. Andrijana

    Angelina is the best!!!!Maddox is beautiful,and Zahara too.

  49. sara briggs

    hey nobody is blaming anybody, all i no is that wht you think you’re happy about now might be soar in the end, look at the future, u stap someone at the bad and get away with it, it really unfair, someone else might do what you did to aniston to you and it will really hurt you, not now but years to come, you can have it all only Gd can have it all, u will account for whatever you did one day, i no you are a good mum

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