Angelina Getting to Work in Chicago


Angelina Jolie is diving right into her next project in Chicago, which is a thriller in which she’s co-starring with Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy. The 32-year-old actress appears to have bounced back from the box-office disappointment of pet project, “A Mighty Heart,” and is throwing herself into her work and family-life. However, it looks like it might be one of the last projects Angelina plans on doing before winding down her work schedule to spend more time focusing on raising her children. In the couple’s kitchen, there is reportedly a note that reads:

“Success is a beast. It puts the emphasis on the wrong thing. I prefer to look within.”

It’s like we’re twin souls because on my refrigerator, I have a special little something attached via magnet, so that I may look at it and be inspired. It’s this picture of a cat–I doubt you’ve ever seen it before because it’s from a fairly obscure philosopher–and it says, “Hang in there, baby!” My yogi gave it to me.

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