Angelina Feels Lucky

He sounds like a keeper to me. The Most Beautiful Woman In The World has spoken about how Brad was there for her during her Mom’s illness.

“When my mother died Brad held her hand and helped me through all the stages of dealing with someone dying,” she says.

“After the funeral Brad brought everyone back to the house and asked questions about our mom. He focused on all the love and all the joy we were fortunate enough to have had. He is an extraordinary man.”

He didn’t just pop open a beer and put his feet up on the casket like white trash. Thanks, Brad.


Keep reading for what Angie says about possibly adding more kids to the clan.

“We love having children and there are some kids we want to help through school and other kids involved in our lives as well.

“In our home it is about making sure everyone has individual time, and right now all four of them have daily, very special individual time and we never want to have so many children we can’t do that.

“When they get older and if it starts to feel like we can fit more in, that’s how we’re going to gauge how many we have.”

So basically when Z gives the ok. You know she’s runnin’ things.