Angelina Feels Lucky

June 11th, 2007 // 17 Comments

He sounds like a keeper to me. The Most Beautiful Woman In The World has spoken about how Brad was there for her during her Mom’s illness.

“When my mother died Brad held her hand and helped me through all the stages of dealing with someone dying,” she says.

“After the funeral Brad brought everyone back to the house and asked questions about our mom. He focused on all the love and all the joy we were fortunate enough to have had. He is an extraordinary man.”

He didn’t just pop open a beer and put his feet up on the casket like white trash. Thanks, Brad.


Keep reading for what Angie says about possibly adding more kids to the clan.

“We love having children and there are some kids we want to help through school and other kids involved in our lives as well.

“In our home it is about making sure everyone has individual time, and right now all four of them have daily, very special individual time and we never want to have so many children we can’t do that.

“When they get older and if it starts to feel like we can fit more in, that’s how we’re going to gauge how many we have.”

So basically when Z gives the ok. You know she’s runnin’ things.

By J. Harvey

  1. S_M_G

    It’s good to see her smile again…

  2. lookwhaticando

    I think they are both lucky to have each other.

  3. Angietothemax

    I think they have created a wonderful world for themselves and their family.

  4. Marie

    Here, here…it is nice to see some positive comments for these two!

    I am glad to see them looking happy and hope it continues for them.

  5. Mr. T


  6. green cardigan

    That’s a nice little story, the Bradmeister spreading the love like that.

    Was her Da at her mother’s funeral, by the way?

  7. Slow news day?

    When does her “year off” start?

  8. MM

    Not many comments about these two. Seems people are just losing interest in them and don’t want to give them the time of day. The Loonies will be crying when they don’t have anyone to fight with anymore because no one gives a rat’s ass.

  9. Angietothemax

    Yea it is slow today. Nothing too much has happened.

  10. smart

    Historically in hollywood, whenever a woman starts gushing about how great her relationship is, and how in love she is, that usually signals the relationships demise.

    Angie is trying to show how much Brad means to her for public relations, because, they have already decided to split up. Brad and Angie are setting the stage for the public to accept the lie that their love is so deep and meaningful it can withstand a breakup(because Brad would look like a man abandoning children, and Angie would look like a woman who ruined a marraige and couldn’t keep the man).

    This relationship is over, it’s just a matter of when they make it official. Both of their careers are at stake, they want to leave this disaster, especially Angie, and make it appear that this whole debacle was well thought out and planned by two mature people; not two people who mistook sexual attraction for love.



  11. Lola

    Has anyone else noticed Brad looks a little ‘nipped & tucked”? He looks sim to Rob Lowe after his surgery…

  12. Joss

    No longer interested. They’ve become a boring, mundane couple. Brad is looking pretty worn down. enough of the “golden” couple.

  13. Neferi

    It is tiresome to read comments like “the most beautiful woman in the world” This is a value statement, not a fact. I am under no obligation to reach any particualr conclusion regarding what I believe to be beautiful, since beauty is a matter philosophers in the ancient period already acknowledged to fall under the heading “DOXA”
    And I am no more inclined to see these people as golden then any other public figures. I have seen many have their lives threatened for not acknowledging this woman as being the most beautiful thing ever. This is unacceptable- period.

  14. Smart, absolutely correct.

    I was reading an article last night regarding the Jolie-Pitts and Angelina made a statement that caught my eye. She stated “I am so in love with Brad as a father”. I find it telling that I have never heard her say she loved him as a man. That she loved him physically. When she refers to him with any affection, it is as a parent. These two are living separate lives, spending time with different children away from the other “parent”. The Jolie-Pitt bubble is about to burst.

  15. T-Bone

    Smart — I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve been saying it all along. And we can only hope that people are losing interest in these two. We can dream :)

  16. Angietothemax

    Angie did say that they gambled on this relationship because it was mainly the desire to raise children that brought them together. They shared similar ideas on parenting and the way Madd took to Brad just sealed the deal. She said right now the main focus is the children then they can be plan their life together later on. I think they do love each other a great deal. However, anything can happen but I don’t think a break up imminent anytime soon at least I hope not. And I totally don’t believe Life & Style they are always wrong.

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