Angelina Does Damage Control


E’erbody got upset when Angelina Jolie presented reporters at the premiere of “A Mighty Heart” with contracts to sign, that said that all questions had to pertain to the movie and the premiere. That caused a major hubbub when people refused, then Angie said, “No print interviews!” and it was all kinds of chaos of FOX getting offended and a partridge in a pear treee. In response, Angie’s lawyer is taking one for the team:

Ms. Jolie’s lawyer, Robert Offer, said that the statement was the fault of a “bone-headed, overzealous lawyer” — meaning himself — and that his client was unaware of the move. “This was my creating something to protect her from the press’s talking about personal matters, a document that would limit discussion to the film,” he said. “But it was drafted overly broadly. It was well intended, but I understand how it was received.”

Paris Hilton’s all, “A-HA! See, I’m not the only one who pays people to read things!” But then I turn to Paris, slap her and say, “Hush up! You’re not trying to make the world a better place by adopting babies and doing international-type good-stuff, you overly self-tanned trollop!” And then we enjoy an awkward silence.