Angelina Does Damage Control

June 15th, 2007 // 24 Comments


E’erbody got upset when Angelina Jolie presented reporters at the premiere of “A Mighty Heart” with contracts to sign, that said that all questions had to pertain to the movie and the premiere. That caused a major hubbub when people refused, then Angie said, “No print interviews!” and it was all kinds of chaos of FOX getting offended and a partridge in a pear treee. In response, Angie’s lawyer is taking one for the team:

Ms. Jolie’s lawyer, Robert Offer, said that the statement was the fault of a “bone-headed, overzealous lawyer” — meaning himself — and that his client was unaware of the move. “This was my creating something to protect her from the press’s talking about personal matters, a document that would limit discussion to the film,” he said. “But it was drafted overly broadly. It was well intended, but I understand how it was received.”

Paris Hilton’s all, “A-HA! See, I’m not the only one who pays people to read things!” But then I turn to Paris, slap her and say, “Hush up! You’re not trying to make the world a better place by adopting babies and doing international-type good-stuff, you overly self-tanned trollop!” And then we enjoy an awkward silence.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    just one “bone-headed, overzealous lawyer” trying to cover for one boney bodied overrated actress ….

  2. T-Bone

    Everything this woman does is for the sake of either attention or total rebellion. How can she (or her attorney) even THINK about trying to protect her personal life by manipulating press interviews? No one, and I mean no one, calls more attention to herself than Angelina Jolie. If she doesn’t want her personal life in the media then maybe she should shut her mouth and stop the crazy antics.

  3. pink

    “If she doesn’t want her personal life in the media then maybe she should shut her mouth and stop the crazy antics.”


  4. I hope crow has a high nutritional value, Ange could use it.

  5. skinny fat

    man has she ever had a lot of plastic surgery!

  6. Angietothemax

    New posts out the wazoo! So what it was a standard contract. It’s the same contract she put out while doing Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the press didn’t have a problem signing it. And like Angie said that she wouldn’t have released it had she known. Angie supports REAL journalists she doesn’t have to support gossip columnists. By the way In Touch is now reporting that Angis IS pregnant. We’ll see.

  7. T-Bone


    If it was indeed a “standard contract” then why is Angelina now saying she wished it was never released? That doesn’t make sense.

    And if this woman IS pregnant again, all you Angie-lovers should be VERY concerned about her mental and physical health, and the welfare of all of those other children. Wouldn’t that make it 5 children under the age of 6 — three of them with considerable needs?

  8. Angietothemax

    She didn’t approve of that coming out for one and obviously the reaction because of it she doesn’t want to hurt the film in any way. And it is a standard contract similar to what she put out when promoting Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I don’t see what the big deal is about it. It’s not uncommon for stars to do that. I found it surprising that people on Perezhilton actually supported her for it. But it really was a non-story that got blown out of proportion.

  9. T-Bone,
    Geeze! You negative you! That’s what nannies are for!!!

    The sort of people that post and run Perez Hilton are hiney-lickin clucks. Perez would birth a child out of his own arse if Jolie asked him to.

  10. T-Bone

    Angietothe…now you’re a reasonable person. Do you honestly believe that AJ is currently in stable enough mental and physical condition to give birth to another child? Keep in mind that she JUST confessed to eating and weight loss issues due to stress.

  11. Mr. T

    T-Bone, DITTO’s!!!!!

  12. Angietothemax

    I don’t know T-Bone. I guess that’s why she’s taking a year off. I do think she never properly grieved for her mother. She just kept going. You can never prepare yourself for the loss of a parent even if you know that it’s coming. I believe that Angie knows her limits and that she and Brad make these decisions together and takes into careful consideration their kids. If Brad wasn’t behind her getting pregnant I don’t think she would do it.

  13. T-Bone

    QUESTION: You have enough special needs children already, yet you want to help more orphans. What do you do?

    ANSWER: When you find an orphan you want to help from another country, offer a loving, family from that country money to adopt and care for the child in THAT country. This way you help a family out, save an orphan AND have time for your own children too! WIN/WIN/WIN

  14. jo durtz

    What are all of you guys on this post, Doctors? Doubt it! The only things that you know about this woman is the tabloid shit that you worship. You don’t know dick about her.

    Clean up your own backyards for cryin’ out loud! Gee f’n wiz!

  15. green cardigan

    now now, play nice. did someone steal your toys ?

  16. T-Bone

    Angietothe…Let’s face it. Brad is what we call “pussy-whipped”. He can’t see the forest through the trees (or however that saying goes). Angelina needs to chill out. She’s running from things. Adopting gives her some sort of high and purpose, so she uses it to feel good about her life. But she needs to stop and face herself. It’s time.

  17. T-Bone

    Jo – Forgive me, but I didn’t know one needed a PhD in order to have an opinion about a person who has CHOSEN to be in the limelight. NOW SHEW!

  18. Angietothemax

    T-Bone what is there to face that she hasn’t already addressed? She stated years ago she wanted many kids. She is following through on her plan. If she were doing it alone I could see why people would worry but she’s not alone.

  19. Kare Bear

    Angietothe Don’t you see a sick pattern here by now?? How many times are we going to hear this b!tch say that she is going to take time off or that she is going to spend time with the children & all she does over & over is contradict herself. WHATEVER!!!!

  20. kiti

    Agree with earlier post. Eating all that crow should add a few pounds.

  21. T-Bone

    Angietothe…I’d like to comment more, but we’re putting on a play over at the last 14?!? post. Come on over. Tickets still available ;)

  22. Angietothemax

    I don’t see how she’s not spending time with her kids. Either she’s working or with her kids. She doesn’t do that many movies the most she’s made is 2 a year. If she feels she can do it and Brad supports her and they are committed to their family and their life together there’s no reason to worry. I also like the fact that Angie is opening the door to her father. He did mess up but it is about forgiving and moving on. Besides another set of hands won’t hurt.

  23. mangie

    Enough with the grieving for your mother bit. It’s not like she spent all that much time with her anyway.

  24. Holy crap, this was the funniest post I’ve read all day! Thank you, Lisa. “You overly self-tanned trollop.” HAHAHAHAHA How do you come up with that stuff? Totally hilarious.

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